Rebecca Mir – Model & Moderator

When is it more annoying to fail than to reach your goal? Rebecca Mir had to leave the 6th season of Germanys next Topmodel as runner-up. In retrospect Rebecca is much more successful than her then competitor and winner Jana Beller. Rebecca proved she was born to stand in public!

Model, Moderator & Wife

Rebecca has a face that looks familiar to everyone. It is hard not to know the 26 year old, because she is not only booked for various catwalks and advertising jobs, but also hosts many well-known TV shows.

Her Childhood

Rebecca was born on 23 December 1991 in Aachen. Her mother is German and her father is originally from Afghanistan. Rebecca was always busy at school, she attended St.-Michael-Gymnasium, but then dropped out of school prematurely to take part in the GNTM casting show. The young girl has already completed a six-month model training course while still at school.  However, she always wanted to make up for her high school graduation.  It was important to her not to rely on her looks and her success. After finishing second at GNTM, Rebecca was even more than that.

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Rebecca’s Successes

Shortly after the casting show Rebecca was allowed to run at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and present fashion by Lena Hoschek and Minx and Jorge Gonzalez. That was just the start of everything good. A little later she was allowed to run at the New York Fashion Week for the designer Christian Siriano. During this time she was also featured on the covers of the Cosmopolitan, the GQ and the TV feature film. Rebecca is booked very much by German designers. She runs especially often at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for different labels. Rebecca also took part in Let’s Dance. She only took second place at this show, but she got to know and love her dance partner Massimo Sinató. Her boyfriend then became her husband on 27 June 2015. Rebecca is also allowed to present backstage at the GNTM finals. On July 30, 2012, the successful model hosted the television show taff on ProSieben for the first time and is staying with this job. She is simply a multi-talent; she has also played in three different television series. Rebecca can hardly save herself from jobs since then. The 26 year old is incredibly in demand in both industries.

The Family planning of Rebecca & Massimo

Since Rebecca received an application from her boyfriend Massimo Sinató after a two-year relationship, the two have been happily married.  The two have no children yet, but they have a bitch that they love everywhere. Your bitch, a Goldendoodle even has her own Instagram account: Macchia Instagram. On this account there are always new pictures of the enterprises, which Rebecca undertakes with the bitch. Rebecca even presents her bitch Macchia during Agility Training. However, it should not take long with offspring for both of them. In an interview with “Promiflash” her husband reveals: “We are both in love, on cloud nine, overjoyed. “In the years to come, we will at some point begin to address family planning.” Let’s see when it’s time. But the fans are really looking forward to it. Among other things, they clearly show this on Massimo’s Instagram Account. The proud husband keeps posting beautiful photos with his wife. More and more fans are commenting on them with baby wishes.

Secret Tips from Rebecca

Being a model, presenter and actress is not always easy. They must always be top styled and prepared. Besides, such a great body does not come by itself. Rebecca goes to the gym 2-3 times a week for her dream body. She also enjoys dancing with her husband standard dance.  Her insider tip for great, slim legs has always been squads, as she admits in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

The readers of the FHM voted Rebecca number 1 of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World. Rebecca is an incredible power woman who has achieved almost everything you could wish for. Now Rebecca has the luck to present a new dance show on ProSieben. The goal of the participants is to convince one of the four jury members to get ahead. The broadcast of this new series is scheduled for 2019. To keep you up to date with Rebecca’s career, here is her Instagram account for you. Rebecca Instagram.