Tim Johnson interview: How do I become a doer? Seize opportunities & increase productivity

Tim Johnson – Power, Power, Power! Lifestyle Influencer Tim is not just a grandiose visionary. He is aware that achieving his dreams always involves hard work and determination. He infects his followers every day with exciting approaches and his unique motivation. From nothing comes nothing! But how does he manage to maintain his discipline in the long run and does he sometimes get help? In this interview you’ll get a little insight into the mind of a brilliant life artist!

The doer mentality: Tim’s approach to life

FIV: In our eyes, you are a real doer – constantly fulfilling dreams and achieving goals. What would you say are essential aspects that contribute to this “doer mentality” and how can I embrace them?

Tim: First of all, thank you for the kind words! I have always been someone who does not let chances and opportunities lie. No matter how small it still is. So in my life I have gained the mentality to keep my curiosity and just take away from past experiences that these small opportunities give me a huge added value. Trying bread baking and getting better every time, that now I can make the best bread for ourselves in the shortest time. Or handicraft things, getting to grips with something and now I can fix all the problems myself without having to rely on others. That encourages you not to stop at any challenge, no matter how big it may be.

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Finding an optimal work-life balance: Routines & Milestones

FIV: How important is discipline and structure for you – is every day always planned out or do you just let yourself drift? – How do you manage to find a healthy work-life balance and avoid overwork?

Tim: The balance and especially the routine is the key. My day starts at 6 a.m. with my workouts, which give me a perfect start to the day. Extreme order and not leaving any task too long to clear my head for any new challenge. I also try to find fun or enjoyment in any work or effort so it just doesn’t feel like “work” but another mini-milestone completed. I’m passionate about gaming and I often just compare it like quests. Checking off my main quest in my life storyline and doing the exciting side quests every now and then to increase my experience!

Formulate goals: Gather experience & learn from mistakes

FIV: Tell us – How do you go about setting your goal(s) to make sure they are realistic and achievable?

Tim: In the past, I also wasted a lot of time dealing with things that didn’t really get me anywhere. But that’s part of it, so that over time I can evaluate much better what’s important and what’s not. That’s part of becoming a doer, to always become the best version of yourself. You can’t dismiss this process either, because it’s only through experience that you get better and better and so you can define your goals much better.

FIV: How do you deal with setbacks, especially when, despite your best efforts to be productive, you don’t get the results you want at the end of the day?

Tim: Happened very often! Without these setbacks, we would never be where we are today. Learning from mistakes and really internalizing them is the most important thing. Analyzing and reflecting is super important and in the end it’s also fun, because the next time you make a decision you just know what you did wrong before and you can always improve and also be a role model for others or give sound advice.

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“Teamwork makes the dream work”: Strong together

FIV: House building, travel planning, van extension, family planning, podcast & co. – How do you manage to tackle so many topics at the same time and not neglect the overview or even the love behind it?

Tim: Quite clearly: teamwork and absolute structure. My wife Ana and I are perfectly synchronized with each other. Especially when it comes to our work, we are now always of one mind and can rely on each other. As I just said, these things are such great life stages and tanks that it’s fun, after a planning, then tackle the implementation and when you look back on what you’ve done, is the pride that always pushes you to tackle new!

“I been tryna change life around for everyone I know ‘Cause if I don’t share the wealth then how the f*** we supposed to grow?” ~Drake

FIV: Besides work and me-time, there are of course your friends and family. How do you manage to stick to your goals, work hard and still be there for your loved ones and give them your time?

Tim: My friends and family are absolutely sacred to me. My closest friends I’ve had for many, many years and my overriding credo is, as Drake once said “I been tryna change life around for everyone I know ‘Cause if I don’t share the wealth then how the f*** we supposed to grow?” I always try to grow with my friends and so there is an incredible growing together and so private life is just completely in balance.

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Optimization in all areas of life: Tips for success

FIV: Do you have any advice for someone who just doesn’t achieve their goals, even though they work hard and are always disciplined?

Tim: Time is the key word here. Many years went by before we had the right moment. Part of this process is to keep developing and, above all, not to stop at one point. No matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement. No matter if it is the nutrition, contacts you make, chances you take. Sometimes even supposed 1-2 steps back mean 5 steps forward.

Maximize productivity: What apps does Tim use?

FIV: What are some tools and techniques you use to maximize your work time and increase productivity?

Tim: I organize myself completely with my daily apps TickTick and Trello. I use Trello to give my projects a horizon and to mature ideas, and I use TickTick to put plans into action and check them off. The more things left undone, the more stressed I am, so it’s a good day when I’ve been able to check off a lot of boxes!

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Accepting help: Allowing others to share in the growth

FIV: Do you find it difficult to hand over tasks or do you like to accept help from others? What is your attitude towards the subject?

Tim: It used to be absolute hell for me. In the meantime, I have learned that there is no other way and that it is incredibly important and also works very well. To give people the chance to grow as well and to make our lives a lot easier, of course, so that the focus can be directed to other things.

Dealing with overwhelm: Tim’s experiences

FIV: Let’s be honest – are you also sometimes overwhelmed?

Tim: The answer here is the same: in the past, yes. Today, I’ve become more hardened through all these years and I’m much better at dealing with stress and, most importantly, being in control of the situation. The doer mentality is a big part of me and helps me to overcome any challenge, no matter how insurmountable, and to go to sleep with a relaxed mind.

Future outlook: New projects at the Johnsons?

FIV: Finally, a little look into the future. Are there any new ideas or projects coming up at the Johnsons that you’d like to share with us?

Tim: Oh yes! We’ve got some incredibly big projects coming up again this year that our communities are waiting for, and on top of that our biggest dream is coming true this year, and that’s to become parents. I’m just more excited than anything to finally become a dad and that will be my absolute biggest task in life, which I take very seriously. I want to become the best dad our child can imagine and there is still a lot to learn and do!

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