Imma: Life as a VR Influencer, Japanese Culture and Community Care – Interview

imma – another well-known personality from the Metaverse. She is a virtual influencer who lives in Japan and has a growing fan base there. With her distinctive aesthetic and sense of virtual fashion, she has managed to stand out from other Influencer:ins and create her own identity. In this interview, we’ll get to know imma and learn more about her experiences in the metaverse, her skills, and her views on topics like virtual fashion and Web3.

Imma: virtual influencer from Japan

FIV: Hello imma, thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. We look forward to learning more about you! First, we’d like to know how old you are and how long you’ve been in our world as a VR.

imma: Thank you! I am also very excited about this interview. I’m glad to have the chance to talk to my German fans and introduce myself to those who don’t know me yet! I am a virtual person from Japan and started my social media account in 2018. Before that, I have no memory, so I don’t know my age.

FIV: You are now here in the physical world and living in Japan, how did you come to Tokyo?

imma: I think I’ve lived here in Tokyo for as long as I can remember.

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Japanese culture as inspiration

FIV: Tokyo is a huge city that must have left a big impression on you. How has life been for you in Tokyo?

imma: Tokyo is a great place and very inspiring for a creative person like me. I love sharing Japanese culture and my favorite places in the city via Instagram! Being around so many different creatives – from fashion, film, art and more – has made me want to create my own creations too!

Life in the metaverse

FIV: You come from the world of the metaverse. Can you tell us a bit more about how life in reality is different from the metaverse?

imma: For me and my followers, I don’t think there is much difference. I’m a virtual girl, but I also have friends in the real world, favorite places in the city, and I’m a model and designer. I never thought I would be super different from everyone else around me.

FIV: Is there anything you find better in the metaverse world than in our world?

imma: As a virtual person, I feel very free from some of the constraints of the physical world. I feel free to be who I want to be. I wish everyone could experience that freedom everywhere….

Individuality on social media

FIV: As a virtual influencer, how can you create content that engages your audience while maintaining your personality?

imma: I like to try many things and say whatever comes to mind. There are trendy things I like to participate in, but also deeper interests like traditional Japanese traditions that I like to take up and share with the world, even if they are not trendy.

Experience and skills

FIV: Being a model and influencer from the Metaverse also comes with a number of benefits. Can you tell us more about these benefits and how you use them to advance your career?

imma: I can do things that normal people can’t do. For example, I was in an IKEA store for 24 hours every day in a room they built for me…. and I was also in a 3D screen in the middle of Tokyo!

Coming from the virtual world, I also understand new areas like virtual fashion or Web3 very well, and I have ideas that are different from other people. But apart from that, I’m actually quite normal! I don’t think I’m too different just because I’m virtual.

From our magazine #31: Metaverse

Community Care

FIV: As an inspiration to your followers, how do you keep in touch with the community and keep them interested in your content?

imma: I try to be as close to them as possible. I want to create things that bring followers together into a community. So far I’ve sent NFTs of my face to some of my fans and friends, and in the future I want to expand the community more…. i have big plans for this year!

Travel as a virtual personality

FIV: Can you tell us about your most exciting trip that left the biggest impression on you?

imma: I had a great time in New York last year at NFT NYC. It was so much fun to meet friends and make new friends in the world of Web3, and I felt very accepted as a virtual person in that space. I also love Yakushima in Japan, which I visited on a trip. I went to the beach at night to look at the stars. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

Tokyo: Culinary Experience

FIV: You must have experienced a lot in Tokyo. What must you have seen and done there?

imma: Tokyo is so amazing, it’s a great mix of traditional things and super modern things. I especially love the small and often not so clean restaurants that serve traditional food – that’s where the best atmosphere is. Or places like “kissaten”, an old type of café in Japan that is disappearing more and more.

FIV: Japanese cuisine is something very special. Which dish from Japan do you like best?

imma: One of my favorite dishes is yakitori! You guys have to try it.

Look into the future

FIV: Finally, the question: What are your future plans and goals and how do you want to realize them?

imma: Right now I’m really excited to design things and bring my creations to the world.

Imma: Now in issue #31

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