Julia St. GNTM Candidate 2017

GNTM 2017 – Julia has made it. The model villa in LA has become a reality for her. She is in the top 20 and got one of the coveted tickets to LA from Heidi. We take a closer look at the candidate! The 23-year-old is studying law in Trier and loves sports and healthy food. She was born and raised in Aachen. Click here to go back: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Does Julia have a chance to win?

She won the same model competition that Rebecca Mir had won before. She is a little role model for Julia and hopefully she will get as far as she did or even get the crown. Since the chances of winning can only look good.

Julia St.: Already a contender for the win after episode 1

Julia was already among the most wanted 5 candidates in GNTM after the first episode. She is in the top 5 together with Brenda, Celine, Greta and Carina. Julia occupies the 4th place in the ranking after the first broadcast.

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What does GNTM contestant Julia say about herself?

Actually, she likes it neat and structured, which is why she chose to study law. On the other hand, she is very chaotic, determined and sometimes funny so Julia describes herself.

What’s Julia’s personal life?

Julia is for every fun to have. But can sometimes be quite impatient e.g. in the choice of clothes. There arises quickly times a chaos.
All in all, Julia is not your typical law student and wants to prove that to everyone on GNTM,

What can Julia expect from the makeover?

On her Instagram profile you can see her sometimes with a curly mane and sometimes with straightened hair. What Heidi comes up with for her is hard to estimate.
Maybe a short hairstyle?

What style is Julia wearing?

Julia wears a feminine but still cool and adult look. She is very fashion conscious and has an eye for trends.

Does Julia have a boyfriend?

Officially, Julia doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Julia – The best photos on Instagram

Unfortunately, Julia’s Instagram profile is private, but you can follow her to see her beautiful pictures.
Instagram: lia_stey

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