Hayley Hasselhoff: Curvy Model, Actress & Daughter of David Hasselhoff

Hayley Hasselhoff – The daughter of world-famous actor David Hasselhoff has become a fixture in the media world over the past few years and is currently taking off as an actress and curvy model. Who she is, how she found her way into the public eye and what kind of message she wants to spread as the first plus size model on the cover of the German Playboy you can read here.

Who is Hayley Hasselhoff

Hayley Hasselhoff is the daughter of the famous actor David Hasselhoff and actress Pamela Bach and has been in the media and public eye since her birth. She grew up in Hollywood and has an older sister named Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff. She was drawn to acting at a young age, which is why she was already filming two episodes of Baywatch with her famous father on the set of Baywatch at the age of 7. A few years later, her career as a plus size model began.

Growing up in public

Hayley Hasselhoff came into contact with life in the public eye during her childhood. She is the daughter of Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and actress Pamela Bach, so she was in the media spotlight from a young age. Despite this attention, Hayley enjoyed it. She loved standing on her parents’ set and watching the adults work. She also witnessed the ups and downs of her famous parents and drew her personal lessons from them. Hayley knows how to deal with the media and also how to react when there are negative headlines. This experience and this way of growing up has made her stronger and prepared her for life in the public eye, as her parents have also supported her at all times and are still an integral part of her life now.

Actress and model- first contact with the media

Hayley Hasselhoff stood in front of the camera for the first time at the age of 7, together with her famous father. Her first appearance was in the famous series Baywatch, in which she played in two episodes. After that, especially because of her name, more and more offers came and she played regularly in various series and movies. At the age of 14 she started modeling for the first time and was already booked as a plus size model. Thereupon her career really took off.

Family: Mom and Dad: Scandals

Hayley Hasselhoff has been in the public eye from a young age, thanks to her famous parents. David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach are both US actors who met on the set of the series Knight Rider.

David Hasselhoff: actor and singer

David Hasselhoff is an actor and singer, who became famous especially through the series Knight Rider and Bauwich. The father of Hayley Hasselhoff is considered one of the most famous actors in the world and most watched star in TV history. In 1984, he married his first wife Catherine Hickland, with the marriage ending in 1989. Shortly after, he married his second wife, Pamela Beach, with whom they had two daughters. One of them is Hayley Hasselhoff. As of 2018, he is married to model Hayley Roberts.

Pamela Bach: Mother and ex-wife of David Hasselhoff

Hayley Hasselhoff’s mother, Pamela Bach, is also an American actress who is known for her supporting roles in the television series Knight Rider, Baywatch and her marriage to David Hasselhoff. She and David met during the filming of the series Knight Rider and fell in love.

Now the career as a Curved Model goes even more momentum, because she signed in a major modeling agency.

Plus Size Model: Message and Cover

Hayley Hasselhoff stands by her body and curves. She is proud of her clothing size and especially wants to show all women in the world that beauty can be shown through different ways. A big step and success is also the cover of the German Playboy, which she graces as the first plus size model.

Plus Size Model: Hayley’s Message to All

Even though her name and her parents paved her way into the public eye, Hayley Hasselhoff has made her own name and followed in her parents’ footsteps. Especially as a curvy model, the 28-year-old has become very successful during the last few years and is more in demand than ever in the fashion world. Hayley stands by her body and her curves, as she confirms in numerous interviews. She wants to show that beauty can come in different shapes and sizes and that you should stand by your curves. With this opinion and her appearance, she embodies the opinion of many and provides education and body positivity.

Playboy: first Plus Size Cover on the German Playboy

Hayley loves her body and loves to show it off. She has no problem in front of nudity or to put herself freely in front of the camera. That’s why she is even more proud of her cover on the German Playboy Magazine, which is the first time a curvy model graces. She wants to send a message to all women that they should feel comfortable in their bodies, no matter what size clothes they wear. You should stand by your curves and your weight, which is why she has also designed a plus size collection.

Interview with Hayley Hasselhoff

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