Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 4: The dramatic makeover

It’s that time again! The big makeover is coming up. Some have to let their hair down, some get new hair and even hair colors are changed. With the new, individual look, the girls go directly to the sedcard shooting. The next day is the “Perfect Shot Challenge”. The winner is immediately sent on to the next round. At the end of the week, the big decision is made. Transgender model Andreja Pejic supports the girls and also helps the jury with the decision. Find out who convinced the jury and which girls made it to the next round and what will happen in the next episode here. Everything about the new season, the new jury & rules you can find here: Germany’s Next Topmodel season 11.

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The most blatant makeover in the history of GNTM

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“After 10 years of GNTM, we’ve done a lot of great makeovers. But I think that today was the most crass day ever,” Heidi said at the beginning of the fourth episode. And so it came to pass: the girls stood in front of the mirror for the last time and now had to say goodbye to their look for good, because radical changes were called for. What is probably one of the highlights of the show for the viewers turns into a tragedy for many of the contestants. Especially Laura-Franziska, Lara-Kristin and Kim have to try very hard to keep their composure, because Heidi has come up with something very special for the three: a short haircut.

Especially Kim has to struggle a lot with this decision. She already feared for her hair since the last decision. Heidi’s announcement that she would get a short hairstyle made it worse and made Kim burst into tears. For her it was clear: “I feel really ugly afterwards, I know that!”. But Heidi is not willing to compromise. It’s quite clear: You’ll get a makeover or you’ll go home. After many tears and discussions the girls finally agree to the makeover. Michael: “Soon we sink in a valley of tears!”

The Sedcardshooting with Max Montgomery – The first photos with the new looks

One of my favorite things about GNTM – the makeover! And this year there are huge changes! #GNTM

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Newly styled it goes for the girls again in front of the camera. The sedcard shooting is coming up, where a “headshot” and a “full body shot” is taken of the girls. While Laura-Franziska and Kim are slowly getting used to their new hairstyle, Lara-Kristin still has big problems with her short hair: “I’m still unhappy with my hair. Well, I don’t think it suits me at all.”. Luana, who is usually in such a good mood, also has problems at the shoot. She found fault with her figure in the photos. Heidi: “What a head the girls always make. I don’t understand it.”. Despite some tears and complications, star photographer Max Montgomery was able to shoot many suitable sedcard photos of the girls.

The Perfect Shot Challenge.

A video message from mentors Thomas and Michael reaches the girls the next morning. The next challenge is on the agenda. Different than usual: for the first time, the girls have to take care of their styling themselves. Thomas via video message: “Team Thomas. I hope you are ready for the day. Today we have a fast-paced challenge. The special thing about it is that you have to style yourselves. Imagine you’re going to a really cool Hollywood party and you’re going to get dressed and put on make-up for it.”

Arriving at the location Michael explains again exactly what it’s all about: “Imagine you are on the way to a Hollywood party and on the way you are flashed. So get in the car and take cool poses, because whoever wins the challenge is automatically one round further. No one is going to be told twice and each contestant strikes very creative poses. The decision is anything but easy for Michael and Thomas. In the end, Lara-Kristin gets the “wild card” and is thus secured for the decision.

The big decision – It will be luxurious!

Shooting GNTM today with @thomashayo @michael.michalsky and the beautiful @andrejapejic

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The weekly decision is coming up and it’s going to be extremely elegant. The girls have to walk in haute couture. Above all, the pose at the end of the walk must sit perfectly. But not without help, because the transgender model Andreja Pejic serves as support. She helps the girls before the big walk and gives many tips on the extravagant running style. While many girls deliver a perfect walk, especially Jasmin has a hard time. The jury is anything but enthusiastic. Thomas: “I still have to think about something so that Jasmin really does justice to her look!”. Nevertheless, she makes it to the next round. For candidate Cindy, however, it was not enough this week. She was one of the weakest in the shooting and also her walk could not convince the jury. So jury member Michael lost another girl from his team.

These are the girls from “Team Thomas.”

  • Camilla
  • Elena
  • Elena C.
  • Julia
  • Lara-Kristin
  • Laura
  • Jasmine
  • Taynara
  • Fata
  • Jennifer

These are the girls from “Team Michael.”

  • Christin
  • Kim
  • Lara
  • Laura B.
  • Laura-Franziska
  • Luana
  • Yusra

The next episode – flight of fancy and catfight

Filmed all day with My Dear Friend @roberterdmann for the 11’Th Season of Germany’s Next Topmodel

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In the next episode of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” it goes high up for the girls. A shooting in 10 meters height. Some of them will probably get scared. In addition, it goes for the girls on another casting and the next job can be snatched. There is a lot of stress between the girls and Jasmin even wants to fly home. That can be cheerful!

Here you can find all the new GNTM contestants 2020