Bathroom Furnishings: Furniture, Mirrors, Colors & Accessories – From Planning to Decorating Finishes

Bathroom furnishings – When furnishing your bathroom, owners of small bathrooms in particular face a challenge and have to make sure that every square metre is used sensibly during the planning stage in order to obtain plenty of storage space without having to forego decorative elements and accessories. From choosing the color of the walls and tiles to selecting the right mirror. To save space and make your small bathroom as homely as possible, we give you the best tips and tricks. Tip of the editors! Interior trends and styles presented at a glance: Interior Styles.

Bathroom furnishings: Planning, possibilities, furniture & co.

For many people, a bathroom is a retreat where you have intimate time just for yourself. Whether it’s a beauty day with masks and manicures, or a completely relaxing time-out in the bathtub: the bathroom is an important place in every house and apartment. The space conditions can be very different: a lot or little area, roof slopes or not, windows with daylight or inside. A bathroom has many different requirements, but a lot can be achieved with all of them. Find out here how you can pimp your bathroom and design it according to your wishes.

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Colour concept: Colours & tones for the feel-good bathroom

The bathroom is all about finding peace and quiet. What is the best way to ensure this? The right choice of colour is the first step: harmonious colours such as beige, mud or mocha create a relaxing atmosphere. You can achieve a nature or sea feeling with soft green and blue tones. With the help of these you can dream of wide meadows, forests or the endless sea. Bright yellow tones give you the feeling of taking a bath in the sun.

To make a difference in your bathroom, you don’t have to renovate the whole bathroom. Sometimes small touches like a single repainted wall or colourful accessories can give your bathroom a new look. With individual elements such as carpet, doormat, towels and decorative elements you can already achieve great success.

What should be avoided in the bathroom? Especially the combination of complementary colors should be avoided in the bathroom. These usually have a restless and obtrusive effect.

Floors: colourful tiles, mosaics and natural stone

Colours influence our well-being, activity and mood. The effect of the floor should also not be underestimated. Because it plays a significant role in the overall appearance of the bathroom. Discreet tiles, a playful mosaic or calming natural stone – you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of colours and patterns for your bathroom floor.

Materials: stone, linen and wooden furniture

What materials should be used in the bathroom? Natural materials such as wood, stone, wicker or linen are not out of place in any bathroom and enhance every bathroom. In contrast to cold tiles and ceramics, wood optics and baskets bring life into your bathroom.

Oak bathroom cabinets, a wooden ladder to hang towels or natural sponges might be just the thing for your bathroom!

Plants: Green & tropical feeling in your bathroom

Houseplants can also find a place in your bathroom – whether green, white or colourful flower arrangements – plants always provide a natural look and are a real eye-catcher. Due to the high humidity, tropical plants are the best choice. Popular plants are the lucky feather, orchids, ivy or a palm tree.

Alternatively, you can also use artificial flowers for the decoration of your bathroom. Here you have a generous offer and the most essential advantage: The flowers stay with you forever.

Trendy furniture: bathtubs, fittings in bright colours

A trend that is absolutely on the rise? Coloured bathtubs! At trade fairs and in the showrooms of various interior brands you can already admire the colorful bath furniture. Take a look around on the internet, at trade fairs and in stores and give a colourful designer piece a home.

Dark bathroom ceramics and matte fixtures in bold colors are also on the big rise!

White bathroom furniture looks particularly elegant against beige or black walls. Especially beige and white has a soothing and relaxing effect, sandy tones give the occupant a warming feeling.

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Storage space in the bathroom: cupboards, shelves & baskets

Especially in the bathroom it is important to find space for the necessary utensils of daily care. Toothbrush, shower gel, make-up, razor – all this needs a fixed place in the bathroom, so that everything can be found quickly in the hectic and rush in the morning. What’s the best way to go about it?

Pull-out cabinets, which are usually found in pharmacies, are also ideal for the bathroom. Without any problems, you can reach even the smallest part. Especially if you don’t have much space in the width, but only in the depth, such an apothecary cabinet is ideal for you. The base cabinet can also be integrated into narrow walls or room dividers.

Shelves are just as popular a solution in the bathroom as cabinets and take up less space. Above the door, towels can be stored here. In addition to cabinets, there is also the option of hanging baskets in the bathroom to store your bath products.

A room that often remains unused is the area around the toilet. However, special cabinets make it possible to create storage space here as well. Further hidden space can be found in so-called bathtub flaps.

Wallpaper: Vinyl, non-woven or fiberglass – Tips

Wallpapering the bathroom? There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this. To wallpaper the bathroom, it’s best to choose non-woven, vinyl or fibreglass wallpaper. These are water resistant and some of them are even washable.

But even the strongest non-woven wallpaper is not resistant to extremely high moisture, so they should not wallpaper directly in the splash water area. Wallpapers convince with a joint-free look in numerous patterns and colours. Whether and how well wallpapers are suitable for the bathroom, you can recognize by the wallpaper symbols on the wallpaper roll. Wallpapers are available in different classifications: They are in the classes water resistant to processing, wash resistant, highly wash resistant, scrub resistant or highly scrub resistant.

Making paper wallpaper water resistant

In principle, however, all wallpapers can be used for the bathroom, but with certain restrictions. If your favorite wallpaper is only available as paper or woodchip wallpaper, you can paint the wallpaper waterproof. With a so-called elephant skin this is possible, but you will get a specky shine afterwards. Large areas should not be processed so, however, because errors can arise when painting and thus individual places can get mold.

Covering up unsightly tiles: How to hide tiles behind wallpaper

You want to cover your ugly tiles with wallpaper? This is quite possible, but you have to consider two points here: The joints must be filled and the surface of the wall ceramic must be absorbent so that the wallpaper paste sticks. To enable the wallpaper to adhere, a pre-treatment with adhesive primer must be carried out. Who decides for this redesign, however, should be very sure, because this variant can not be undone afterwards.

Mirrors: hanging and standing solutions for every bathroom

Mirrors are an absolute must-have when it comes to the bathroom. Especially for women, a mirror in the bathroom is indispensable. But what kind of mirror do I want and which one is best suited for the daily encounter in the bathroom?

You should urgently do without a mirror that is merely leaning against the wall in the bathroom, because the floor is often slippery due to the water vapour and this could quickly be the undoing of a mirror. The safer option: a fixed wall mirror. However, you should make sure that the mirror does not have an unpainted wooden frame, this can quickly become rotten in the high humidity. In the following paragraphs, we will show you which different types of mirrors you can have in your bathroom.

Ali-Bert: 2 in 1 classic – cabinet and mirror

We all know it and a large number own it at home, but hardly anyone knows the name of the piece of furniture. The name Ali-Bert is a bathroom cabinet with mirror front mounted above the sink. Especially for smaller bathrooms this piece of furniture is ideal, because the 2 in 1 solution saves a lot of space. Toothbrushes, cream and everything you need for daily use in the bathroom finds its place here.

Light mirror: warm lighting emphasizes the beauty

The light mirror is known mainly from changing rooms. With the bright light, many women have the feeling that every problem area is well illuminated and still particularly emphasized. But this can also be done differently! Namely with warm lighting instead of cold, glaring lighting. In the warm light of the light mirror your silhouette and your face is illuminated, but this appears much softer through the warm light.

Crystal mirror: highlight with engraving – the perfect gift

What’s special about a crystal mirror? It can even be engraved! Maybe such a mirror with a few nice personal words is just the right thing as the next gift for your sweetheart or best friend.

Make-up mirror: bathroom must-have for styling, make-up and hairdressing

Many women consider a vanity mirror in the bathroom an absolute must! What is particularly important to consider with a make-up mirror in the bathroom? The right lighting is of course the be-all and end-all when it comes to styling. If you put on your makeup in a dark, dim light and then go to the office to see your look in the daylight, you can have a rude awakening. Bad light can cause the wrong make-up tone to be used or a little too much rouge to be applied. Tip: In addition to a make-up mirror, there should also be a full-length mirror in the bathroom so that you can see your whole outfit when styling and doing your hair.

Decoration & Accessories: Shelves, Baskets & Books

Decorations and accessories in the bathroom? Not only bedrooms and living rooms deserve some great accessories! Accessories and decorative pieces not only look good, but can also bring color into your bathroom. But beware: less is more! While bathroom accessories add atmosphere, a room with too many accessories can quickly look chaotic and cluttered.

With a tray for the bathtub you can put candles, books, your laptop or a good glass of wine while bathing. Soap dispensers, mirrors and towels are not only indispensable due to their functional purpose, but can also provide colour-coordinated small splashes of colour and subtle accents.

A bathroom shelf with practical storage and decoration areas is particularly functional. In the small baskets of the shelf you will find enough storage space for shampoo, shower gel and make-up.

A real highlight and all-round talent is the Natural Basket. The woven basket is made of natural materials and can be used as a laundry basket as well as a planter for houseplants in the bathroom. Combined with towels and small decorative elements, the basket becomes a real eye-catcher in the bathroom.

Books and magazines for reading and browsing while bathing can find a place on the ledge above the toilet or on the shelf next to perfume bottles.

Lighting: LED lamps for a wellness feeling

Good lighting is the be-all and end-all in the bathroom. Especially when styling, it is important to have a bright bathroom with enough light. Directly near the mirror, lamps should be installed that illuminate your room well. It’s best to choose lighting that can be switched on and off separately.

For the wellness effect, the lighting should be warm and subdued. This can also be achieved with standard energy-saving lamps! A warm, yellowish light creates a space where you feel comfortable and secure.

LED lamps or RGB LED strip lights are a popular choice when it comes to spicing up your bathroom. The infinite choice of colors provides for individual lighting concepts: LEDs are available in single or multi-color and even gradient. Perfect for adding a bit of colour to your bathroom.

If you are looking for relaxation and calm, harmonious hours in the bathroom, a blue light is the perfect choice. Red, on the other hand, creates an active and invigorating feeling in the bathroom.

Tips for small bathrooms: use & design

Owners of small bathrooms in particular are always faced with the question of how best to furnish their bathroom functionally and stylishly. On average, the size of a German bathroom is 7.8 m², almost 30% of all bathrooms are smaller than 6m². Not enough space in your bathroom? How about moving some of your bathroom furniture into the bedroom or into an adjoining room? This will give you more space in your bathroom! For more tips on how to create more space in your bathroom, make your bathroom look bigger and have your own little spa paradise in your home soon, visit us.

Small and narrow furniture and fittings

Owners of small bathrooms should buy furniture, sanitary objects, fittings and equipment to match the size of the room. What many people don’t know is that a large number of products are also available in smaller compact shapes that take up less space. A good example is small washbasins, which take up little space and still look elegant.

Fewer tiles for a greater sense of space

Does your bathroom feel cramped to you? Then it’s time for a change! Where is the best place to start? The best place to start is with the tiles! If you use them sparingly, you’ll give the room more spaciousness. Open wall surfaces make the room feel more airy. In small bathrooms you should only lay tiles where it is absolutely necessary. For the area around the toilet, bath and washbasin, you should only lay the tiles halfway up, while for the area around the shower you can of course lay the tiles much higher. To improve the light conditions, you should choose light colours for the remaining walls and ceiling.

Using niches – corner shower

You have an alcove in the bathroom that you can’t really do anything with? Niches can also be integrated into the interior design. A round wall or a sharp angle can be used wonderfully as a shower. Equipped with small mosaic tiles, you can bring hidden corners to life and give your bathroom a unique charm.

Mirrors for more openness and brightness

A particularly good accessory for a small bathroom are mirrors. This accessory not only looks good, but is also a great trick to visually enlarge a bathroom and to add a few square meters to the bathroom. In addition, a mirror also makes the room look brighter and more open. The light is distributed in the room, this works best when the lighting is mounted directly on the mirror. A mirror becomes a special eye-catcher when it is illuminated from behind.

Working at height – towel ladders and other decoration

If you think there’s no room for decoration in a small bathroom, you’re wrong! Even if there is less space available than in a large spacious bathroom, you can transform your bathroom into something very special with a few small tips and tricks.

You don’t have a lot of square footage at your disposal, but what if instead of working in width, you just work in height? How about a towel ladder? In different colours, this not only becomes a stylish eye-catcher, but also serves as a space-saving storage surface when bathing and showering.

Fancy and opulent design

Small but nice! That should be the motto when it comes to designing your small bathroom. Be brave and go for something unusual! Especially noble tiles, opulent colours and contrasts – turn your small bathroom into a small temple of luxury. Create eye-catchers with unusual design objects and you’ll quickly forget about the small number of square metres!

Your checklist for a small bathroom

So that you have all points in view once again, we have summarized all tips for you here:

  • Buy products in compact forms
  • Too many tiles make you feel cramped
  • Use niches in the bathroom (e.g. shower)
  • Mirrors visually enlarge the room
  • Working in height instead of width
  • Fancy design with bright colors & contrasts