Hermès Beauty: French perfume, lipsticks and make-up

Hermès – The brand that became famous for its leather goods, especially the iconic bags, can also be different. It’s Hermès perfumes that stand out from the crowd and make you stand out. Inspired by the label’s other accessories, the perfumes and lipsticks are not just the brand’s beauty range, but their own category of accessories that aren’t necessarily recognisable to the naked eye, but rather allow the essence of the brand to spill over onto the wearer.

Lipsticks by Hermès – The Birkin Bag of Lipsticks?

Everyone knows the Birkin Bag, one of the most expensive handbags in the world, which for a while was a more stable investment than gold. Of course, lipsticks are not suitable as an investment, especially since they are a consumer product and have only a short shelf life. But the demand for quality and individuality should also be met by lipsticks. Does Hermes manage that? We try to find out.

Rouge Hermès: Refillable lipsticks

The standard collection of lipsticks comes in a white, black, gold packaging and includes eleven matte and thirteen silky lipsticks. These are mainly characterized by red and pink colors. The brand’s signature orange has also been immortalized in a lipstick. The special feature of the lipsticks is that the tubes of the lipsticks are refillable and the individual colors are therefore also available as refills. Thus, the label reflects its motto ‘Quality is characterized by repairability’ also in its lipsticks.

Rouge Hermès LE: Seasonal colours

In addition to the standard lipstick range, Hermès has come up with something special. In seasonally coordinated colors and with an equally limited sleeve, new lipsticks are added to the brand’s assortment every fashion season for a limited time. Sometimes darker and more ashy than the regular ones and sometimes more colourful and exciting. It’s an unusual idea to follow the fashion season. Even though you’ve seen the concept of collections before with other brands. Often, however, these are fully represented on the make-up market. A courageous step for a label that dares to make its first attempts in the make-up sector. It remains to be seen whether the limited editions will continue and, above all, whether Hermès will further expand its make-up range in the coming years.

Video Hermés Beauty: Beauty is a gesture

In the staging of the lipsticks, one recognizes the Parisian chic for which the brand stands. Restrained colors and smooth contours characterize the outfits of the models as well as the environment in which the spot was shot. The lipsticks represent the splash of colour. Beauty is a gesture – this is the motto of the new make-up collection.


Hermès perfume: exciting fragrances and exclusive niche perfumes

Like many other labels, Hermès has also divided its perfumes into collections. These include somewhat cheaper fragrances in larger editions and niche perfumes in the high price range, which are produced in lower quantities. Accordingly, these are more difficult to find in a perfumery.

Video Twilly d’Hermès: The most famous women’s fragrance

Twilly is inspired by the joie de vivre of young women. The perfume stands out due to its slight sharpness. It seems a little more distinguished than other mainstream fragrances of large fashion labels. Prominent fragrance notes are especially:

  • Ginger (citrus hot)
  • Tuberose (floral-sweet)
  • Sandalwood (warm-woody)

So Hermès has developed a fragrance here that stands out compared to others. It is exciting, cheeky and almost cute. In addition, the fragrance turns out to be a real all-rounder. Whether in the office or sipping cocktails, Twilly somehow fits in. The bottle is also special. The lid represents a black melon that Twilly has perkily placed on his head. Wrapped around the neck of the bottle is a colorful bow, meant to represent the perfume’s namesakes, Hermès famous Twillies. Twillies are narrow silk scarves that are meant to be versatile accessories that add splashes of color to simple outfits.

Exactly this function also fulfills the Twilly fragrance, so the name is chosen very appropriately and not only resulted in a really cute bottle, but is also very indicative of the perfume. The great bottle makes Twilly an excellent gift.

Les Jardins series: sniffing out the gardens of this world

Hermès has bottled the scents of gardens around the globe in the Les Jardins series. A total of five fragrances can be found in this collection:

  • Un Jardin sur la lagune
  • Un Jardin sur le toit
  • Un Jardin sur le Nil
  • Un Jardin en Méditeranée
  • Un Jardin aprés la mousson

Un Jardin sur la lagune – a flower garden with a sea view. Magnolias, salty sea air and driftwood can be detected in this perfume. Compared to the rest of this fragrance series, Un Jardin sur la lagune stands out because it is synthetic-elegant, but hardly carries green fragrance elements. Only a gentle sea breeze provides freshness here.

Un Jardin sur le toit – A roof garden with fresh fruit, flowers and lots of greenery. An oasis of relaxation, but also a place where you can pursue hobbies undisturbed and have a view over the entire surroundings. Parties are also celebrated here and one enjoys company. Fresh and fruity homeland feelings to spray on the skin

Un Jardin sur le Nil – An exotic garden near the water. With green mango, lotus flower and sycamore wood. Fresh, slightly fruity and gently warm can describe this fragrance. Citrusy, slightly aquatic and a lot of green. Definitely better suited for warm seasons.

Un Jardin en Méditeranée – Who is looking for spicy green will find it here. A little herbaceous and tart smells the garden at the Mediterranean Sea. This is sweetened only by the hint of fig, which accompanies the rest. Another fragrance that provides refreshment in hot weather.

Un Jardin aprés la mousson – A garden after the monsoon rains. That’s what the fragrance promises. A tropical storm that can breathe new life into its environment. A bit of holiday has also been included. A touch of cocktails that is so understated that you hardly notice it. Very much green and aquatic-fresh scents.

Les Colognes: Hermès fragrance library

Hermès’ fragrance library for men and women comprises seven scents. The concept is somewhat reminiscent of the high-priced fragrance collections of other fashion houses such as Tom Ford, Dior, Céline and others. Fragrances are taken from thoughts and scenarios, which are cleverly combined and nobly bottled.

  • Eau de néroli doré
  • Eau de mandarine ambrée
  • Eau de gentiane blanche
  • Concentré d’orange verte
  • Eau de citron noir
  • Eau de pamplemousse rose
  • Eau de rhubarbe écalate

These predominantly citrus-fresh fragrances are not only sold as eau de toilette, but also as care cream and shower gel. A combination of all products of a fragrance helps to intensify the durability and of course the smell itself.

Top 5 men’s, women’s and unisex fragrances from Hermès

Especially when it comes to buying fragrances on the Internet, the decision can often be difficult. To make it a little easier for you, we have summarized the best fragrances of the brand as clearly as possible. If you are looking for even more choice, browse through our beauty segment.

The best men’s perfumes from Hermès

The selection of men’s perfumes from Hermès is quite impressive. We present the absolute best sellers to you:

  • Terre d’Hermès
  • Voyage d’Hermès
  • Bel Ami Vétiver
  • Equipage Géranium

Terre d’Hermès – with fresh orange peel and a lot of tart vetiver, this fragrance is very unusual and definitely not for everyone. But just fans of vetiver perfumes will love this one

Voyage d’Hermès – The olfactory journey is this time without vetiver. For it it becomes here spicy-woody. Further with a citrusy-tart note. This fragrance is definitely more catchy than what you know from Terre d’Hermès.

Bel Ami Vétiver – another vetiver fragrance that starts citrusy and then gently dives into soft leather. If you like leather scents, like a new car with leather seats and a new pair of shoes, or even the well-groomed leather jacket, you will like Bel Ami Vétiver.

Equipage Géranium – An outdated fragrance classic from Hermes. The fragrance is already a bit dusty. Unfortunately, it can not keep up with party perfumes that fill the clubs fruity-herb. Rather, it is soft. The fragrance, as one imagines him on true gentlemen.

Overall, men’s fragrances from Hermès are not party fragrances. They are not something you would immediately recognize as a fragrance. Rather, they blend with their wearer. But anyone who makes an Hermès fragrance their own can assume that it will bring out their personality in the best possible way

The most popular women’s fragrances

Also for women Hermès offers a large assortment of exceptional perfumes, so that you get an idea, which it is worth to test we have selected the most popular fragrances.

  • L’ambre des Merveilles
  • Un Jardin sur le Nil
  • Amazon
  • Caléche

L’ambre des Merveilles – Warm, sensual and seductive. This is how the spicy fragrance comes across. It is not heavy, but pleasantly creamy. This is by no means a gourmand-sweet fragrance. Rather, it acts like a vanilla blossom that gently envelops the wearer. Perfect for cold temperatures and hot dates.

Un Jardin sur le Nil – This fragrance was already described in detail in the previous part. Actually, this is a unisex fragrance, which is worn due to its slightly fruity-sweet note but especially popular with ladies.

Amazone – The name already suggests: This is a fragrance for the strong, independent woman. Floral-green and tart is this little water. The tartness is caused by a small amount of vetiver. In general, this fragrance is better suited for more mature ladies. But also younger women who are looking for a change from the sweet, soft-floral fragrance landscape should take a look at this fragrance.

Caléche – The ladies who first wore such a perfume were probably spotted in a carriage from time to time, because Caléche is indeed a classic. Aldehyde notes are also known from Chanel No.5, among others, and Caléche is also the easiest to compare with this fragrance.

The most exciting unisex fragrances

Unisex fragrances are on the rise, especially in the high-end perfume segment. Tom Ford, for example, offers a wide selection of unisex fragrances, but Gucci has also launched a great unisex perfume on the mainstream market with Memoire d’un Odeur. Hermès’ selection in this area is also impressive.

  • Amber Narguilé
  • Cuir d’ange
  • Vétiver Tonka
  • Rose Ikibena

Ambre Nargilé – Finally, a gourmand fragrance from Hermès. Although the label often restricts itself to spicy, fresh fragrances, here the friends of sweet scents that make your mouth water get their money’s worth.

Cuir d’Ange – Not only angels can wrap themselves in this soft powdery leather scent. Hermès has managed to enchant the otherwise harsh leather note so wonderfully that both men and women can wear it.

Vétiver Tonka – This fragrance combines so many scents: rooty-nutty, woody-green, but also sweet. If you can’t imagine nutty fragrances, you should try Olympea by Paco Rabanne or Angel Muse by Tierry Mugler, because they also carry the sweet hazelnut note. In Vétiver Tonka, however, this is packaged quite differently, much more restrained and less gourmand, but sweet enough to not get enough of it.

Rose Ikebana – Floral freshness with tea, rose and rhubarb. Especially rhubarb is very rare in perfume production. One of the most successful fragrances with rhubarb is Mon Guerlain, but where Mon Guerlain becomes sweet, Rose Ikebana finds a floral-spicy curve and blends so much more gently with the skin of the wearer.

Silk scarf or perfume: why not both?

Especially since silk twillys from Hermès are in the same price range as many of the perfumes, the question of which attention would be the better gift naturally arises quickly. However, the two together make the best combination and we’ll tell you why.

Properties of silk accessories

Natural fabrics like silk, which is used in the silk accessories by Hermès, absorb perfumes particularly well. This is because, unlike many plastics, natural fabrics have very absorbent fibres. So if you spray a silk scarf or a Twilly with perfume, the scent will last a long time.

Additionally, silk accessories are cleaned with the utmost care. This gentle approach means that perfume is not simply washed out of these fabrics.

Video: Variety of Twillies Scarves & Shawls

Moreover, silk scarves and twillys are extremely versatile companions. On the one hand they can be worn around the neck, the head or for example as a belt and on the other hand they can be attached to jackets, bags and the like to enhance them optically.