Bye-bye, winter: 7 tips to make your hair shine again

Bye-bye, winter – Dry air and low temperatures, which usually prevail in the cold season, demand a lot from our hair. That makes it all the more important to care for it properly and give it all the nutrients it needs for healthy growth and a beautiful appearance. We’ll show you how to give your […]

Dyson Supersonic: The super hairdryer in the test

The Dyson Supersonic is the bestseller among hair dryers. It stands out from the crowd thanks to its individual and futuristic design and comes from the house of Dyson, who are actually known for their powerful and especially cordless vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the long experience of Dyson with fancy air innovations and powerful luxury […]

Straightener Lucea ID by T3 Micro: Personalized temperature for every hair type

Lucea ID – Behind this name is the latest Heat ID technology of the new straightening iron from T3 Micro. With the new technology, you can achieve smooth, relaxed hair styling for a silky smooth head of hair. Even styling experts like David Lopez and Josh Liu rely on the beauty wonder T3 Micro and […]

Curls Rock: The ultimate guide – without heat, with heat or just over night!

Summer is here and the longing for voluminous curls, blatant power curls or cool beach waves is growing. For those of us who have straight hair, the methods presented in this article are ideal. We will show you how you can easily conjure up curls. The best part is that you don’t even need expensive […]

Hairstyles for short hair to imitate: with and without braiding, teasing, braids & buns

You can’t style short hair? That’s where you’re wrong! There are unbelievable many possibilities to style your short hair. Different hair looks can change your complete style and the best thing is that it doesn’t even take much time! Do you want to make a serious bun before the date, a sweet braided hairstyle before […]

Today’s hottest hairstyles, cuts and stylings – Top Hair Trends

Shrewd, straight and colorful – hair and its styles and hairstyles can be found in recent years in different cuts, colors and facets, but which look is in the end the most suitable and provides a wow factor. Get inspired by the newest and hottest hairstyles and make your hairstyle an individual and unique look. […]

Forgotten hairstyles, cuts and colourful looks from the past

Today it’s all about whether they prefer to wear their hair long or short and whether some color is the missing effect, but in the past, hairstyles were crazy, freaky, motley and also elegant. These hairstyles appear from time to time, but they are also strongly forgotten, although some of these styling by out convince […]

braided hairstyles – everything from semi-open and sideways to the classic plait

Braided hairstyles are usually very difficult and only something for real experts, but nowadays you can find countless tutorials with easy instructions, so that everyone should be able to create a simple, yet daring hairstyle. Find out now which braiding style is best suited for your hair type and can be braided quickly and easily. […]

How to get pretty Curls: Routine for curly hair!

Every girl or boy with curls knows, the care is exhausting and the offer in commercial drugstores is also not particularly large. In addition, many simply lack a routine, because unlike straight hair it takes forever until curls grease, which is good on the one hand, on the other hand, the hair lacks the moisture […]

Rockabilly look – how to style it like a pro

Hardly any other look has been as popular over such a long time as the rockabilly style. The style of the 50s enjoys an enduring popularity and is not only fashionable a Statement, but expression of a whole attitude to life. Of course, the clothes are always the focus of the rockabilly look, but the […]

Stylists & Products for Beautiful Hair Looks: Backstage Secrets from Hollywood

The manes of Blake Lively or Ashley Graham, Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid? Allow us, we do not have the secret recipe to inspire the millions of followers at the first go but we can still reveal a little secret. Whether it’s the Met Ball, the Oscars or at Cannes, the stars leave nothing to […]

Hair loss due to malnutrition – causes, remedies and medical interventions

Hair loss can have many causes. Before you can be treated with medication or even surgery, it is important that the causes of hair loss are known. For example, if your hair is falling out due to stress, you should not have a procedure such as a hair transplant. In most cases, the scalp will […]

Festival: The perfect look – accessories, clothes, shoes

Every year summer, sun, sunshine and the festival season starts again. Whether Coachella or Lollapalooza. The question of the perfect festival look is a big challenge every year, because of course it should be the perfect festival outfit to shoot one or the other picture for Instagram. In front of the big Ferris wheel and […]

Summer and music festivals: these outfits will be worn in 2019

The Somme is approaching. The first festival tickets will be sold or given away on the radio. Who wants a summer with good music, cold drinks and stylish outfits? Meanwhile festivals are not as dirty as they used to be. Today you go shopping for the events and buy the best outfits for good photos. […]

My Top 7 Curly Hair Styles: Everything from Messy to Sleeky Bun

Culy Hair Styles- I used to think curls were hard to style but with time I realized that there are endless and interesting styles for curly hair. I went on a quest for you to find the best hairstyles and styles. Which looks are there, how do I create them and how do I deal […]