Dyson Supersonic: The super hairdryer in the test

The Dyson Supersonic is the bestseller among hair dryers. It stands out from the crowd thanks to its individual and futuristic design and comes from the house of Dyson, who are actually known for their powerful and especially cordless vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the long experience of Dyson with fancy air innovations and powerful luxury vacuum cleaners, the high-performance hair dryer also convinces with great technology and simple design. It promises shiny and healthy hair after its use and is supposed to dry hair extra fast and effectively. The result is said to be adapted to each customer thanks to the different attachments and promises everyone a result at home, just like from the hairdresser. We have taken a close look at the Dyson Supersonic for you.

Dyson Supersonic: What can the hairdryer do?

The Dyson Supersonic promises every user a result like from the hairdresser. Whether you want to create defined curls and volume with the diffuser, or blow dry your hair into perfect waves with a round brush, with the Supersonic all this should be no problem. At the same time, it’s also extremely light and small unlike most other blow dryers, making styling extremely easy. Here are the most important details:

  • Weight: 0.63 kg
  • Watt: 1600 Watt

Although it is difficult for many to blow dry their hair at home as great and voluminous as a professional, it is very easy to do this with the Dyson Supersonic. Due to its lightness and extreme strength, the hair is dry in a few seconds and the effort remains low. You don’t have a heavy hairdryer in your hand forever and so strength and light weight are cleverly combined here to achieve an optimal result.

Dyson Supersonic Unboxing

Of course, you first ask yourself what you actually get for the money you spend. Surely most go with high expectations of the whole thing and hope for as much product as possible, for the money they spend. Included is not only the hair dryer, but also the various attachments for all possible looks and styles that you can try with it.

Video: What’s all in it?

In this video you can see the individual parts in detail and get an explanation of the product, its application possibilities, as well as some interesting technical data:

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Here again is a summary of what comes with the Supersonic:

  • Diffuser
  • Smoothing nozzle
  • Styling nozzle
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Attachment for smoother airflow

How to use the Supersonic?

Of course we all know how to blow dry our hair, but in order to achieve a professional result you should take a look at one or two tips so that the result not only looks great, but also the health of the hair is maintained. To keep your hair looking good and healthy despite the heat, here are a few tips on the subject:

How much does the Supersonic weigh?

The weight of a hair dryer makes a lot of difference in the result. The lighter the product, the easier it is to handle. You hold it for style after all a while far above the head and also places that are actually difficult to reach, must be blow-dried. The light weight of the Supersonic is of course helpful.

The Dyson Supersonic weighs only 630 grams

So it’s super easy to create great styles with this particular hairdryer, because a conventional hairdryer weighs an average of 800 grams and is therefore much harder to keep up, especially for more complicated styles that take more time.

What can the Supersonic do?

The Supersonic has a very special technology to draw in air and convert it into hot. With its targeted airflow and the precise temperature settings you can make, it promises fast and gentle blow-drying. In just a few seconds, even with long hair, you can blow dry your hair completely dry in the morning without creating frizz. Of course, it has also been known for a long time that heat is not good for the hair and should be avoided. But heat protection is often not enough either. With the Dyson Supersonic, however, you can be sure that you do not harm your hair with or without a heat protector, that it dries particularly gently and that the hair remains smooth and soft despite the heat.

How good is the Supersonic?

The Supersonic has been on the market since 2017 and has since become the winner of many different product tests. Not only its technology and design set it apart from other hair dryers, but also its performance. With the well-known Dyson motor, this hairdryer is a real luxury hair product that can really do something.

Supersonic vs Airwrap

In the Dyson family came a little later still a great alternative to the Dyson Supersonic. The Dyson Airwrap. With the Dyson Airwrap you can not only blow dry your hair but also try out great looks, thanks to the revolutionary suction function of the product, with which it is possible to curl your hair. The product comes with several attachments and the results are stunning. Big and small wavy curls even more hairdresser-like than blow-drying in shape makes it possible. Of course, there are not only these functions but also a blow dry function as a blow dry attachment is also included in the product. Many prefer the Airwrap, because it has more functions than the Supersonic, but who says that styling with the hairdryer is enough and the power behind it is enough and all the attachments are enough, the Supersonic is definitely the right product in the hands.

Introducing the Dyson Airwrap: Tutorial

Here, YouTuber Mrs. Bella shows you in a tutorial which style options you have with the Airwrap and how you can best use it for optimal results: