Kim wins the Germanys Next Topmodel final 2016!

Kim decides Germanys Next Topmodel for herself and wins the 11th season around Heidi Klum, Michael Michalsky and Thomas Hayo! Palma de Mallorca – The evening of the big decision! In the past, the bullfights of Palma were held here, today the final of GNTM 2016.

GNTM 2017! All candidates and episodes of German’s Next Topmodels 2017.

FIV Backstage Vlog – Germanys Next Topmodel Final

Our FIV editorial team (Stephan, Horst and Sabrina) were at the GNTM final 2016 for you. We met exciting interview partners, including Lovelyn Enebechi (GNTM winner 2013), Vanessa Fuchs (GNTM winner 2015), Honey (Alexander Keem) and Riccardo Simonetti, who followed everything on Snapchat for RED! (Pro7) accompanied everything on Snapchat. The final five top models battle it out for the 2016 win, the modeling contract and the cover of Cosmopolitian. We were there live for you, here is our vlog:

Vanessa Fuchs (winner 2013), interview in the Topmodel Arena

Kim is Topmodel 2016 and wins the 11th season

Five Topmodel finalists were still in the race for the title, the model contract and the cover of Cosmopolitian. Many speculated who would win the cover, including us in the Topmodel Social Media Check. But in the end Kim stood on the Cosmopolitian, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, between hundreds of fans, VIPs, the jury and the cameras. She thus wins the model contract worth 200,000 euros for which they all fought. Fata, Elena, Jasmin and Taynara are out – Kim is the beaming winner 2016. Until Sunday we are still busy editing video footage, sorting pictures, texts and emotions. We were there backstage and have collected exciting interviews for you. From Lovelyn Enebechi (GNTM winner 2013), Vanessa Fuchs (GNTM winner 2015) and from model Alexander Keem, better known as “Honey”. We also met Mathieu Carrière, actor & father of GNTM Elena, who just missed out on winning in 2016. You can find all interviews in the next days here, on Fashion Interview!

Topmodels interviewed before the GNTM finale

Kim, Fata, Elena, Jasmin and Taynara are in the final of Germany’s Next Topmodel 2016! On 12.05. from 20.15 clock it starts: The winner 2016 at the GNTM final in Mallorca. We report live from Mallorca, here on from the show. Team Michael or Team Thomas – who makes the race? The GNTM jury around Heidi Klum decides on the winner of Germany’s Next Topmodel.

Social Media Check – Fata and Elena are ahead in the Topmodel finale!

The social media check on Facebook and Instagram shows that there are two favorites! The last hours have begun! Who is ahead in the race for the final of Germanys Next Topmodel 2016? If the fans on Facebook and Instagram were allowed to determine who will win, we would already have a clear result. With almost 123,791 Facebook likes, the Facebook fan page of Fata (21, Berlin) is way ahead! On Instagram, on the other hand, Elena (19, Hamburg) scores with 244,986 followers (as of this Thursday, May 10). Fata and Elena are the contenders for the cover on Thursday evening on Pro7. Both are on Thomas Hayo’s team and have been fighting for victory since episode 1. On Thursday, the jury around Heidi Klum will decide which of the top models will win!

Fata (21, Berlin) – Topmodel Finalist 2016

Elena C. (19, Hamburg) – Topmodel Finalist 2016

The top models have traveled a lot this season, from Berlin to Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, LA, Miami, Milan, Madrid, New York, L.A., Sydney and back to LA. The last stop will be in Palma de Mallorca. There, the grand finale and the announcement of the 2016 winner will take place at the venerable Coliseo Balear. Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and star designer Michael Michalsky will appear in front of the camera together as the jury for the last time this season. To performances, among others by Jay Sean ft. Sean Paul with the song “Maky My Love Go”. Of course, there are also many tasks for the future top model on 12.05. in Mallorca. Michael Michalsky: “To be successful as a model in the long run, you have to have more to offer than the perfect measurements and a beautiful face.” But after her trip around the world it should be no problem for the winner and the other models to master this last task.

Interview with the finalist of Germanys Next Topmodel

Jasmin (20, Vorarlberg): “I’m looking forward to Jay Sean and Sean Paul.”

What was your highlight of the season? “That was Australia. I’ve always wanted to go there. The people and the environment were sensational, the shoots were mega.”
What would you do with the winner’s prize? “100,000 euros is a lot of money. I’d donate some of it.” What are you looking forward to in the final? “I’m most looking forward to performing with Jay Sean and Sean Paul. That will be my highlight in the final.”

What the GNTM jury says about top model Jasmin

The judges’ assessment: Michael Michalsky: “Jasmin is ‘The Body’. I’m a big fan of hers. She is a very great young woman.” Thomas Hayo: “Jasmin is like a statue: she has the perfect measurements, the perfect body and is beautiful. She has a lot of fire and is a strong personality – that will help her extremely in the international model business. She’s also a bit of a tease, but that’s not necessarily a disadvantage these days. From the basic requirements Jasmin is a top model, who I can imagine very well in New York. For one thing, the people there will love her and for another, she can assert herself there.”

Kim (20, Bad Homburg): “Leonardo DiCaprio was my highlight. “

What was your highlight of the season? “My highlight was the amfAR gala in New York. It was the most jaw-dropping night I’ve experienced so far. It was a glimpse into a world you could get into if you made it as a model. Seeing Heidi in private and meeting Leonardo DiCaprio was definitely a highlight.” What would you do with the winner’s prize? “I want to do something good for my mum.” What are you looking forward to finale? “I’m mega excited that my family and closest friends will be there. Apart from the fact that it’s going to be a super nice live event with great music, great artists and great outfits, the nicest thing is that my family will get to experience it first hand.”

Michael Michalsky Thomas Hayo about Topmodel Kim

The judges’ assessment: Michael Michalsky: “For me, Kim is the cool blonde with icon status. We will see a lot more of her, she has a great career ahead of her.” Thomas Hayo: “Kim is solid and hardworking. She’s a girl you can rely on 100%. She has found herself on our journey and has become much cooler. On the one hand visually through the makeover, but also in terms of personality. You can tell she’s changed her life. Kim has changed incredibly before our eyes. The Kim that came to us and the Kim that’s in the finale are almost two completely different people to me.”

Elena (19, Hamburg) says of herself ” I am a thrifty person.”

What was your highlight of the season? “My season highlight was the amfAR gala with Heidi. Not only because it put us in the public eye in a different way than we normally do on ‘Germany ́s next Topmodel,’ but also because we got to see a whole different side of Heidi.” What would you do with the winner’s prize? “I’m an extreme money saver. I can see myself saving it, investing it, or investing it.” What are you looking forward to finals? “I’m most looking forward to that adrenaline rush when I go on stage with my four girls. You know in that moment, it’s live and your family is there – I look forward to that feeling.”

The jury to Topmodel Elena

The judges’ assessment: Michael Michalsky: “Elena is the tall blonde, with the super great charisma and one of the most beautiful faces.” Thomas Hayo: “Elena is like a chameleon. She looks insanely good – like a classic movie star and at the same time modern with the thick eyebrows and also incredibly expressive. She has acting talent and in front of the camera Elena is extremely changeable and that’s more important than ever in today’s world.”

Taynara (19, Stadtlohn): “I’m looking forward to the ‘All Eyes On You’ moment.”

What was your highlight of the season? “My personal season highlight was the moment when my dad came on the show as a surprise visitor. You missed your family, you were homesick, and suddenly someone from home comes and that was an indescribable moment and the most beautiful gift Heidi could give us. That was the most beautiful and meaningful moment of the season for me.” What would you do with the winner’s prize? “I don’t have a special wish. I have family in Brazil who are not doing so well financially. I would like to support them and also give something back to my parents.” What are you looking forward to finals? “I’m insanely looking forward to the opening. To that moment when you walk out, your family is there and it’s ‘all eyes on you’-it’s going to be such a great moment.”

Assessment of the jurors

Michael Michalsky: “Taynara is our season sunshine. She always puts us in a good mood and is super ambitious. You can’t help but love her.” Thomas Hayo: “Taynara is a girl who captivates you because she is so insanely lovable. She can win you over with a simple smile. She has a talent for movement and knows exactly how to put on a show. Taynara has every movement right down to her fingertips – that’s an important aspect in the modeling business.”

Fata (21, Berlin): “I want to buy my mother a fitted kitchen.”

What was your highlight of the season? “My personal season highlight was making it to the finals. That was a very emotional moment for me.” What would you do with the winner’s prize? “I would buy my mum a fitted kitchen. Also important for me, I definitely want to keep working and not rest on the money. I want to make it as a model.” What are you looking forward to finale? “Just because of the big audience, I’m looking forward to the finale. There will be a lot of famous guests and music acts, it’s live, the family is sitting there, there are a lot of ‘special effects’. I’m looking forward to us as a group putting on another really awesome final walk.”

This is how the jury rates Topmodel Fata

Michael Michalsky: “Fata is the cool brunette, with an awesome figure – paired with a large portion of intelligence.” Thomas Hayo: “Fata is elegant, stylish and has a lot of grace. A classic beauty, but one that can also be modern. Fata can present herself intelligently – an absolute top model.”

Michael Michalsky – His highlights of the 11th season GNTM

Michael Michalsky: “There were many highlights. For example, when my Kim got the Opel job or Fred came onto the catwalk with her lucky pants in the opening show and shouted her fight mantra at the top of her lungs. But really, the entire season was one highlight for me. I had great fun working with Heidi, Thomas and the team. And the candidates were also an incredible enrichment for me, because I was entrusted with eleven daughters overnight, so to speak. And that for six months. I was able to learn a lot.”

Thomas Hayo – Highlights of the season

Thomas Hayo on his highlight of the eleventh #GNTM season: “My personal highlight was the semi-final, when all four models from Team Thomas really made it to the final. That made me incredibly happy. There have never been five models in the final before. It shows how well we worked during the season.”

All episodes of Germanys Next Topmodel at a glance

The Topmodels – One of them is the GNTM winner 2016

Still in the running for the title and cover for Germany’s Next Topmodel winner are:

Team Michael

  • Kim

Team Thomas

  • Elena
  • Fata
  • Jasmine
  • Taynara

The last pictures of the TV show with Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and Michael Michalsky

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