GNTM – Successful, even without Heidi

Approximately 20,000 young girls apply to GNTM every year.  From that moment on, the jury segregates. Who would have the best chances in the fashion industry? Who performs the tasks best? Who is going through the strongest development? According to such criteria, the jury decides who will stay at the casting show and who has to leave. But that doesn’t mean that the average 2.38 million viewers have to agree.

GNTM – Independent & Successful

There are countless candidates who have become successful at the casting show even without reaching the 1st place.  Whether it was someone else who saw the talent in the GNTM participant or whether she fought her way up herself, there are various examples. Here is a list of the 10 most famous ex-participants, excluding the winners.

1. Sarina Nowak

Sarina Nowak had applied to Germanys next Topmodel at the age of 15. In 2009 she reached the sixth place at the Catingshow. After that she wanted to continue working as a model and become successful. However, she was repeatedly put under pressure that she had to hang in more in order to keep the model measurements so that she had chances in the model business. In the meantime Sarina Nowak is a very successful Curvy model who is in demand all over the world and who feels comfortable in her body. She is not afraid to proudly present her beautiful curves. Sarina Nowak Instagram.

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2. Rebecca Mir

In 2011 Rebecca reached the second place in Heidis casting show. Today, however, she is much better known than the winner Jana Beller. She is now not only a model, but also a successful presenter.  Among other things, the 26-year-old presents the Prosieben magazine taff. In the end, her self-confident appearance and ambition led her to success. Meanwhile Rebecca is married with the dancer Massimo Sinato. Rebecca Mir Instagram.

3. Jüli Mery

The beautiful brunette had to leave the squadron because Heidi didn’t think she had enough self-confidence.  Jüli proves exactly the opposite with her career. She is a very popular model who is under contract with the agency PMA Models. For the 20-year-old, social media is also a steep ascent. Jüli Mery Instagram.

4. Anh Phuong

Anh was already very conspicuous during the 12th GNTM season. The 27-year-old was then known for her cheerful nature and her positive charisma. Now she is a successful influencer with 345000 subscribers. Anh provides her fans daily with excerpts from her varied life. Anh Phuong Instagram.

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5. Elena Carrière

At that time Elena was already the runner-up and even today Elena is very successful in the fashion world. She is now under contract with an international model agency called “Metropolitan”. She receives various international job offers and is in great demand. It is also among the top three influencers in the “Lifestyle” category. She stands there with Sofia Tsakiridou and the Youtube woman Lisa-Marie Schiffner. On Instagram, the 22-year-old now has 475000 followers who are keenly interested in her life. Elena Carrière Instagram.

6. Anna Maria Damm

Anna Maria took 5th place at the casting show GNTM. Today, it is one of the most successful influencers ever. She has 1.3 million subscribers to Instagram, is a popular model and Youtuberin. Meanwhile she is still a mother and proudly presents her daughter Eliana. Anna Maria Damm Instagram.

7. Abigail Odoom

Abigail was successful on Youtube even before she joined GNTM. She has over 200,000 followers and makes videos about her lifestyle, beauty and fashion. At GNTM, she has performed countless well and has often impressed Heidi. In the end it wasn’t enough and Abigail had to leave the casting show. Abigail Odoom Instagram.

8. Lara Helmer

Lara Helmer had to make it to the final of Germanys next Topmodel shortly before entering the final. But that didn’t mean that her big dream of modeling had blown. On the contrary, Lara is a very popular model. She has done several catwalk jobs, is pictured on the cover of the Harper’s Bazaar and is about to be part of the Victoria Secret Show. That’s not the end of her career. She’s well on her way to getting even more successes. Lara Helmer Instagram.

9. Carina Zavline

During her participation in GNTM, Carina stood out for one thing in particular and that is her ambition. In her GNTM days, Carina gave her all at whatever. But in the end it wasn’t enough for the final. At Instagram she has a proud 248.000 followers, which she regularly takes along with her latest photos. Carina Zavline Instagram.

10 Greta Faeser

Greta Faeser was considered a favourite for a long time, until she finally left the casting show earlier out of longing for her boyfriend. But that hasn’t hurt your career, though. Greta Faeser is currently under contract with MGM Models and gets several catwalk jobs. But it is not only interesting for the model world, because it has 226.000 followers on Instagram. Greta Faeser Instagram.

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These examples make it clear that a GNTM exit does not necessarily mean a career exit. Some of the participants even had a greater career than the actual winners of the respective relay teams. Would you like to know more about the most successful participants? Then read our articles about each person.