Glow Up (Season 1) with Riccardo Simonetti: Jury, candidates, challenges! + broadcast dates

Glow Up – Our cover story in FIV Magazine #27 is Riccardo Simonetti’s new show. He is an icon for a whole generation. He speaks from his heart and only pursues projects that he stands behind one hundred percent. Riccardo has one goal: to find Germany’s best make-up artist. To achieve this, Riccardo and his jury, consisting of x and x, decide anew in each episode who has the greatest talent and the most passion. The participants start many challenges, style others and themselves. Real skill is in demand.

Where does the show come from?

Glow Up, now in Germany – In over eight episodes, the participating make-up talents have to prove their skills. The prizes are 20,000 euros and a contract with a renowned make-up agency. Here you can find all the important information about the show. We have also watched and summarized the first two episodes for you. It all started in the UK.

Origin – Glow Up is a reality show developed by Michael Fraser, originally from Great Britain. There you can find the show under the name “Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star”. There are already four seasons in the UK, each with eight episodes. Journalist and TV face Stacey Dooley hosts the show and Dominic Skinner and Val Garland sit on the jury and judge the performance of the contestants. The show first aired on BBC Three on March 06, 2019 and debuts in Germany this year. Here is a video with the best looks of the third season.

Here you can find all episodes online:

Glow Up first became successful in the UK! Meanwhile, there is already season 3.

Debut in Germany: Season #1

In Germany, the show, titled “Glow Up: Germany’s Next Makeup Star,” makes its debut this month. Entertainer and bestselling author Riccardo Simonetti is the host of this show and accompanies the participants on their journey.

The challenges in Glow Up

There are two challenges per episode, which take place in the studio, at video shoots or at fashion events. The first challenge of an episode is always based on the real everyday life of a make-up artist. It’s all about keeping your nerve and working quickly and precisely. The second challenge is all about creativity. Thus, the participants have to show their technical as well as artistic skills to get the victory.

The jury and procedure of Glow Up

The jury, made up of Loni Baur and Armin Morbach, evaluates the transformations and creations. Each week, additional guest judges with expertise, such as Hungry, Naomi Jon and Conchita Wurst, join in to help the jury with the evaluation. At the end of an episode, two make-up artists who were unable to prove themselves in the two challenges face off against each other in the “Face Off”. Here, the task is to once again present one’s skills in a short time and convince the jury. The loser has to go. In the eighth episode, the final takes place, in which the best three make-up artists take part.

Broadcast dates: All episodes in ZDFneo + ZDFmediathek

All 8 episodes and their broadcast dates on ZDFneo + always available in the ZDFmediathek:

  • Episode 1: Thu., Sept. 22, 8:15 p.m.
  • Episode 2: Thu., Sept. 29, 8:15 p.m.
  • Episode 3: Thu., Oct. 06, 8:15 p.m.
  • Episode 4: Thu., Oct. 13, 8:15 p.m.
  • Episode 5: Thu., Oct. 20, 8:15 p.m.
  • Episode 6: Thu., Oct. 27, 8:15 p.m.
  • Episode 7: Thu., Nov. 03, 8:15 p.m.
  • Episode 8: Thu., Nov. 10, 8:15 p.m.

Cover Boy! FIV #27 with Riccardo Simonetti

Now online! The new issue #27 with entertainer and Everybody’s Darling Riccardo Simonetti. About the first season Glow Up, the candidates and simple beauty tips for men.

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What happened so far…

The first two episodes have already aired and we watched them for you. Here is a short recap:

The first episode: Direct 2 Challenges

The ten MUAs Ahmed, Albert, Ellie, Selina, Katharina, Mario, Johanna, Timo, Adam and Melissa face the Make Up Contest and fight for victory. The first challenge is a “Reallife Challenge”, in which the aim is to create a beauty editorial look. For this, the candidates, the jury and Riccardo go to one of the largest tropical houses in Germany, in Essen.

The theme is Exotic Liner, for which the tropical house should create inspiration. In this challenge, the MUAs have 90 minutes to convince the jury and Hungry, the most famous distorted drag, as the first guest juror. In the end Ahmed could get the victory and was allowed to support Hungry in a beauty editorial shoot. The least convincing were Mario and Johanna. The two have to go into the red chair and have to start 15 minutes later than the other MUAs in the second challenge.

In the second challenge, model Franziska Knuppe is the guest judge and will judge the looks. The motto of this challenge is: What makes you unique? There are two hours for this. In addition, the MUAs were allowed to prepare for the challenge with a mood board. At the end of this challenge, the red chairs are exchanged. Mario and Johanna come out, instead Adam and Albert have to take a seat there and participate in the face off. There, the two have ten minutes to make up the perfect red lip. It’s a close race. In the end, Albert was able to convince and Adam unfortunately has to leave the show.

Episode 2: Face Off between Melissa & Timo

In the second episode, content creator, make-up artist and singer Naomi Jon supports the jury. The episode starts at the Supercandy Museum and the first challenge has the motto posterity. The MUAs are tasked with creating a creative make up look and also shooting a 30 second video, with the intention of going viral. For this challenge, the MUAs have two hours.

Mario, Ahmend and Selina convinced the jury and were allowed to create Jon Content together with Naomi. The performance of Katharina and Ellie was not enough, so the two had to take a seat in the red chairs. The second challenge has the theme Optical Illusion. Melissa and Timo could not impress with their looks and have to go to the face off. There, the two MUAs have the task of creating a cut crease eye in 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it was not enough for Timo in the end and he has to leave the show.

Glow Up! Now on ZDFneo + in the ZDFmediathek

You want to know more? Here you can find all episodes online:

You are interested in the show and want to get more impressions? Then watch the interview with Glow Up host Riccardo Simonetti here.

Riccardo Simonetti in the interview: Glow Up + Make Up

Entertainer, bestselling author, model, activist and presenter! He has entered the media world with his successful blog and is one of the most popular TV faces in Germany. He has written three books “Mama, I’m gay”, “My right to sparkle” and “Raffi and his pink tutu”, with which he wants to give people inspiration and hope. In addition, he has already participated in several shows, such as “Das Supertalent”, where he was part of the jury.

Now he has his own show “Glow Up”. With this show he wants to show that make up has no gender and it’s not just about beauty, but a way to express yourself.

In this interview, Riccardo talks to us about his show and its background, what we can expect and what goals he is pursuing with it, because make-up is still associated with pigeonhole thinking in Germany, although it is so much more. That’s why Riccardo has set himself the goal of creating respect for people who deal with Make Up.

In addition, Riccardo shares tips on make up and making dreams come true.