Fata Hasanovic Interview: Travel tips, moving to Dubai & secret to success on GNTM

Blogger and model Fata Hasanovic took part in the TV show Germany’s Next Topmodel a few years ago. The pretty brunette came in third place on the show and has since taken off on social media. Four years after her participation in GNTM, Fata built her own YouTube channel, a successful Instagram account and even her own podcast. However, one thing has always been clear for the beauty: she wants to be in the media industry! With her fun-loving and fun nature, Fata takes her followers with her and gives them private insights into her life, which many envy. Dubai, sun, beach and lots of travel – the model is living the real dream! In the interview, Fata reveals to us what her most beautiful travel destinations are, her tips for a successful participation in GNTM and her favorite travel partner.

I’m very persistent” – Fatas success at GNTM

FIV: In 2016 you took part in the TV show Germany’s Next Topmodel. You even made it to the top 3! And would be interested in when your interest in modeling has developed and what finally moved you to participate in the show?

Fata: That was quite a long time ago when I knew: I want to model. When I look at photos from the past, you could already tell by the poses that I wanted to be in the media industry – I wanted to be in front of the camera, and preferably in front of a huge audience. Maybe it was also because I was bullied for years at school and didn’t want to be the fragile little grey mouse anymore.

FIV: Two years ago you already tried your luck on the show. But there you only made it to the top 20. The fact that you wanted to try your luck again underlines your joy in modeling very much! How did it come about that you applied for the show again 2 years later?

Fata: I unfortunately didn’t get a visa for the US the first time I attended, as I only had my Bosnian passport at the time. Then I applied for my German passport and it finally arrived 1.5 years later! So I immediately went to the casting again and was rejected for the first time. However, Heidi personally came to Berlin again to cast more girls and so I went again. I was very persistent! Since the first season I wanted to take part in this whole experience, so I stayed on.

FIV: Many young girls and boys also want to realize their dream as a model. Also, every year many new young people want to apply to the show. Looking back, what are your best tips that you can give to all model enthusiasts regarding the application for GNTM?

Fata: Make an effort! Practice, practice, practice! Keep pushing – you only have this one chance! That’s my advice! So many girls want to get on the show and when you do, you have to work your ass off. It’s a great stepping stone.

Social media, sports & travel: This is Fata’s everyday life

FIV: Well, four years after your success on GNTM, you’ve achieved a lot! You have your own Youtube channel where you upload weekly videos, your own podcast Fataland and you live in Dubai. Your followers like you especially for your humorous and open nature, which you bring out on your social media channels and in the podcast! What do you like most about being a public figure and what are you most proud of?

Fata: I’m proud that I get messages every day about how happy people are and that I can put a smile on their faces through my videos. I think anyone can be beautiful on social media, but to be able to carry people along and be honest, open and down to earth is something I pride myself on. I’ve been the same since day 1 and thankfully never had a high.

FIV: Social media can take a lot of time! Managing an Instagram and YouTube account, as well as your own podcast is not as easy as it seems. Do you have any other pursuits besides your job as a blogger? How do you like to spend your free time?

Fata: I try to balance my free time and my job. That means I film my very normal life. So the work never stops – I really film from morning to night – like a reality TV show. An absolutely private insight into my life. In my free time I like to go to the beach, play volleyball, go camping and try to be outside a lot.

Move to Dubai & exclusive travel tips

FIV: Together with your boyfriend you moved to Dubai a few months ago. What was the reason for your move there and what do you like most about the city? What is it like to live in such a big modern metropolis and what do you think are the biggest differences compared to Germany?

Fata: I was born and raised in Berlin, which is also a big metropolis for me. Therefore, big city life was not a problem for us. However, I needed good weather and distance from Berlin. Dubai is incredible! Incredibly nice people, permanent sun, good service, beach, sea and freedom. I am very happy here and needed the distance from Berlin.

FIV: Travel, Beauty and Fashion: These are your topics! You love to travel around the world and discover new places. What has been your favorite travel destination so far and do you have some travel tips for our readers? We would also be interested to know who you prefer to travel with, alone or in company?

Fata: I love travelling with Izi – he is my partner and best friend. He is uncomplicated and open to everything. We can also enjoy the peace and quiet together. Sometimes it doesn’t take many words to be happy. You have to go to Playa del Carmen and Tulum. The most beautiful trips I’ve ever had so far.

FIV: Finally, we would like to hear from you what your absolute career highlight has been over the last few years?

Fata: My absolute highlight was my emigration – I’m so happy to be able to work from anywhere and take my community with me. I am so grateful to be so free.

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