Chairs: upholstered chair, chairs for stacking and co. made of wood, metal and more in the office and dining room

Chairs – Whether a rustic wooden chair in the dining room, a classic office chair in an elegant leather look or an aesthetic cantilever chair in the kitchen – a household can rarely do without this piece of furniture. As essential as this furniture is, the choice of the right chair is just as important. Whoever thinks that a chair is just a chair is mistaken. Starting from the choice of material, deciding on the design to the choice of color, there are many important aspects to consider. Your chair can act as the high light of the room as well as optimize it in its simplicity. You want to know which chair shapes are currently fashionable? Are you interested in what to consider when choosing a chair? Would you like to find out which chair can be used optimally in which rooms? This and much more will be revealed to you in the following article! Are you interested in furniture and furnishings? Then take a look at our comprehensive guide to furnishing styles or interior brands XXL!

Chairs: seating comfort, aesthetic factor and material combined for every room

To help you find the perfect chair set for your home, we have summarized the most important aspects you need to consider. First of all, you need to be aware that nowadays a chair is already much more than just a functional object. Besides the comfort factor, the aesthetic factor is gaining popularity. In the first step, you should know which interior style you prefer – you can build on that. Which design do you like best? Should your chairs be ergonomic? Which material has the most advantages? In the following paragraphs you will find answers to all these questions. Nothing stands in the way of your perfect chair set!

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THE chair: more than just a seating option – criteria & features for selection

In this age of abstract design, creative freedom and upcycling, chairs often deviate from the classic definition of a seating option. Nowadays, chairs can have three legs, a deliberately placed hole in the seat and wild applications. So nothing stands in the way of your creativity and aesthetic desires when it comes to chair selection. Whether you choose a modern design with three legs, a rustic model made of wood or a transparent chair, you should know how a classic chair is defined. Basically, it usually has the following characteristics:

  • One backrest
  • One seat
  • Four chair legs
  • Optional armrests
  • Optional upholstery

Where do you need chairs: kitchen, dining room, office and more

Are you currently fulfilling your dream of owning your own four walls? Whether you’re building your family home in the country, looking for an old apartment to rent in the big city or want to invest in a loft apartment – you won’t be able to avoid buying chairs. Often, in the hustle and bustle of the design process, people forget the importance of chairs. Cosy dinner evenings with family and friends will last longer the more comfortable the seating. When it comes to chairs, however, you can’t just think about your dining room. Your office, your kitchen, and perhaps your bedroom will be just as happy with a thoughtful purchase of chairs. In the following, you will discover the different types of chairs including advantages and disadvantages.

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Origin of the chair: from luxury article to everyday object

The chair has established itself as a fixed component of every household. Whether it’s a wooden chair in the dining room, a modern chair in the office or a stylish upholstered chair in the kitchen – chairs are everyday objects in today’s generation. This was not always the case. It all started in Egypt. Only pharaohs were allowed to sit on chairs. The chair – a symbol of power in those days. The choice of materials – ebony, ivory and gold leaf – underlined the luxurious status of this piece of furniture. Arrived in the 21st century, the former luxury item has developed into an essential everyday object.

Material: wood, metal, plastic and co. for optimum seating comfort

Finding the perfect chair for you can be harder than you think. Are you looking for a functional office chair or a stylish rocking chair? Do you prefer a classic wooden model or a comfortable upholstered chair? The material can play a decisive role – both in terms of functionality and appearance. The most common materials for chairs are wood, metal, plastic, fabric or a mix of materials. In the following, we present you the advantages and disadvantages of the respective materials:

Wood: rustic ambience in chair form in kitchen and dining room

A chair in wood is probably the most common and most sold type of chair in the world – next to the cheaper plastic chair. Wooden chairs come with some advantages and disadvantages, which we have listed for you below:


  • Natural, timeless look
  • Country style (radiates warmth)
  • Adaptable to interior style
  • Rich in variants (oak, beech, walnut, etc.)
  • Robust


  • Signs of wear
  • Maintenance (painting)
  • A Matter of Taste
  • Care Intensive

Plastic: Chairs inspire with flexibility, creativity and extravagance

Chairs made of plastic do not always have to be the cliché plastic chair. Meanwhile, many furniture manufacturers, such as Kartell Interior, produce chairs made of plastic, which are much more stylish and also more robust. Partially, the seating is even produced from recycled raw materials.


  • Flexible production
  • Elaborate shapes and design details possible
  • Wide range of colors
  • Very easy to clean


  • Bad for the environment (if not recycled)
  • Can quickly look cheap
  • Association often with garden furniture

Fabric & leather: comfort and well-being with the right fabric upholstered chairs

Chairs that are covered with fabric are usually upholstered chairs. They often offer a higher seating comfort and can be covered with artificial leather or similar in addition to common fabrics such as cotton or linen. Upholstered chairs in particular can always be covered with new covers, either by yourself or by an upholsterer, and are thus very changeable. You can find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of chair here:


  • High comfort
  • Various fabric variations (large selection of materials & patterns)
  • Upholstered chairs can be covered with new fabrics again and again


  • Signs of wear easily visible
  • Harder to clean

Material mix: wood, metal, plastic and more combined

Chairs don’t have to follow an explicit style any more than the furnishings do. Sometimes the style is simply to combine many different materials in one product. Chairs can also be designed with a mix of materials, for example with a plastic seat shell and chair legs made of wood or metal. There are basically no limits to combinations. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of chairs in material mix:


  • Combination of all advantages
  • Optimal functionality
  • Aesthetic factor
  • Individual eye-catcher


  • High maintenance (different materials)

Style chair types: Scandinavian, wooden chair, modern classic and more variants

These days, you don’t have to worry about sitting in a chair. As normal as owning a chair is, finding the perfect chairs is just as difficult. What rooms do you need chairs in? Which interior style do you prefer? What materials should the chairs be made of? Do you want to sit on special chair designs? Questions upon questions that you need to be aware of in order to find the perfect furniture for you. Below we present a list of the most popular chair variations:

  • The Scandinavian (interlocking armrests)
  • The wicker chair (100% wood)
  • Cantilever chair (no rear legs)
  • The modern classic (Plastic-Armchair)
  • Folding chair (functionality)
  • The three-legged man (Scandinavian style)
  • Rocking chair (high comfort)
  • The upholstered chair (high seating comfort)
  • The elastic chair (latex, rubber cords)

Seating comfort: criteria for an ergonomic and aesthetic chair

Are you in the middle of designing your new four walls? You want to give your home a fresh coat of paint? There are no limits to your creative ideas and aesthetic vision. When choosing the right chairs, however, you need to pay attention to more than just the look. The ergonomic factor and the associated seating comfort are also particularly important. This not only benefits your health. Family and friends will feel more comfortable in your home the more comfortable your chairs are. If you pay attention to the following aspects, nothing will stand in the way of game nights with snacks or long nights with wine and pizza:

  • Chair height
  • Seating comfort (upholstery, leather, etc.)
  • Armrests
  • Stability
  • Etc.

Office chair: functionality and design combined

The office – a space where creative thinking and work ethic are in demand. Nowadays, most of the working day is spent in front of the desk. In order to maintain your motivation and health, you will receive tips and tricks from us for an optimal working environment in your office. The office chair is an important aspect of this. Whether you prefer an ergonomic showpiece, a design chair with a quilted leather look or a classic executive chair, you must not forget the comfort of the chair. Discover your dream office chair!

Office chair with armrest, adjustable backrest and more

As important as the aesthetic appearance of interior articles is, the functional component is also essential, especially for everyday objects. In the case of the office chair, the ergonomic aspect must be taken into account. Sitting healthily and comfortably is essential for long-term success on the job. Here it is important to pay attention to individual preferences. The height of the chair should be adjustable. Do you want a chair with or without armrests? Experts recommend visiting a showroom to get advice on the spot and find the office chair tailored to your personal needs.

Modern office chair in elegant frame

Do you want your office to be a space where you can do your work with motivation and fun? A stylish and trendy ambience can demonstrably boost your motivation. In addition to chic decorative items, fresh flowers and a cozy rug, you must not lose sight of the design of your office chair. You need to find the balance between appealing design and functional features. Designer office chairs are now found in almost every range of popular interior brands. From elegant leather designs to sophisticated pieces of art in color and aesthetic chair creations, these designer chairs inspire in functionality and appearance. We like!

Executive chair: classic leather office chair in black

The executive chair enjoys great popularity in office spaces. The padded seat guarantees first-class comfort for a long day in the office in front of the computer. Thanks to comfortable materials such as leather, nothing stands in the way of sitting comfort. This chair variant is especially known for its extra high backrest and the popular rocking mechanism. This is the pinnacle of ergonomic comfort. The high degree of mobility and flexibility thanks to the 360-degree swivel mechanism and the built-in castors are also impressive. A chair that turns working into a positive activity!

Dining table chair: Three-legged, cantilever and co. inspire in the dining room

The dining room is often celebrated as the heart of any home. It is usually that room where family and friends gather. Whether it’s pizza night with friends or game night with wine and family, the comfort of your chairs will go a long way in determining how long you sit together. Who likes sitting on creaky, uncomfortable folding chairs that seem close to collapsing. Fortunately, these days there are many options that combine seating comfort, functionality and stylish looks. Below, we present the most popular types of chairs for your dining room:

Scandinavian: minimalism and elegant aesthetics as a chair in the dining room

This chair model inspires with its aesthetic appearance. The interlocking chair legs are the highlight of any dining room. Wooden legs are particularly popular, while the seat cushion and the backrest shine in different fabric or leather variations. The only downside to this Scandinavianstyle chair model is that it takes up quite a bit of space. However, if you give it the space it needs, it will fill it with double the warmth and style. We like!

Three-legged chair: extraordinary chair in Skandi look

Space-saving, unique and stylish – the three-legged chair fulfils all the classic requirements of a chair with one exception: you sit on only three chair legs. The chair model, which is mostly found in the Scandinavian area, inspires with its extraordinary design. Minimalist design that will be remembered. This chair is especially popular for long dining room tables. The slim design offers space for large family celebrations and cozy dinner evenings with friends.

Modern classic: plastic and metal as a modern chair

Timeless design inspires the interior world. The “Plastic Armchair” designed by Charles & Ray Eames in the 1950s has inspired the interior world since its beginnings. What started as the result of a competition organized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York under the motto “Low Cost Furniture Design”, today inspires the entire interior world. A classic, which in its many material and colour variations perfectly compliments every home. Started as “Low Cost Furniture Design”, celebrated as “High Popularity Design”!

Stacking chair in the kitchen: comfortable, stable and stylish

The stacking chair is often chosen for its functionality. The stacking function saves space and room, which is often very desirable, especially in apartments. But also in large houses, this function should not be underestimated. After all, no one likes to have 15 pieces of chairs standing around freely in the dining room or kitchen. But when family and friends do come to visit, seating options must of course be provided. This is where the stacking chair makes its grand entrance. As much as this type of chair inspires in its functionality, it can also do so in its appearance. Luxury interior brands have recognized the popularity and practicality of this chair option. You can choose between simple creations made of wood, puristic designs made of metal, colourful chairs made of plastic and much more. Your own four walls will love this real space miracle.

Upholstered chair: seating comfort, cover miracles and more in leather, fabric and co.

The upholstered chair meets all the criteria for a chair with class, seating comfort and style. The numerous styles in which the upholstered chair can be created, makes every interior heart beat faster. The classic upholstered chair with black leather quilting pattern. The ornate upholstered chair in pastel shades. The purist upholstered chair in earth tones. The list of stylish upholstered chairs is long and very diverse. The adaptability of upholstered chairs is particularly popular. The cover can be changed according to taste and preferences. Free range for all your colour and material wishes. Have fun creating your dream chairs!

Buy a chair: in chair heaven from interior design brands like Roche Bobois, Rolf Benz & Co.

You’ve read up on the different chair designs and know which direction you want your chair search to go? Then it’s time to move on from the Pinterest mood board to online stores and showrooms. Below, we list you a few of the most popular interior brands. From purist metal chairs to rustic wooden models and colorful design masterpieces, your interior heart will find everything it desires. Happy shopping!

  • Roche Bobois
  • Poltrona woman
  • Essential Home Furniture
  • Vitra Living
  • Cassina Furniture
  • Cartel Interior
  • Rolf Benz

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