Interview with Lena Schreiber: GNTM, model career & fitness tips

Interview Lena Schreiber – Since her participation in the 16th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel, Lena Schreiber has not only been successful as a model and in social media, but has also started her own business as a coach, advising young people on fitness, health and nutrition. She has also recently published her first e-book. In our interview, the model talks about her time after GNTM, her modeling career and the support she receives from her family. In addition, the model tells us her two biggest inspirations, talks about her dream job and gives tips on fitness and healthy eating.

This is what has happened with Lena since GNTM!

FIV: Hello Lena, how nice that it worked out with the interview today. You took part in GNTM this year and have been very successful as a model and on social media ever since. What has happened to you since GNTM, what exciting projects are you currently pursuing?

Lena: Hello dear ones and thank you so much for having me here. I am very happy to meet you all. Currently I’m working a lot as a model, I’m super thankful for the opportunities I’ve had and still have especially right after participating. I see myself as my own project, I always want to optimize and especially work on myself for more jobs in the new year and especially for added value I can offer people on my profiles. I also recently started my own business as a coach, I advise young people on the topics: Fitness, health and nutrition. I particularly enjoy doing that. In December I also released my very first e-book, which I’m very proud of.

Photo: Emanuel Aurel Klempa

Lena’s dream job has always been something creative

FIV: Has modeling always been your dream job and what inspired you to become a model?

Lena: Not when I was really little. But I always knew that I wanted to do something artistic. Music, art, photography – these are all subjects that interest and fascinate me insanely. I started painting, singing and eventually creating my own projects like videos, e-books or presentations at an early age. I’m just a total perfectionist and I’m also happy that I can devote myself to all areas of my projects from A to Z with complete enthusiasm. After my high school graduation, when I was 18 years old, I started to arrange photo shoots, for the first ones I paid normally, evolved and then did TFP shoots, more and more, now I worked as a model. With each shoot I became more and more aware of how much I love this job. I was inspired by the work, each project in itself, finished photos that I saw, but also ideas that I really wanted to implement.

This is how she is supported by her environment in her modeling career

FIV: Support is always important, especially in a job as mentally demanding as the modeling business. Does your family/friends support you in your modeling career?

Lena: Definitely! I’ve always had the fullest support of my family. My parents were very strict about my school days. But so I also learned that there are things that just have to be done. But at the same time, I was allowed to do all the things I enjoyed. My parents drove me to shoots, bought clothes with me for them, made polas of me and so on. When I’m on the road I’m always on the phone with my mom, because in the beginning it was super hard for me to be alone and that’s when I was glad I could Face-Timen with my family anytime. I really rarely complain, because I am very grateful for the positive stress, but when I’m feeling bad, I have very close friends around me, with whom I can then go for a walk and get rid of my worries.

Photo: Guido Raschke

Lena’s inspirations: Pamela Reif and Stefanie Giesinger

FIV: Do you have a role model? Also specifically in the model business/ in the fashion world? Why ?

Lena: No direct role model, but there are some people who motivate and inspire me insanely. In the fitness field that is definitely Pamela Reif, I even met her recently. I find her way, her discipline and also what she has already achieved at her age now, just insanely motivating. You can take a leaf out of her book, even if you’re not a fitness enthusiast. In the fashion world, I’ve been taking Stefanie Giesinger as inspiration for 7 years and not because we both belong to the GNTM family, I find her of course super beautiful, but also authentic, down-to-earth and likeable. At the same time, she is always professional and works for really great brands, in addition, the thought of sustainability comes with both. I think it’s important, no matter in which industry, to make a contribution to this topic and especially to give attention to exactly such topics, whether through stories, posts, collaborations or projects.

Photo: Emanuel Aurel Klempa

This is how the model manages to stay in shape!

FIV: On Instagram you deal a lot with the topics of healthy eating and sports, and the topic is also important in your job as a model. Do you have any fitness tips and advice on how to eat healthier in everyday life?

Lena: I think it’s important that you know where you are and especially where you want to go. You also don’t know which train to get on if you have no idea what your destination is. So you get motivated and you have the will to eat healthy and to optimize yourself. Because I think many make the mistake of rushing it, trying to push themselves into something and often because of societal ideals that don’t actually exist. You have to want it yourself and accept yourself, that’s how you stay on the ball. Sport is extremely important, especially but not only as a model. Because you keep yourself young and fit, that alone should be reason enough to engage in sports.

5 tips from Lena for a healthy lifestyle

My tips are:
1. replace all unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives and especially do not have unhealthy snacks at home or have them hidden – what you do not know does not make you hot.
2. never lose the fun of sports and nutrition and always know that you are doing it for YOU.
3. to keep a healthy balance, after all we all live only once & who likes to forbid himself something?
4. discipline is greater than motivation, so it is important to find routines and set priorities. We all have 24 hours in a day, how we use them is up to us. There are no excuses.

Photo: Silke an Mey

These are Lena’s plans for the year 2022!

FIV: Finally, a short look into the future, we are curious what you have planned in the near future: Do you have big plans like a move or something similar or is there something special coming up?

Lena: I can already reveal one thing: There will be more. Whether on social media or for me as a model. I am always optimistic and know that I can work for the things I want and will achieve. Especially the beginning of the new year will be super exciting for me, I’m currently working on 2 big projects or “Secret Projects” as I christened them on Instagram that I’ve been sitting on for months. But I do not want to reveal quite so much yet. In addition, my trip in January will go to Berlin, I have now lived 22 years in a small village with 90 inhabitants and want to be able to expand and use my opportunities, so I dare the step into a new city.

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