Kisu interview: Keys to Success, Kisu Beauty & Mom-Life

The 29-year-old blogger Kisu inspires her followers every day with creative DIY projects, styling videos, make-up tutorials and many impressions of her life as a mom. In addition to Instagram, the likeable Cologne native is also very active on Tik Tok and YouTube. The pretty blonde has been sharing her life with the public for more than four years now and has already achieved quite a bit! Besides her own label Kisu Beauty, the influencer was part of the bebe #ungeschminkt format and cooperated with many well-known brands like Urban Decay or Maybelline. FIV Magazine interviewed Kisu exclusively to find out more about her success on social media, her own brand and being a mum.

Kisu’s Daily Routine & Life as a Mom

FIV: Kisu, you are mainly known from Youtube and Instagram, where you also give many impressions of your family life in addition to make-up tutorials or story times. You recently became a mum to Milena, who is now 11 months old! How does it feel to be a mom and what things have changed in your daily routine?

Kisu: Mom-life actually feels better than I ever expected it to. Of course, every day is still a challenge with a full-time job and baby, but you always find solutions. My routine itself is based on the baby, but during nap times I try to get as much done as possible as far as Instagram and YouTube are concerned. That takes a lot of organizing and planning. The only thing is that I can’t just leave for a photo. I now plan absences in advance. However, one platform has had to take a bit of a back seat: YouTube. I can’t manage to establish a regularity there besides Daily Stories.

FIV: Being active on Instagram and the like takes a lot of time. Do you manage everything from shooting videos, cutting and editing on your own, or do you have a helping hand? Also, besides Youtube & Instagram, we would like to know how you like to spend your free time? What does a perfect day look like for you?

Kisu: I could never do this with child without help! I care a lot about my private family and married life and most importantly my health, both mental and physical. I worked day and night every day for at least 3 years as I managed studies, work and social media. That was an educational time and now I’m at the age where I’m happy to accept helping hands. I have a working student in Cologne who helps me with the photos and my family works for my offline businesses in Berlin. My sister handles the social media issues at Kisu Beauty and my wonderful management handles the behind the scenes stuff. Because I don’t really feel like reading contracts.

As silly as it sounds: I live my life exactly as I want it: I have an end of work and a weekend, which is the perfect balance to the stressful everyday life with baby and job 🙂

Kisu Beauty: Brand idea, challenges & new projects

FIV: Beauty and Fashion: These are your topics! Over time, you’ve done a lot of collaborations with beauty and fashion companies on your social networks. We would be interested to know which was your most exciting collaboration so far and why?

Kisu: Of course, the most exciting thing is always the own products that I was allowed to create with selected brands. Plus the great events that we have organized with the teams: It was always as if I had celebrated a wedding and a birthday on the same day! That was and always will be something very special. I especially remember my first product: my own eyeshadow palette with Revolution Beauty, an innovative brand from London.

FIV: In February this year, you announced your first own brand: Kisu Beauty. You created a brush set that is vegan and free of animal testing. What motivated you to launch your first brand and what challenges did you face?

Kisu: Kisu Beauty is supposed to be my makeup solution provider! I want to create products that solve problems. There are super exciting things in the pipeline and of course I’m very proud of the brush set. I’ve taken the most important brushes I use every day and put them in one set. But it also took over 2 years to get there. Change of producers, external circumstances and this year everything went differently anyway. But I wanted them just the same and sometimes that can just take time!

Kisu’s highlight as a blogger & secret to success on social media.

FIV: Youtube, Instagram, your own brand and part of the bebe #ungeschminkt format. You’ve already achieved quite a bit! Among all these achievements, what was your best experience that you remember fondly? How do your friends and family support you in your career?

Kisu: I still find my own creations simply the most beautiful and the brand trips that I was able to experience. We were able to go to the most picturesque and exciting places in the world. Luckily, my best friends and family have supported me from the beginning, even though my father was very worried at first when I quit my full-time job after graduation. Today, however, he is more relaxed. My entire family and relatives are proud of me and support where they can.

FIV: You’ve also been in the YouTube business for a long time! You have a lot of experience in content creation and life as a public figure. Many young girls admire you for your career and also want to make this dream come true. What are your top 3 tips for anyone out there who also wants to start with Youtube and what qualities are especially important for this business?

Kisu: The most important thing about this business is definitely: do it out of passion, but not to become famous or even just to “become an influencer”. This business is so much more than that. If you don’t have an absolute love and passion for what you do, you will quickly become frustrated. Followers don’t come overnight and they don’t come when a “big” account recommends a “smaller” account. I didn’t earn anything from it for almost 5 years and had hardly any followers for the first few years. Money and notoriety weren’t the drive, my love for makeup was.

That is actually the only tip that I would like to give. If you really want to, you will find ways and persevere, everything else will follow.

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