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Fashion Magazine – In our fashion magazine FIV Magazine we regularly publish the latest fashion trends, all about the most famous and exclusive fashion brands in the world and interviews with interesting personalities like influencers, models, actors and experts from the fashion business. Our cover girls are well-known models and influencers like ex-GNTM contestant Betty Taube, model Laura Offermann and influencer Maren Wolf. With our magazine you are always perfectly informed about everything new in the fashion world, you will find fashion inspiration to find your own style and learn everything about your favorite influencers. Have fun discovering our magazine!

Our previous issues: An overview

FIV Magazine is a young fashion magazine founded in 2015. We have already published some great issues with famous influencers and models like Louisa Mazzurana and Anna Maria Damm and also publish daily new articles on fashion, real estate and fashion news in our online magazine.

FIV Magazine ISSUE #1

Get our fashion magazine Best Of 2016 now at MAGCLOUD! All highlights: Interview, photos, Fashion Week and many more interesting articles summarized. Here we have the most beautiful interviews from the last months!

FIV Magazine ISSUE #2

You can now get our fashion magazine as a second print edition + in two languages! All the highlights: Interviews, photos, Fashion Week, and the new trends for 2017! Here we have the most beautiful interviews from the last months! Included in the issue is the column of blogger ivaxbrd. The up-and-coming talent reports on topics in fashion, beauty and lifestyle and is published for the first time in this issue with the topics shoe trends 2017 and sustainable fashion. The cover of this monthly issue is adorned by model Lisa Ng, who is under contract with CM Models.

FIV Magazine ISSUE #3

Our fashion magazine now comes as the third print edition for July + in two languages! Lots of great highlights, like blogger interviews, photo spreads, quiz quickies, travel tips, columns, and much more!

FIV Magazine ISSUE #4

The latest issue of FIV Magazine contains everything a good fashion magazine needs: Interviews with exciting people like model Norman Theuerkorn, star portraits of model Stefanie Giesinger, influencer Sarah Harrison and singing talent Luna Farina. In addition, you will receive valuable tips about becoming a model, so that you can fulfill your dream of a modeling career. Have fun browsing!


FIV Magazine ISSUE #5

Attention fashionistas: In our latest issue you will find a fashion brand special with brands that are totally in right now and whose exclusive fashion you should not miss. We introduce you to the luxury brands Christian Dior, Prada, Miu Miu and Vera Wang. We also have exciting interviews with models Laura Offermann and Kosta Williams and influencer Kisu for you. Have fun browsing through the magazine!


FIV Magazine ISSUE #6

The wait is over: Our new issue is out! Issue #6 is now available online. You can expect 77 pages of inspiring interviews with relevant influencers and models like our cover girl Louisa Mazzurana and the last interview with Kasia Lenhardt (†). In addition, the magazine includes a fashion brand guide by introducing you to selected luxury brands and their fashion. We also report on a really hot topic: virtual models, the future of fashion? Watches are probably the most timeless accessory there is, you can find your latest favorite luxury watch in our luxury watch special. Have fun browsing the magazine!

FIV Magazine ISSUE #7

The new issue ISSUE #7 is now available online. In this issue you will find an exclusive interview with our cover girl model Betty Taube, in which she gives modeling tips and talks about her career highlights. You can also expect more exciting interviews with influencers Fata Hasanovic, Fabian Arnold, Enisa Bukvic and Anna Paulina Scherg. The influencers give private insights into their lives and provide you with helpful fashion and travel tips. Super interesting for all who want to become a model or want to get an insight into the model business is our model guide! Here you will find tips, information about the Fashion Week in Moscow and you can expect a professional model coaching with model coach Lutz Marquardt and photographer Oliver Rudolph. All fashionistas can also browse the world’s most sought-after and best fashion labels in our fashion brand guide. Have fun reading!

FIV Magazine ISSUE #8

Our new issue is out! Issue #8 is now available online. In our latest magazine you will find interesting interviews with great influencers like our cover girl Maren Wolf and the two TikTok stars Nic Kaufmann and Itsbabyshelly. You love fashion and want to discover new exclusive fashion brands? Our Designer Special introduces you to designers you absolutely have to know! For all those who like to combine casual sneakers with their outfits, check out our sneaker guide. Here you will definitely find your new favorite sneaker! Have fun browsing through the magazine!

FIV Magazine ISSUE #9

The wait is over: Our new issue is out! Issue #9 is now available online. In our latest magazine you’ll find an exciting interview with ex-GNTM contestant Anna Maria Damm about her life as a successful influencer and mother. Your apartment should definitely be beautifully renovated and furnished again, you will find inspiration in our magazine: You will find everything about room furnishing and interior design styles. Have fun browsing through the magazine!

FIV ISSUE #10 and #11

Real estate special: We have come up with a special feature for the tenth and eleventh issues of our magazine: Both magazines focus on the topic of real estate.

  • Real Estate Magazine

FIV Magazine ISSUE #12

The latest issue of FIV Magazine, ISSUE #12 is here! On 132 pages you can expect an interview with Influencer and Travel Blogger Jil Eileen about her most beautiful trip so far and her journey through all of Germany. This issue is our travel special issue, so it’s all about traveling: Vacations by the sea and lake, in the mountains or city trips to Berlin and Hamburg – there’s something for everyone. Get inspiration for your dream vacation here! Have fun browsing through the magazine!