Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 5: High in the air, the first big fight and hard decisions

The real model life begins. The girls have to prove their skills at the “swing shooting”. After that, the teams go to different places: “Team Thomas” flies to New York and “Team Michael” goes to Miami. There it is once again a matter of getting hold of jobs. At all jobs the girls have the chance to get on the cover and some of them use it. The first catfight begins and Jasmin thinks about going home. Will she really go through with it? Find out all about it here! Everything about the new season, the new jury & rules can be found here: Germany’s Next Topmodel Season 11.

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Germany’s Next Topmodel – All episodes of the 11th season

The swing shooting – episode 5 of Germanys Next Topmodel

Aerialists – Incredible how brave some girls were for this photo. #GNTM

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Thursday it goes high! @elena_c.topmodel.2016

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In episode 5 it goes high up for the girls. The candidates have to pose on a swing at a height of 10 meters. Facial expression and body tension have to be perfect. Now the model candidates have to show what they are made of! While girls like Fata and Taynara succeed at the first go, especially Lara from Team Michael has a hard time. She is very afraid of the shooting and even bursts into tears. Heidi’s summary after the shooting: “One team was a little bit better than the other team! And that was “Team Black”! And for “Team Black” there is a reward. You can pack your bags.” For “Team Thomas,” you’re going to New York. But “Team Michael” doesn’t go away empty-handed either: “Team White”, you’ve done a good job too. But it’s not going to New York, it’s going to Miami!”. Screaming and full of joy, the girls make their way to the airport.

“Team Thomas” in New York

Congratulations Elena K, Elena C and Fata on your first editorial! #TeamThomas #GNTM #NYC #TT #Hat

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After arriving in New York, the girls of “Team Schwarz” have to start again immediately, because a casting is coming up. The young music and fashion magazine “Indie Magazine” is looking for models for a photo spread and cover shoot. The magazine is known for its fancy fashion editorials and photo series with famous photographers. Each candidate must briefly introduce herself and strike crazy poses in Polaroid photos. After a short discussion, the clients decide on Jasmin, Taynara and Julia. Immediately afterwards they go to the next casting. The customer is the fashion magazine “Fashion Avenue”.

A very glamorous magazine, which is especially known for its extravagant accessories. Here, too, models are wanted for a photo spread and the cover. At this casting there is a very different atmosphere. The rather calm and strict cuddles unsettle many of the girls. In the end Elena C. Fata and Elena can convince of themselves. The next day the shootings start. The theme of the shooting of “Indie Magazine” is the “Prom”, the prom at the end of high school in the USA. The 3 model candidates, Jasmin, Taynara and Julia, have to shoot with male models, which is especially hard for Jasmin. She is worried about her boyfriend, who is at home in Austria: “I am very sad that I have to trade in my King. I don’t like to do that. It was a very unpleasant situation!”. But all 3 girls convince the customers. At last the 3 candidates shoot together for the cover of the magazine. A few streets away the shooting for “Fashion Avenue” takes place. Elena C., Fata and Elena have to strike elegant poses and facial expressions for the photo shoot on motorbikes. At the end of the shoot, the customers decide that Elena will grace the cover of the next issue of “Fashion Avenue”.

Team Michael in Miami

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It’s off to sunny Miami for “Team White.” Michael picks up his girls for sports. He tests the athleticism of the candidates, because fitness is part of being a model! Especially Yusra and Lara have big problems and seem very listless. After jogging on the beach, a surprise awaits the girls. The editors-in-chief of the famous fitness magazine “Shape” are waiting in a park. There the model candidates are to do yoga exercises and prove their athleticism. The customers examine each girl very closely and finally decide in favor of Luana. During the feedback, Yusra in particular is criticized for her listlessness. In the evening after the shooting Michael talks to Yusra about it. But she blocks and answers annoyed: “I don’t want to talk now!

The next day Luana goes to the big photo spread and cover shoot for “Shape”. Also this time the young model can convince the customers of herself. Shortly afterwards, Michael calls his girls in to give some of them tips. Michael: “We can learn a thing or two from “Team Thomas”! Kim is criticized for her shy nature. She has to learn to bring out her personality better. Michael: “I always have the feeling that Kim is surrounded by a kind of shell, a husk, and that we haven’t seen her true core yet. She is said to be taking a cue from Jasmine, who is strongly putting her personality out there. Another time, Yusra is criticized for her listless and often negatively attuned nature. But unlike Kim, Yusra doesn’t see her mistake: “I always take criticism, but I don’t and won’t take this criticism because it’s just not true!” and runs off to her room in a huff.

The first big catfight


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The war is on. In the 5th episode of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” two girls clash violently. Jennifer is angry because Fata is always praised and gets jobs. She confesses in tears: “It just pisses me off. No matter which shooting, it’s always: Fata is the best. And then she says it like that and I just think it’s sad. I mean, if you’re really the best, you should keep that to yourself, because I always think to myself: What am I there for, if she can do everything anyway?” But Heidi has no sympathy: “Of course it’s a pity if you’re not taken. But that’s no reason to burst into tears!”. At the shooting for “Fashion Avenue” Thomas takes all his girls with him and the conflict takes its course. Jennifer is jealous and angry: “If she was a punching bag, the punching bag wouldn’t survive!”. But Fata doesn’t let that affect her and puts on a great shoot.

The big decision – fire and tears at GNTM

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Today I’m going high! And I get great support! @eva_cavalli #GNTM

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The weekly decision is coming up again and this time it’s going to be fiery. In tight, sexy outfits and with extravagant hairstyles, the girls have to walk on a catwalk surrounded by fire. The jury is supported by guest judge Eva Cavalli-Düringer, a fashion designer and wife of Roberto Cavalli. This week, two girls from “Team Thomas” had to say goodbye. For Laura and Jennifer the journey was over at this point. Fata, who had a big fight with Jennifer before, feels no pity: “I don’t see why I should go there now. It’s just krama.” But that doesn’t remain the only drama that night. When Laura returns without a photo, Jasmin is totally horrified and then considers leaving the show as well. Mentor Thomas is totally shocked: “You can’t do this to me. You’re breaking my heart!”. After a long conversation with Jasmin, Thomas manages to persuade the 20-year-old to stay.

Next episode- Hot shootings and lots of drama

In the next episode of “Germanys Next Topmodel” it gets hot, because the girls have to shoot with male models. During the walk training there is a bad fall and the decision walk is completely different than usual, because the girls have to “fly” over the catwalk. In addition, Yusra’s lackadaisical nature again leads to major conflicts and Jasmin again has great fear of contact.

Here you can find all the new GNTM contestants 2020