Anna Maria Damm – YouTuberin, Influencerin and mother with 22 years

Model, YouTuberin and Influencerin in one. Anna Maria made her breakthrough in the social media career at the age of 17 and is also a popular model. But Anna Maria is not only doing well professionally, but also in her love. Her daughter makes her life perfect.

Anna’s life: Her family, her age and her siblings

Anna Maria Damm was born on 11 April 1996 in Neuenbürg (Baden Würtemberg). At the age of three Anna Maria emigrated to the Philippines with her Filipino mother, her German father and her older sister Katharina (* 05. September 1994), at the request of her father. Six years later her parents separated and Anna Maria’s mother moved back to Germany with her daughters.

Anna Maria and Katharina regularly visit their family in the Philippines and even support their family financially because they have to live in very poor circumstances. Besides her sister Katharina Anna Maria has four half siblings.

What size for GNTM ?

In 2013 the then 17 year old Anna Maria took part in the eighth season of the casting show Germany’s Next Topmodel. The 176 cm high model took fifth place. She did not win the season, but was able to draw attention to herself and build up a new foothold through social networks.

10 Secrets about GNTM

Anna Maria Damm was there live and knows how it works behind the scenes at the popular show Germany’s Next Topmodel. In the video she has summarized ten blatant facts about GNTM for her fans.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Social Media: YouTube and Instagram

Anna Maria’s participation in Germany’s Next Topmodel was her unexpected springboard into the Influencer world. Because the young model quickly became a popular spectator magnet. She started to produce photos and videos and quickly realized how much fun she had.


On YouTube Anna Maria has not only one, but two channels. Her private channel “Anna Maria Damm” now has more than 704,000 subscribers. On this channel Anna shows above all her favourite products, gives her fans insights into her grooming routines or simply answers the questions of her fan community.

Anna Maria shares the “Ankat” channel with more than 520,000 subscribers with her sister Katharina. They take their fans with them on their travels and shoot numerous vlogs. The sisters present themselves very close and authentic.


Anna Maria Damm shines on Instagram with around 1.3 million subscribers. Every day, the 22-year-old posts new photos of herself and some well staged products that make Anna Maria a true influencer. She also regularly fills her Instagram story and keeps her subscribers up to date.

Anna Maria as singer and actress

This is where few fans know but Anna Maria not only models, but also tries her hand as an actress and singer. In the feature film Bibi & Tina: Voll verhext! Anna played the role of Vampirella (2014). In August 2016 the model released her first single Too lost in you.

Official music video for Anna’s song

Anna’s single is a cover of the song Too lost in you from the third album of the English girl group Sugarbabes (2003). Here you can see her official music video for the song.

Anna and her boyfriend on cloud 7

Two years ago Anna Maria Damm showed her friend Julian for the first time in a joint YouTube video. Meanwhile, the two are regularly together in front of the camera. Love at first sight was not with the two lovebirds. They’ve known each other since 11th grade. We are all the more happy for the two of them that one day they saw each other with different eyes and could find each other like this.

Baby luck after pregnancy

Via Instagram, Anna Maria announced her pregnancy on December 30, 2017. Anna and Julian were the anticipation written all over their faces. All the more pleasing that little Eliana perfected the love happiness of her young parents on 07 June 2018. The model and her boyfriend have to face some Hater comments and are often criticized because of their young age. But they won’t let it get them down.

Baby video

How happy the new parents are makes this video feel.