Fragranze: niche perfume fair Florence! Vlog, 5 fragrances + secret tips

Fragranze Perfume Fair in Florence – One of the hotspots for new fragrances and creations, especially in the field of niche fragrances is Florence. Niche perfumes give your carrier the feeling of being something special, because they are created away from the 0815 creations. I visited the Fragranze perfume fair for you! In the video […]

Dior Beauty: Luxury Perfume, Lipstick & Make Up

Dior Beauty – The label, known for its extravagant women’s haute couture, can do much more than create breathtaking gowns. The label has also been active in the cosmetics sector since 1947. It was then that Christian Dior created the first fragrance to underline his fashion lines. The designer was a true fragrance fan and […]

Which perfume suits me? – Find the perfect fragrance in just 5 steps!

Which perfume suits me? Every year, a multitude of new fragrances come onto the market. The advertising messages entice with sensual and seductive fragrance creations, but once you have applied the fragrance yourself, you quickly realize that this perfume is not quite right after all. Likewise, it is not uncommon for the flacon to influence […]

Really fragrant! Gucci Floral Perfumes: Flora, Bloom and Guilty

Gucci Beauty not only offers make-up products in seventies-inspired packaging, but also absolute fragrance classics that have already brought compliments to generations of women. With a bunch of famous advertising faces like Lana del Rey, Harry Styles and Florence Welch. The latter has an intimate relationship with Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, who also dressed […]

Beauty trends: Which fragrance creations can we expect in winter? – including tips on application & co.

Beautiful fragrances are simply part of life. Depending on the fragrance composition, a perfume can have a different effect and intensity. Current beauty trends include fragrance creations that unfold a floral, tart, woody or tangy scent. Classic fragrances and innovative fragrance blends We spend most of the day at work. A perfume must therefore not […]

No 5, Mademoiselle & Gabrielle: sensual fragrance creations from the house of Chanel

Chanel N°5 is the star among perfumes, but what other great fragrance creations does Chanel have in its range? And what ingredients make the classic fragrance so popular and legendary? Which popular Hollywood beauties can you admire in Chanel’s commercials? We answer these and other questions in our article about the perfume creations of the […]

Armani Beauty: Maestro for perfume, make-up and skin care

Giorgio Armani Beauty – Elegant, timeless, Italian clothing. The fashion designer became known mainly for his sleek men’s suits. But already in 1982 he released his own perfume. The beauty segment has always grown by quite a bit. Read this article to know everything about the beauty division of the world famous designer. From make-up […]

Givenchy: royal perfumes, radiant make-up & campaigns with stars

Givenchy Beauty – Born a nobleman, died a king. Hubert de Givenchy establishes himself as a haute couture & beauty master during his lifetime. He conquers the fashion & beauty world and creates a beauty & couture line in one. How Givenchy made the leap to fashion & beauty heaven? Which beauty items have iconic […]

Yves Saint Laurent: oriental perfumes, unisex fragrances & bright lipsticks

YSL Beauty – Naked on the campaign poster of the first men’s perfume? Perfume advertising that can be misunderstood by many as an attempt to legalize drug abuse? This is the work of Yves Saint Laurent. A master of design, perfumes and – just the shock moment. YSL loves to surprise and shock. With his […]

Hermès Beauty: French perfume, lipsticks and make-up

Hermès – The brand that became famous for its leather goods, especially the iconic bags, can also be different. It’s Hermès perfumes that stand out from the crowd and make you stand out. Inspired by the label’s other accessories, the perfumes and lipsticks are not just the brand’s beauty range, but their own category of […]

Lancôme: perfume, make-up and facial care

Lancome – The French subsidiary of L’Oreal, named after a castle south of Paris, is at the forefront when it comes to high-quality facial care, perfume and make-up. Since the company was founded in 1935, Lancome has become one of the market leaders, especially in the field of luxury facial care. Men and women worldwide […]

Gucci Beauty: classic perfumes, powders and cosmetics

Gucci – While the clothing division of the brand, currently under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, enjoys great popularity, Gucci has just removed itself from the make-up market. Nevertheless, the label has some products in the beauty sector, which are not to be despised. In addition, there are real classics among the perfumes. “Be […]

Chanel Beauty: Perfume, Chanel No.5, Lipsticks & Eye Shadows

Chanel Beauty – The fashion brand Chanel has much more to offer than a classic high-end fashion brand. Besides clothes, shoes and bags, the luxury label shines with its beauty line. Whether it’s eyeshadow, powder or mascara – Chanel offers everything your beauty heart desires. Not to forget, the unmistakable perfumes that inspire with their […]

Tom Ford Beauty: Perfume and Make Up of the Designer

Tom Ford – Although he already designed clothes for brands like Gucci before he created his own label and became known for the sleek sexiness of his clothes, the creations under his own name started with beauty products. Meanwhile, Tom Ford’s beauty division has grown so much that it can be hard to keep track. […]

The best perfumes for the first date: men’s fragrances & women’s fragrances from cheap to expensive

The best perfumes for the first date – Nervousness is particularly high before the first date. The hairstyle, the outfit everything has to be perfect to make a good impression. The first impression is especially important when dating, so that it comes in the best case also to a second date. Whether man or woman […]

Best TV Commercials & Videos: Perfume & Eau de Cologne – Top List

Perfume commercials feature a bunch of famous faces. Brands like Dior, Chanel, Prada and Co. get the biggest of the biggest as advertising faces to bring their fragrance to the man. Among them are models like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid or Alessandra Ambrosio but also many other celebrities like singer Rita Ora or actor Johnny […]