Modelling And Photography: Krisly’s Two Passions In This interview

Interview with Krisly – A model and a photographer. She tells us what it’s like to combine her two jobs and how she discovered the modelling industry. Krisly also tells us how she gained confidence and strength. Living abroad gave her job opportunities she wouldn’t have had in her own country. Let us meet you Krisly!

Krisly Selena

Krisly Selena, Costa Rican model and photographer based in London. She is able to combine her two passions and she is not afraid to fight for what she wants. Krisly has been modelling for almost 4 years, when she discovered this world while enjoying passion for photography. After that, she started modelling all over the world. Today we have Kisly in FIV Magazine.

Modelling And Photography: Two In One

FIV: You are already working internationally and have contracts with many agencies. How did you get into modeling? Was it always your dream job?

KRIS: My dream job was photography and thanks to this I became interested in modeling, and I have now been modelling for 4 years and the last 2 years at international level.

FIV: Did you put photography aside for modelling?

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

KRIS: Actually, I dedicate myself to both, you can find my work on my instagram.

Photo: Hello Fashion

Confidence: Small And Great Achivements

FIV: There are many girls in the world who dream of modeling but lack the confidence or courage. How did you get your self-confidence?

KRIS: For me, I have gained confidence through experience, recognizing small or great achievements.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try: Work And Learn

FIV: Do you have any advice for young people who would like to start modeling or are just starting their career?

KRIS: My advice to those who have doubts about dedicating to what they want is to allow themselves to try it and no matter the result, it will be beneficial learning.

FIV: What do you think is the most important quality for a model?

KRIS: It is important to learn to communicate and work as a team.

Dior Beauty: Krisly’s Next Objetive

FIV: You have modelled for Givenchy. Was that the biggest job you had so far or was there an even bigger and better job for you?

KRIS: One of my favorite works has been for the beers, it was a beautiful campaign.

FIV: What would be your dream job?

KRIS: My dream job would be a campaign for Dior Beuty, I love their products.

The Opportunities Of Living Abroad

FIV: When did you realize: Yes, I made it?

KRIS: After the first year of living abroad, I realized that I had many opportunities to make a living from modeling.

FIV: It’s been a pleasure for me and for FIV Magazine to meet to. We wish you the best!

Photo. Sylwia