The Game Of Modelling With August James In Interview

Interview with August James. We talked about the importance of social media, his biggest support in this career, how modelling helped him improve his self-confidence and how he is able to express himself through photo shoots. Take a look!

August James

August James. A model who is not afraid of himself. He sees the industry as a game, he becomes part of something, he can transform himself into something new in a photo shoot. All with the support of his father, and August’s essential. You should take a look at this interview, you won’t regret it.

Being Part Of Someone Else’s Art

FIV: Self-confidence is one of the most important parts of any job, where did you get that confidence?

AUGUST: Self-confidence came over time. You learn that modeling is much more than just standing in front of a camera pretty quick. Being a part of someone else’s art and coming together with them to create something beautiful is what gave me the confidence to keep going. 

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To Play Different Characters

FIV: Did modelling help you to express yourself?

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AUGUST: Absolutely! I got to play so many different characters with modeling. If I would be too shy to dress a certain way in real life, maybe on a shoot they would put me in some inspiring outfit that would let me express myself through this new character. 

The Game Of Social Media

FIV: We can see that you are not afraid to be yourself on social media, has that helped you to get jobs or has it been a hindrance?

AUGUST: Overall it has helped me! I view social media as a game. It’s all about knowing your audience and posting content that people want to see. 

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Followers: Important or Not?

FIV: Could you say then that well-maintained social media channels are important in the model business?

AUGUST: So I have two different opinions about this. Of course social media is very important in modeling or any industry job. And brands now are using social media more and more so if you have a strong presence on social media, it would make you more valuable to get hired.

FIV: And what about less influential profiles?

AUGUST: This is the other point. I know plenty of successful models who have very little followers or no social media presence at all. I see them as the “cool kids” of the industry for not conforming to the mainstream ways. It’s all about finding your own path and staying authentic to yourself. 

Confidence In Who You Are

FIV: In your view, what is the most important feature of a model?

AUGUST: Confidence in who you are. This is a hard industry and you’ll be told “no” a lot. And having that inner confidence will help you stay true to yourself.

His Biggest Idol: His Dad

FIV: Do you have a role model?

AUGUST: My dad. He’s such a hard worker and provider. I really look up to his work ethic and how his values have never changed over the years of my entire life. 

August’s Dream: Casting Direction

FIV: To end, August, where do you see yourself in five years? A dream to fulfil?

AUGUST: Working in casting! I want to take my knowledge of the industry and find new talent and be a positive mentor to other models and artists.

FIV: High goals! Hopefully everything will go as you expect and you will achieve them. We will be waiting for you to become a successful Director and return to FIV! It has been a pleasure.

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