Germany’s Next Topmodel – Episode 1: The Teams, Thomas Hayo vs. Michael Michalsky

Finally it goes on with “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. The 11th season has begun and it shows with a show never seen before. Everything you thought you knew is being questioned this year. A new jury, a new style and above all: many new rules. And we get to feel them clearly already in the 1st episode. A model search, cooler and more calculated than ever. In the opening show in Berlin, the top 50 candidates were able to present themselves in their personal favorite outfits at the “Express Yourself Walk”, but for 20 girls the dream ended there. The other 30 girls were allowed to walk their very first fashion show directly afterwards and in the battle the two jurors Thomas and Michael fought to get the best girls into their team.

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The new team concept: Thomas Hayo against Michael Michalsky

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The casting show has introduced a new concept. From now on there will be teams formed by creative director Thomas Hayo and fashion designer Michael Michalsky. The best 24 girls will be divided between the two teams and coached by their tutor each week, preparing them for the weekly decision. “I’m here to win!” says fashion designer Michael Michalsky. Thomas Hayo also knows what he wants to achieve. Hayo: “I will do everything to prepare the girls perfectly. Every now and then you’ll have to be tougher than you’d like to be.” This seems like it’s going to be a real “battle”.

The “Express Yourself Walk” – Who can convince with his style?

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While last year the jury traveled all over Germany to find candidates, this time it went for the girls from the classic “Go See” directly on the catwalk. The top 50 candidates, who were selected by Heidi herself at the castings in Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich, were allowed to present themselves with their personal favorite outfits at the “Express Yourself Walk”. And that’s exactly what they did. From the samba costume to the sports look to the lucky leggings, everything was there.

The big fashion show – stars and fashion bloggers in the GNTM audience

But not all of the girls were able to convince the jury. Only 30 candidates continued their journey on “Germany’s Next Topmodel” and were then allowed to walk in a real fashion show – in gowns by fashion designer and jury member Michael Michalsky. So: makeup off, out of the clothes and into the designer robes. Beautifully styled and encased in the beautiful evening gowns, they went straight onto the catwalk. In front of a famous audience, the girls put on a great show.

The 2nd decision – The ultimate model battle

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Unlike usual, it was now on to the next decision. The ultimate battle was about to take place. The girls strutted once again individually over the catwalk. In front of Thomas and Michael each a buzzer. Now the question was: “Team Thomas” or “Team Michael”? If one of the two wants one of the girls in his team is buzzed. If both fashion designer Michael Michalsky and creative director Thomas Hayo buzz, Heidi decides which team the girl will be on.

Team Thomas” – The creative head and his girls

The creative director knew exactly what kind of girls he wanted in his team: He was looking for girls with “personality” and “fire”. And that’s exactly what he got in his team.

These are the girls from “Team Thomas” :

  • Julia
  • Elena
  • Jennifer
  • Fata
  • Taynara
  • Jasmine
  • Laura-Penelope
  • Lara-Kristin
  • Saskia
  • Laura
  • Camilla
  • Elena C.

Team Michael” – The “professional consultant” and his girls

Newcomer Michael Michalsky is looking for individual and special types: Girls who are different and thus have a chance of a good career. Michalsky: "Uniqueness is very very important to me. I think it's great when people are different."

These are the girls from "Team Michael"

  • Laura-Franziska
  • Cindy
  • Yusra
  • Kim
  • Lara
  • Fred
  • Laura B.
  • Christin
  • Sophie
  • Luana
  • Shirin
  • Luisa

The next episode - The real model life

In the next episode the girls go to the Canary Islands. But the first steps into modeling life for the girls are quite different than expected. Small hotels and bunk bed rooms instead of luxurious villas and expensive gifts. Will the girls like it? But the girls will not have much time to complain, because they have to prove their talent at the catwalk training with top model Toni Garrn and the photo shoots.

Germanys Next Topmodel: The 11th season in the overview

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  • Episode 1: The Teams, Thomas Hayo vs. Michael Michalsky
  • Episode 2: Two teams, two islands and the first big photo shootings
  • Episode 3: Cool jobs, cute shoots and lots of emotions
  • Episode 4: The dramatic makeover
  • Episode 5: High in the air, the first big fight and hard decisions
  • Episode 6: gaudy, colorful shoots, catwalk battles and famous visitors
  • Episode 7: Naked in the Jungle - Topmodels in Australia

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