GNTM News 2019

We’ll be back soon. Recently the applications for the 14th season of Germanys next Topmodel were running. There have been diligently posted images on Instagram under the hashtag #IchbinGNTM2019, hoping to be invited for the new casting. In this article you will learn everything about how you can apply to GNTM and what will change in the new season.

GNTM – Facts & News

Your Application at GNTM

Already in July Heidi Klum called in a video on her Instagram account to apply for the new season under the hashtag #IchbinGNTM2019. She then looks at everything and if you are lucky, you are invited to the casting. This is not the only way to apply to GNTM. It is possible to come to one of the casting dates in the big cities and introduce yourself. These casting dates are already over, but with the knowledge you can prepare for the next casting! The requirements for an application include a minimum size of 1.76m and a minimum age of 16 years.

The Jury 2019

As some may have already noticed, Thomas Hayo will not be a member of the jury for the first time after 8 years. On his Instagram account he wrote: “Despite all the joy over the past years, I have also noticed that it is now time for me to take a break from GNTM and break new ground. Since filming for GNTM has always taken a long time, the 49-year-old now wants to focus on his friends and neglected projects. Too bad, the division of the girls into Team Thomas and Team Michael was always very entertaining. But what will happen with GNTM? What do you think Heidi Klum has been thinking about? It was announced that the only one who will be constantly on the jury for each episode is Heidi Klum. For each episode there will be different national and international guest jurors who will support Heidi in her decisions. Altogether we see 15 episodes with 15 different guest jurors. There is also a rumour that Heidi Klum will also include her friend Tom Kaulitz in the show.  Many will certainly ask themselves what it looks like with Michael Michalsky, who has been a member of the GNTM jury for 3 years now. It is speculated whether Michael will also appear as guest juror in the show. On his Instagram account, he posted a picture of himself showing himself together with Heidi Klum while the first episode of GNTM 2019 is being filmed. It has already been announced that the first winner will be Lena Gercke in the next season. In addition, there is hot debate at the moment as to whether the 47-year-old Nadja Auermann will be part of the GNTM Jury 2019. She has a lot of modeling experience and also has children, so she knows how best to deal with young people. It will probably remain exciting for us until the end.

The Top 50 of 2019

The Top 50 for GNTM 2019 have already been selected. Heidi presents her new girls on a group picture on Instagram. Unfortunately we still have to wait a bit for the broadcast of the episodes in spring!

Here we have picked out three girls on Instagram who have applied for GNTM 2019 and who we think have a good chance of being in the next season.

1. Sarahalmori

Sarah Almori has applied for the new season via Hashtag #IchbinGNTM2019. The 20 year old has very good prerequisites for the modeling world and convinces especially with her great, extraordinary face.

2. Weasley.chiara

Chiara has an incredibly beautiful charisma. Her red hair and green eyes make her a very special type. Do you think Heidi took the 14th season? Chiara would certainly go a long way.

3. Paulina_rock

Paulina is completely unpainted and natural and nevertheless a real eye-catcher! We thought her style was great from the beginning. We are curious to see if the other prerequisites have also been met and if we can cheer on Paulina in the new season.

One thing’s for sure. Heidi’s casting show will again be diverse. On the group picture with the girls from 2o19 you can see the most different types! We are already very excited and will keep you up to date throughout the whole season. Here I have a few articles for you, which might also interest you.