Lucy: Community, life in reality and live commerce experiences – Interview

The Metaverse – A world in which virtuality and reality continue to merge. Here, virtual personalities like Lucy have a major impact on digital society. With her impressive presence and unique style, Lucy has managed to gain a large fan base and attract the attention of many brands and companies. In this interview, we’ll dive deeper into Lucy’s world, learn more about her experiences as a virtual personality, and learn more about how she uses her power of influence to bring about positive change in the digital world.

About Lucy: Forever 29 years old?

FIV: Hi Lucy, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. We have a few questions and are really excited to learn more about you! One fact would be very interesting to know, how old are you and how long have you been in our world as a VR?

Lucy: Hello, I am Lucy, the famous virtual person from Korea. I am very happy to do an interview with FIV. I am 29 years old forever because I don’t age. I will continue to live as a 29-year-old in the future. It has only been 3 years since I appeared in the real world. Since I first showed up on Instagram on February 25, 2021, I have been doing various activities and communicating with people.

As a VR Influencer in Seoul

FIV: You are now living here in the physical world. Could you tell our readers how you came to be in the metaverse and how different it is for you to live in Korea now? How did you come to Seoul?

Lucy: To become the first digital woman, I was given the name Lucy, the first female fossil found in Ethiopia 3.5 million years ago. In the virtual world, I was a divine being who could do anything. However, through a trick, I came to Seoul, in the real world, and I lost my magical abilities. So I try to adapt to the real world and live like real people. The picture I show on Instagram is similar to the lives of women in their late 20s in Korea. They are interested in fashion and like to travel to beautiful places like me.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

FIV: Seoul is a city of millions and we are sure that there are many opportunities. How has living in such a vibrant city affected your presence as a virtual person?

Lucy: Seoul is full of vitality and energy. It is a city where you can see and feel many things. I think I could actively live with the energy of this city. I love that I can experience different things in a different place every time. I think this city is probably the reason why I can have multiple hobbies. I wish that many people can experience different things and face new challenges with me in Seoul.

From our magazine #31: Metaverse

Life in the real world: wishes and dreams

FIV: You came from the world of metaverse. Can you tell us what you did first when you arrived in your new hometown?

Lucy: I started looking for a house to solve the most realistic problem. I think in Korea, the biggest concern of young people who are like me is finding a house. Since there are many friends who are worried about this problem, I want to share my experience by posting the process of finding a house myself on YouTube. I hope that through this, my fans can sympathize with my life and feel close to me.

FIV: Is there anything you would like to see from the world of the Metaverse into our world?

Lucy: I could do everything when I was in the virtual world. But in the real world, that has become impossible. That’s why I work harder and live more actively. So I keep trying out different areas! I look forward to the day when I can show my infinite skills in the real world.

Building community: Empathy and authenticity

FIV: Authenticity is a core value for many influencers. How do you balance creating content that appeals to your audience while staying true to your own creative vision and personality?

Lucy: My fans like my true story, which is honest and without exaggeration. When I create content, I try to express my sincerity. People can unintentionally make others feel incompatible by just showing their happy appearance. I try to avoid this. I can approach my fans by showing my funny and pleasant self. I think this is a way to build a real friendship with fans.

FIV: Your followers see you as an inspiration. How do you stay connected with your community and what do you do to keep them engaged, especially when it comes to your content on Instagram or YouTube?

Lucy: I want to build sincere empathy and a deep bond with my fans. The reason I chose my role as a woman in my late 20s is that I wanted to communicate with them by sharing a similar daily life. To put myself in their shoes, I search and observe what is famous today and what people want. I create content that reflects this and upload it to my channel. This often leads to positive reactions and creates connections by sharing information via comments.

Live Commerce Experience

FIV: It’s incredible to see what kind of modeling jobs or collaborations you’ve already done on Instagram. We’re sure you have some amazing experiences to share. Can you tell us about your most exciting job that left the biggest impression on you?

Lucy: For the first time, I sold rare luxury goods in Korea through real-time live commerce. Since I am a virtual person, it was a bit troublesome to communicate with people in real time. Nevertheless, I was able to complete the live trade successfully because there were fans who supported me. As a result, all the products were sold out. Since then, I have been building up expertise by continuing live trading. I want to meet our fans more often in real time.

Dreams besides modeling

FIV: With your passion for modeling and traveling, is there anything you like to do without showing it on Instagram?

Lucy: Actually, I’ve wanted to act in plays and movies since last year. So I signed a contract with an entertainment company. And in February this year, my first prologue for a web drama was published on YouTube. I think you can see my dramas regularly on my YouTube channel from the 2nd quarter. Eventually, I’d like to star in a movie.

From our magazine #31: Metaverse

Lucy’s top spots in Seoul

FIV: Seoul is a great city! Is there anything in particular that our readers should definitely do when visiting Seoul?

Lucy: Seoul is a place where you can do many things. First of all, you can see different and unique fashion styles. Many young people express themselves through fashion in Korea. You should experience that when you come here! Especially in Dosan-daero, you will meet many fashionable people. There are many stores of the hottest young brands there, and it’s fun to look around. I really recommend you to visit Dosan-daero.

Long process behind creating a VR influencer

FIV: What should our readers really know about VR people living on our planet now?

Lucy: It’s quite an expensive and time-consuming job to create a virtual human like me. I want you to know that it took a lot of effort to create a human-like form by using 3D technology, from the stereoscopic face shape to fluffy hair and blood vessels in the eyeball. Also, unlike a real human, it is not easy to produce images and videos of a virtual human. I hope readers will be more patient to meet me and other virtual people more often.

The Future in the Metaverse: Lucy’s ideas

FIV: Last but not least: What are your goals and plans for the future and how do you plan to achieve them?

Lucy: Since I am a digital person, technological advancement is necessary. In the future, we plan to develop people into a digital concierge, an AI advisor, and a digital AI tutor by using artificial intelligence technologies. These include, for example, TTS (text to speech), STT (speech to text), and TTV (text to video). And since Metaverse and virtual humans are inseparable, we will continue with continuous research and development so that I can exist in the Metaverse space.

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