Versace Home: furniture, wallpaper and bed linen with Italian charm

Versace Home – Magnificent design, Medusa symbol and Italian charm? Nobody else than Versace knows how to create such luxurious and unique products with these characteristics. Gianni Versace laid the foundation for the fashion empire, Donatella Versace created a lifestyle empire out of it. How Versace-Interior came into being ? Which products are offered ? In which price range one moves here? All this and much more you will find out in this article: Welcome to the luxurious world of Versace! Tip: Are you interested in interior design and interior styles? Then take a look at the overview pages: Furnishing rooms & XXL interior styles.

Versace Home: Wallpapers and furniture in splendid extravagance

Versace is associated with pomp, the Medusa and emphasis on the body. But what is behind the Versace phenomenon? Here you can find out who founded Versace, what the brand’s recognizable features and codes are, and how all this translates to the interior line. Read for yourself!

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Gianni Versace: Italian Fashion, Supermodel Era & Tragic Death

Born in Calabria in 1946, shot in Miami in 1997. As tragic as the end of the design talent is, he made perfect use of his 51 years. He ruled the fashion market. Gianni Versace created something, and it was “en vogue” with the second of its release. Antique classicism and openly displayed sexuality focused all attention on his luxury label. To this day, the eyes of the fashion industry have not had their fill of Versace’s designs. After he was shot by a serial killer in Miami, his sister Donatella Versace took over the fashion empire and created a lifestyle brand. Whether it’s bedding, tableware or luxury furniture, there are few products that don’t still bear the Medusa logo.

From garments, to interior articles

Exaggeration is the motto! The philosophy that runs like a thread through all his collections, as through his self-dramatization. With his fashion, he decisively shaped the eighties and nineties. His creations are recognizable from afar. Not least because of the striking logo. Logomania in its beginnings. The beautiful Medusa in a golden setting adorns almost every creation from the house of Versace. This also applies to his interior articles. Gianni Versace understood early on that authenticity is the key to success:

“That is the key of this collection, being yourself. Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

Timeline: The Style of Versace Home

Gianni Versace not only has an unerring flair for fashion trends, but also for business ideas. The launch of his home line goes hand in hand with financial success and enthusiasm among the clientele. A win-win situation. Flowing lines, sumptuous patterns, Italian charm, fine materials, classic style and high quality work are representative of Versace-Home creations. The following is a brief history of the development and the most important key points of the Versace interior line:

  • 1992: Gianni Versace launches a collection of home textiles
  • Tableware collection with Rosenthal
  • Launch of exquisite, exclusive luxury furniture pieces
  • 2000: Opening of the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Australia
  • 2006: Cooperation with TAG Group (interior design for private jets)

Bathroom in Versace aesthetics

Versace shines in the fashion world with its extravagant, unique designs. This aesthetic can also move into the bathroom. From bathrobes in ostentatious patterns, to luxurious slippers for cold feet, to towels with the Medusa logo, Versace makes the bathroom a retreat for design lovers. See for yourself!

Bathrobes: pure luxury in the bathroom

Versace gives a new meaning to the term bathrobe. Bathrobes at Versace are not staged as a commodity but much more as an expression of pure luxury. The bathrobes are made of high-quality and soft fabrics. The lightly structured Versace logo pattern conveys true luxury. Furthermore, the sleeves and wrap belts printed in the Barocco pattern are used. Another highlight is the plush hood, which provides additional comfort. Whether big or small – the bathrobes are designed in short and long, for young and old. See for yourself how Versace bathrobes become works of art:

  • Print Bathrobe gold/white: €65,000
  • Kids Hooded Bathrobe black: €33,100
  • Hooded Bathrobe pink: €51,600

Slippers: Versace luxury for cold feet

Versace recreates the classic slipper. Far away from the original functional object against cold feet. Here we’re talking pure luxury in the form of slippers. The slippers come in classic cotton with the iconic Medusa print. Another highlight are the slippers made of fake fur in bright pink, black and white. Slippers which have potential as a display piece in a glass showcase. See for yourself!

  • Virtus Slippers coloured: €16,600
  • Faux Fur Palazzo Slippers pink: €42,400
  • La Coupe des dieux Slippers gold/white: €12,600

Towels: extravagance in the bathroom

Towels in the softest cotton with detailed Versace logo. White cotton towels with golden Medusa print. The list of exceptional, sumptuous towels in the house of Versace is long. Towels are designed here for luxury households. Luxurious towels in exquisite materials, with gilding and magnificent patterns!

  • Jacquard Towel black: €42,200
  • Jacquard Towel red: €42,200
  • Medusa 5 Piece Towel Set: €41,100

Versace Home moves into the bedroom

Versace decorates more than just the contents of wardrobes. Nowadays Versace decorates the whole bedroom. Not only the contents of the wardrobe. From luxurious bed linen to sumptuous blankets made from the finest materials and extravagant upholstery, Versace offers the total package for a bedroom that calls for luxury and extravagance!

Bed sets: Welcome to Versace Heaven

“Sleep like an emperor” – probably the self-imposed motto of Versace-Home. Bed sets are made of high-quality and noble materials. White bed linen with the typical “La Coupe des Dieux print”, as well as bed linen in black and gold colour combinations and even linen bed linen with Medusa print inspire the Versace clientele. Versace knows how to create luxury items and play with that exclusivity. See for yourself:

  • Border Bed Linen Set gold: €91,300
  • Print Comfort Bed Set gold/black: €55,600
  • La Coupe deds dieux Bed Linen Set white: €104.600

Blankets: wrapped in a dream of Versace

Elegance and luxury combined into one blanket. Ultra-soft wool paired with silk merge to a new dimension of comfort. The quality inspires in addition to the wide range of designs. Magnificent print in baroque style, less extravagant models in the Versace logo or blankets in an all-over Medusa look – at Versace you will find everything except simplicity and minimalism. Extravagance, ostentatious design and Italian charm have established themselves as the recognition features of the interior line!

  • Medusa Gala Wool and Silk Blanket white/gold: €205.100
  • Greca Silk and Cashmere Blanket pink/blue: €182,600
  • Wool and Silk Blanket black/gold/white: €205.100

Living: statues, upholstery and co. in Versace aesthetics

Versace has made it its business to sell a lifestyle. Clothes in the wardrobe, vases in the kitchen, bed linen in the bedroom and cheetah statues on the shelf. Boredom, minimalist design and simplicity are rarely found at Versace. For that Versace inspires all the more with its splendid designs with Italian charm. This is also the case with various decorative items that add the finishing touch to any home in Versace style. See for yourself!

Upholstery: magnificent patterns, colourful design and pure luxury

Upholstery in pure silk, elegant print and detailed finish. Versace upholstery is more than just a headrest. Here design works of art are created in different color, shape and size!

  • Baroque Cushion pink/white/gold: €39,700
  • Reversible Silk Pillow blue/gold: €23,200
  • 90s Vintage Logo Silk Cusion colorful: €31,100

Decorative items go wild: cheetahs in Versace style

Other luxury brands create scented candles and flower boxes, Versace designs statues in the shape of cheetahs. According to the typical motto – “more is more”. In the online shop, cheetah-shaped statues are offered in two different sizes. White, black or gold? The agony of choice. Another example of the unmistakable style and unique design signature of Versace!

  • Large Rokko Cheetah gold: €125,100
  • Small Rokko Cheetah black: €33,100
  • Small Rokko Cheetah white: €33,100

Wallpaper: Versace style on the wall

White walls in the bedroom? Not in the house of Versace. Wallpapers in gold, cream and other bright colours with the Versace logo, magnificent patterns or the Medusa print let every room shine in the complete Versace look. Versace All-Over is the motto of Versace-Interior!

  • Versace Home wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper gold: 19,47 €/m²
  • Versace Home wallpaper white/gold pattern: 12,50 €/m²
  • Versace Home wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper silver: 19,47 €/m²

Furniture: armchair, bed and co. in Versace aesthetics

Versace-Home offers high-quality, highly luxurious furniture pieces in addition to decorative items, wallpaper and co. From upholstered chairs with light-textured logo, gilded beds to exquisite dining room sets in splendid patterns, Versace-Home offers everything the design heart of luxury lovers desires. The products are in a very high price range, accordingly prices are only available on request. Luxury in a new defined form!

  • Bed Nerone with extravagant headboard, blue
  • Dining room set, red/gold
  • Armchair in baroque pattern, purple/blue/white

Collections: Baroque, Medusa and Co.

I love Baroque: Versace Home in Baroque Style

The Italian luxury label plays again with kitsch moments of the baroque style and creates a magnificent and at the same time elegant and luxurious aesthetic. This style shines on plates, vases and co. Colour-wise, the focus is on white, black and gold!

  • Plate in white/gold (30 €)
  • Cushion in black/gold (300 €)
  • Bathrobe in black/white/gold (495 €)

Medusa Rhapsody Collection

This collection inspires with different versions of the iconic Medusa print. From plates to bathrobes to upholstery, the Medusa symbol shines on almost every item from Versace-Home. See for yourself!

  • Blue plate with golden Medusa (58 €)
  • Set of six white ceramic cups with Medusa print (296 €)
  • Teapot with gold details (€588)

Video: Versace Home 2012 Collection

Versace-Home shines in the classic black/white/gold colour palette. See for yourself how Versace-Home translates its sumptuous aesthetic to interior items:

Special: Interior design à la Versace

Those who are not tired of Versace-style bathrobes, vases and mugs alone can have their entire interiors designed by experts at Versace-Home. Exclusive interior design assistance is designed to allow clientele to create an all-over Versace lifestyle.

Versace Design Studio Service

Interior design and interior decoration in the style of Versace? No problem. Versace-Home has launched the Versace Design Studio service. Customers and developers are supported in the design of interiors. So nothing stands in the way of the unmistakable Versace style. Especially wealthy clientele and exquisite companies from all over the world enjoy the service. The following are a few countries that have taken a liking to the service:

  • Milan, Italy
  • London, England
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Beirut, Lebanon
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Mumbai, India

Video: Versace Home in Jeddah

An expression of pure luxury, Italian splendour and elegance. This hotel in Jeddah is just one example of many that have fallen for the Versace style. See for yourself how Versace becomes a complex of luxury and extravagance!

Video Abil Mansion: Mumbai in Versace elegance

Versace inspires the entire Orient with its sense of pomp, luxury and elegance. India is no exception. Many luxurious hotel chains fall for the Versace charm and enter into cooperations. Luxury hotel complexes with a total Versace look are the result. See for yourself how entire residential complexes shine in Versace style:

Palazzo Versace in Dubai and Australia

Luxurious hotel concept paired with the magnificent design and Italian charm of Versace. The result is the world’s first hotel with a fashion brand, which bears the name “Palazzo Versace”. An unforgettable experience is offered at two of the world’s most coveted resorts. One can enjoy Versace luxury either on the Gold Coast of Australia or in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Guests are offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Versace dream. Exquisite beauty coupled with first class service and amenities. A very expensive excursion into the world of Versace. Here is a small, less expensive glimpse into this world of luxury in the form of a video:

Video Palazzo Versace Dubai

Dubai is home to one of the most luxurious buildings ever designed by Versace: the Palazzo Versace. It impresses with typical Versace features such as the Medusa or opulent mosaics and golden emblems. Convince yourself of the luxury of the brand, which is also 100% reflected here in the interior.