Interview with Jolina Fust: emigration to Mallorca, model career & GNTM

Interview with Jolina Fust – After her participation in the 9th season of GNTM, Jolina Fust has started a successful career as a model. The model is also popular on social media and regularly provides her followers with insights from her life. However, there is not only a lot going on professionally, but also in her private life: Jolina has just emigrated to Mallorca together with her boyfriend. In our interview, Jolina talks about her move to Mallorca and reveals whether emigrating has always been her dream. She also talks to us exclusively about her participation in GNTM and looks back on her best experiences from her “Germany’s Next Topmodel” time. Jolina also gives tips for aspiring models and tells us about her plans for the future.

New chapter in life: Jolina’s emigration to Mallorca

FIV: Hello Jolina, we are glad that it worked out with the interview today. You have a lot going on right now, because you just emigrated to Mallorca with your boyfriend. How are you doing at the moment and have you been able to settle in a bit in your new home in this short time?

Jolina: Hello, thank you very much for the nice interview. I’m really doing very very well at the moment, the last few months have been very intense and exhausting due to all the planning with the emigration. Of course, this must be well thought out and considered. A few days ago, our things from Germany have arrived in Mallorca and it is getting more and more comfortable in our new home. Therefore, we are now settling in faster and faster and it is becoming more and more beautiful.

That’s why Jolina and her boyfriend moved to Mallorca!

FIV: Has emigrating always been a dream of yours and what inspired you to do so?

Jolina: If someone had asked me a few years ago if I could imagine living somewhere else than in Hamburg, I would probably have answered no. When I met and fell in love with my boyfriend Dominik Bruntner about 2 1/2 years ago, I moved to Stuttgart after a 3-month relationship with him. Since we both have the same job and have always been on the road a lot, we thought about emigrating more intensively and finally decided to take this step. Thanks to our job, we can work from anywhere and we wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

In Mallorca the model has found her new home

FIV: You currently live in Mallorca, could you imagine living in another country for a while? Apart from Mallorca, which place would be particularly appealing to you?

Jolina: As a model, I have been to many countries, even for a few months at a time. I think we found our home in Mallorca. But for modeling I would go again for several months in another country. But only together with my boyfriend. Which is of course also possible, since we both work as models. We have some countries in mind in which we would like to spend a longer time, if the opportunity arises.

This is how the model furnishes her new home!

FIV: Of course, you have to completely refurnish your home in Mallorca. Do you have any tips for our readers on what to look out for so that the interior design looks cozy and harmonious?

Jolina: I like it bright with subtle colors. I stay in the beige and pink tones. Beautiful green plants also belong for me in every room.

GNTM Highlight: Entry into the final!

FIV: You now work successfully as a model and are active in social media. However, many still know you from the 9th season of GNTM. Which experiences from your GNTM do you still remember fondly today?

Jolina: I generally remember my GNTM time super fondly, it simply remains unforgettable. I can still remember the pick-up quite clearly. Thomas Hayo suddenly stood in the classroom and told me I was in, pack your bags and off to Berlin. But the best experience is definitely my entry into the final and of course the final itself. Even though I only came second in the end and didn’t win the show, the whole project was simply wonderful and unforgettable. I still drive my Opel Adam, which I won in the show, and I like to think back to that time.

Jolina’s tips for aspiring models

FIV: Soon the new season of GNTM will start, what tips do you have for the aspiring candidates?

Jolina: Just stay the way you are. Don’t pretend and concentrate on the essentials. Quarrels have no place on the set.

FIV: As a successful model, what would you say are 5 qualities you need for a successful modeling career?

  • Definitely self-confidence.
  • Self-employment.
  • You have to be able to deal with criticism, being a model is not always easy.
  • Don’t be afraid of change, you’re often thrown in at the deep end and need to know how to handle the situation.
  • Discipline. Your body is your capital, so must be very careful about it.

This is what the model has planned for 2022!

FIV: Finally, a short look into the future, we are curious what you have planned in the near future: Do you have big plans like a move or something similar or is there something special coming up? Give us a little teaser of what your fans and followers can look forward to in the near future!

Jolina: I won’t be moving again so quickly. But there are some cool projects coming up in the new year, but I don’t want to give too much away yet. Stay tuned and be curious.

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