Maison Valentina: luxury bathroom, exceptional furnishings around bathtubs, washbasins & furniture

Maison Valentina – Luxury bathroom furnishings: Comfort, luxury and exclusive designs, these are the main goals of the Portuguese design brand “Maison Valentina”. Why should you live your luxury lifestyle in the house, but stop in the bathroom? The company has asked itself this question and therefore designs exquisite and sophisticated bathroom furniture. Whether it’s a bathtub, washbasin or matching accessories. Maison Valentina offers a wide range of glamorous furnishings. Design your handmade one-of-a-kind piece together with the professional experts, and let your bathroom shine in new splendor. Dare to try something new! You will not regret it. Are you interested in interior design? Then you’ll find even more inspiration, tips and trends here: Furnishing styles XXL.

High-end bathroom: modern design & highest quality

Maison Valentina is one of the premier luxury bathroom destinations in the world. Made in Porto, Portugal, the items promise the highest quality and exclusive designs. Only the purest materials are used, which are then finished with handcrafted designs. Shop online or visit the exclusive showrooms in London, Paris or New York. Maison Valentina works in close cooperation with the label Brabbu Design Forces.

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Promise: Customer-oriented approach and highest quality

Maison Valentina’s customer-centric approach is one of the most important parts of the company. Through a customer support team, the company wants to create proximity to the buyers to promise exclusivity. So on the one hand, the design company stands for excellent designs and quality, but at the same time for customer support and thereby individuality. Despite the personalized furniture pieces, however, aesthetics and functionality always go together. So if you are interested in a unique piece made exclusively for you, you should definitely take a look at Maison Valentina.

Best of Maison Valentina – Maison & Objekt Paris: Video

See for yourself the highlights of the Maison Valentina collection at the Maison&Objekt fair in Paris 2019. Be inspired by the unusual and unique furniture pieces and immerse yourself in the world of luxury bathrooms.

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Bathtubs and washbasins: eye-catchers in the bathroom

The words extraordinary and unique are probably the best way to describe the furniture of Maison Valentina. In any case, you can’t say simple, because you’ve never seen a design like this before. From the “Newton” to the “Koi” collection, everything is there. Let yourself be inspired by these eye-catchers and transform your bathroom into your own special place of elegance and relaxation.

Bathtub collection: Treat yourself to some time out in the luxury bathroom

Who doesn’t long for a relaxing bubble bath and the right reading from time to time? Just pour some water, switch off and forget the stress of everyday life. Why not give this wellness time out a luxurious touch and feel like a queen or king? Round, square or oval. The choice is entirely up to you. Maison Valentina offers a selection of the most diverse and unique freestanding tubs. Find the bathtub of your dreams and take some time for yourself.

Here is a small selection of the collection. On request these prices were sent to us:

  • Newton bathtub: approx. 14.000€
  • Koi bathtub: approx. 15.000€
  • Symphony bathtub: approx. 23.000€

Newton bathtub: golden interior with black lacquered balls on the outside, Koi bathtub (inspired by the Japanese koi carp): iron tub with scale pattern on the outside, Symphony bathtub (inspired by music): cylinder bathtub with gilded brass pipes on the outside. Maison Valentina is also in direct cooperation with the interior label Brabbu Design Forces.

Everything around the washbasin: Boring was yesterday

The matching washbasin should also not be missing in your bathroom. You use it several times a day, so it should be stylish but above all high quality and functional. Would you rather have a vanity or a freestanding sink? Maybe one for the main bathroom and another for the guest toilet? Maison Valentina definitely has the right product and uses only the purest materials such as brass, marble or glass in its production. Shop the same collection to match the bathtub or dare something and mix and match between the range. Here you can find an excerpt of the price list that was sent to us.

  • Newton washbasin: approx. 8.000€-12.000€
  • Koi sink: approx. 8.000€-15.000€
  • Symphony washbasin: approx. 9.000€-20.000€

Furniture Collection by Maison Valentina: Tables & Co.

In addition to furniture such as washbasins or bathtubs, there should of course be no lack of storage options. With the right dressing table, order has never been so easy. With the range of Maison Valentina you can not only decorate your bathroom, but also add an eye-catcher to your living room. Give your rooms the right touch with a designer dressing table that stands out with its handmade details.

Make-up table collection: bye bye make-up chaos

The beauty secret lies in the right dressing table! Complete your bathroom decor with your own personal space where you get ready for the day. Maison Valentina has a total of four different dressing tables in their range, which not only look good, but are also practical. All of them have at least one mirror and a lot of storage space integrated. Whether they are made of brass, lacquered wood or glass. Say goodbye to your make-up chaos and reorganize yourself.

Luxurious side tables: small tables for every room

Finding the right side table is not always easy. It rounds off your interior and must therefore fit perfectly with the existing furniture. Even such a small piece of furniture can exude luxury and elegance. The minimalist designs of Maison Valentina are exceptional and new. Quality is also promised here and materials such as brass, Guatemala marble or ceramics are used. Shop the Koi collection, for example, to match your other furniture, or keep it a little more simple. The choice is entirely up to you.

Accessories for the home: For the finishing touch

The right accessories round off your bathroom. Towel rail, mirror or soap dispenser. Put the finishing touches on your newly decorated room and add the perfect little things. Again, you can choose to shop the same collection or find the courage to mix and match. Finish off your interior with Maison Valentina’s handmade high-end designs.

Soap dispenser and towel rail: luxury down to the smallest detail

Who says that soap dispensers or towel holders can’t also be designed luxuriously? The simple towel holders from Maison Valentina don’t steal the show from the fancy furniture, but they elegantly blend into the overall picture and round off your interior. The “Koi” soap dispenser, which is inspired by Japanese culture, conveys luxury down to the smallest detail. Shop your personal favourite collection or mix and match between the products. Find out for yourself how everyday objects become designer pieces.

Mirror: set the right accents and create a luxury atmosphere

Whether it’s a means to an end or a decorative item, it’s up to you. Beautify your room with the perfect mirror and make a statement. Modern design meets an everyday object and lets it appear in a new splendor. Whether round, square, oval, large or small – set the right accents on your wall. With the special products of Maison Valentina you draw the eye to your mirror in every room.

Upholstered furniture collection by Maison Valentina: Armchairs & Co.

Maison Valentina not only designs exclusively for the bathroom, but also has some upholstered furniture in their repertoire. Besides fancy designed armchairs, you can also find poufs, lounge chairs or stools. Whether as an eye-catcher in the bathroom or as a sofa corner in front of the fireplace. Just put your feet up and make yourself comfortable on one of these fancy upholstered furniture.

Perfect armchair: quality promise

The combination of aesthetics and functionality has always been a high priority at Maison Valentina. The pieces of furniture made in Portugal should be stylish and eye-catching, but still maintain a standard of quality. The designer brand’s upholstered furniture is no different. So you can get out of the bath after a long day, sit in front of the fireplace in your bathrobe and sink into heavenly satin cotton or velvet. Forget your everyday life for a moment and imagine that peace.

Price list upholstered furniture from Maison Valentina

  • Bourbon Chair: ca. 2.000€
  • Como Chaise Longue: ca. 3.000€
  • Ella Puff: approx. 1.000€

Some prices were sent to us upon request. Bourbon Chair: surface in dark green cotton velvet and ebony legs, Como Chaise Longe: elegant armchair chaise longue in cotton velvet, Ella Puff: round shape with black velvet chaise longue and golden round footrest.

Lamps by Maison Valentina: Interior highlights

Of course, the right lighting can’t be missing from a new interior. Besides bathroom furniture, Maison Valentina also offers different types of lamps. Here, too, you can see a mix of unusual products and simple individual pieces, which will, however, all fit in with your interior. Upgrade your living room with an elegant floor lamp or give your bathroom the luxury factor with a chandelier.

Lamps collection- cosy ambience through play of light

Close your eyes and imagine you are lying in the bathtub, looking up at the ceiling and looking into hundreds of Swarovski stones. This feeling is brought to you by the magnificent lamps from Maison Valentina. Create a certain atmosphere by playing with light and change the perception of the different rooms in your house. Whether modern or classic. The assortment is large and you are sure to find what you are looking for. Fall in love with the beautiful and high-quality materials such as brass, crystal glass or Swarovski and upgrade your interior.

Price list lamps from Maison Valentina

  • Babel chandelier: approx. 20.000€
  • Atomic wall lamp: approx. 2.000€
  • Botti floor lamp: approx. 3.000€

Upon request, these prices were sent to us. Babel chandelier: body in gilded brass and crystal glass, Atomic wall lamp (inspired by the structure of an atom): body in black lacquered brass and steel with gilded details, Botti floor lamp (inspired by wind instruments): structure in handmade gilded brass with a total of eight spotlights.

Maison Valentina: Bathroom Trends 2021

Get exclusive insights into Maison Valentina’s bathroom and colour trends for 2021. Cosy and relaxing colours such as shades of blue, natural green or natural stones are on the agenda. There is also an emphasis on curved shapes and minimalist design. Let yourself be inspired by the new trends and bring your bathroom interior up to date.