An Idol for All – Stefanie Giesinger

Stefanie Giesinger is the winner of the ninth season of Germany’s Next Topmodel. After her victory at GNTM, the 22-year-old expanded her Instagram account and now counts with 3.3 million fans on Insta as a role model around the topics: Models, Fashion and Lifestyle. But for the pretty brunette everything is not always as easy as it might seem, because a serious illness accompanies her.

From Siberia to Germany: Giesinger’s family emigrated

One year before her birth, Stefanie’s Russian-German family emigrated from Russian Siberia and built a new life for themselves in Germany. The German model was born on 27 August 1996 in Kaiserslautern.

Max Giesinger: Steffie’s brother, cousin, uncle or husband ?

The singer and musician Max Giesinger reached the finals of the casting and music show “The Voice of Germany” in 2011 and even sat on the jury of “The Voice Kids” this year. Despite many releases of his songs, a really successful breakthrough of the singer has been missing so far. Within Germany, however, his compositions are well known.

At the latest after the release of the music video for the song “80 Millionen” by Max, where Stefanie Giesinger plays the leading role, many fans ask themselves the question: What exactly connects the musician and the model? The answer to this question is nothing but friendship. The same name is just a coincidence.

Stefanie in a music video ?

Yeah, you read right. At Max Giesinger’s side, the model plays a special role in the music video for his single 80 million.

Does Stefanie Giesinger have a boyfriend ?

This question is also gladly asked. Anyone who has been following this pretty model for some time knows the answer to this question, for sure: Yeah, Stefanie’s been taken for two years. British YouTube star Marcus Butler (26) is the happy man at Steffie’s side. The two successful social media stars got to know each other in 2016 at an Amfar gala in Cannes. Katy Perry also performed at this event, which was the perfect occasion for Marcus to address Stefanie. He asked if she liked Katy Perry. Dances and conversations followed. They stayed in contact after the gala and quickly fell in love.

Is her boyfriend really making her happy?

As YouTuber, Marcus films half his life. So is his holiday with Stefanie in the Caribbean. Here you get private insights into the love happiness of the two lovebirds.

Life threatening disease and their last OP

The model suffers from the so-called Kartagener syndrome from birth. It’s a hereditary disease. Organs are arranged mirror-inverted or twisted in the body. Stefanie herself describes this as “wandering organs”. Stefanie’s life expectancy is low, but so far the fighter nature has held out extremely well.

At the age of 13 Stefanie could only eat unnaturally little because her stomach was so extremely twisted. This was followed by a life-threatening emergency operation that lasted a full eight hours. Since that day, her belly has been adorned with a ten-centimetre scar. Also in March of this year, the instagramerin had to undergo a severe operation, but she also mastered this procedure successfully.

How it all began

With a young age of 17, the 1.77 meter brunette took part in the ninth season of Germanys Next Topmodel in 2014. Of over 15,000 applicants, Stefanie was one of 70 chosen to be invited to a casting in Berlin. There the high school student met for the first time the jury consisting of Heidi Klum, Wolfgang Joop and Thomas Hayo. At the beginning Heide saw Stefanie as a permanent nodding candidate but in the course of the relay the 17 year old could also convince top model Mama Heide of herself and finally took the first place in the final.

Germany’s Next Topmodel: And what then ?

After winning the title “Germany’s Next Topmodel 2014” the then 17 year old appeared on the cover of the German Cosmopolitan and was under contract for two years with the model agency of Günther Klum ONEeins. A small guest appearance in Matthias Schweighöfer’s film Der Nanny and the cast of the leading role in the music video to the single 80 million by Max Giesinger followed. Stefanie expanded her Instagram account and got jobs for big brands like L’Oréal again and again.

Idol of the year 2018

Behind Stefanie is much more than just an ordinary model. They are characterized above all by their proximity and their personality. She strives to make every day the best in her life and to infect her fellow men and fans with her joie de vivre. These and other aspects ensured that Stefanie received this year’s About You Award Idol of the year.

Steffie as Victoria’s Secret Angel

The 22 year old model unfortunately failed this year at the casting in New York for the fashion show of Victoria’s Secret and will not be allowed to walk in December. Steffie is proud to have made it this far and hopes for another chance to run as Victoria’s Secret Angel, because she is and remains a huge fan of the brand and the show.

Model, Instagramerin and Actress: “Asphalt Gorillas”

Yes, that’s right, Stefanie really must have a multi-functional talent. In addition to her life as a model and instagramer, she is now immersed in the life of an actress. Since 30 August 2018 she has played the role of Oxana in the film “Asphaltgorillas” by Detlev Bruck. The film team is enthusiastic about the newcomer and she herself has a lot of fun to slip into the skin of another person.


On Instagram, the 22-year-old shares her life with 3.3 million subscribers. She does not post new articles every day, but only when she feels like it and there is something to report. So she shares her life with her fans and friends in a very appealing and honest way. Because she is a huge fan of photography and admits quite honestly: not every photo was taken spontaneously but it is not only her job but also her hobby to stand in front of the camera and so she likes to use her free minutes and produce with her friends, but especially with her best friend photos for fun and share them with her fan community.

Not enough Internet for today ?

Then have a look at the Instagram account of Stefanie’s girlfriend Caro Daur. Because even this pretty blonde has more than one talent. Although she is at least one head smaller than Stefanie, she still models successfully and is also a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur and businesswoman at the same time. Get infected by Caro’s joie de vivre and maybe check out some cool looks.