Luna Farina: From the girls WG to The Voice

Luna Farina, the young super talent known from the girls WG and The Voice Kids already enjoys a higher degree of popularity in Italy. Now she is actively starting in Germany to pursue her big dream. FIV met with the aspiring star and asked her everything from her beginnings as a singer to The Voice.

Update! Watch her new Music video: Wenn du Lachst (German)

Lunas Beginnings

Her passion for singing has always been there. Luna tells us that even as a small child she was always surrounded by music, because her father is a gifted musician himself. The father has 5 brothers who have also studied music and follow it. So Luna often sat for hours with her father at her big black piano and made music. They also had a music studio in the basement, so no matter where Luna went, music was and still is their constant companion. Although Luna has tried a lot of sports such as ballet, horse riding or swimming, she never got enthusiastic about it. The only thing that sparked her passion was music.

She wrote her first songs with 10

With such a music intensive environment you naturally get the desire to write a few songs yourself. That’s exactly what Luna did when she was only 10 years old! As Luna told us, her songs back then were “Rather not so good” and laughed. But it wasn’t about creating hits either, but simply living out their musical vein. Her father accompanied Luna musically on the piano or with the guitar.

Television is like another world

She had her very first TV experience in 2013 when she was casting for the Supertalent. Luna also made one more lap, but dropped out voluntarily. But that wasn’t Luna’s first stage experience, because she first performed in Sicily in 2012 at a talent show, where she also won first place. In 2014 she went to The Voice Kids in Germany, where she convinced Lena Meyer Landrut.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Lena Meyer Landrut as coach

After Lena turned around for Luna, she was incredibly excited, someone pressed the buzzer for her. Secretly she was hoping for Johannis Strate, the frontman of the German band “Revolverheld”, but since she is also a Lena fan, that wasn’t a rudimentary reason to be less happy. “Unfortunately I hardly worked together with Lena, because she was only a coach for the camera, behind the camera we all had someone else who coached us” – Luna tells us. At the battles Luna had to leave the competition, but it was a super interesting experience, because she noticed how much work it is to be on TV and especially the feeling to be on a big stage. It was indescribable and since then she feels even more confirmed than before that music is her dream. After The Voice, Luna took a year to herself and concentrated on her own songs. She just wanted to make music for herself and discover herself more.

Sanremo Young

Sanremo is a very successful music competition in Italy. The TV format is also available for young people, with the name Sanremo Young. Luna’s father had registered her 201 to surprise her and so it started. Luna on the big Sanremo stage. She was allowed to perform songs with Italian music greats like Guisy Ferreri or Baby K. Luna was placed 4th although she was still unknown in Italy at that time and she had strong competition. The young musician describes the possibility of having been there and singing with a huge orchestra in the background as “indescribable” and it is definitely something she will never forget.

Luna and Baby K perform together at Sanremo Young

The girls WG

One evening Luna sat with her mother on the sofa and the theme came up how funny it would be to be an actress. So Luna sat down at the computer and just took a look and already she came across “Become a part of the girls WG”. So she also applied for good luck and to her surprise got already after 2 days a feedback that they would like to do a Skypecasting. She did it – a few days later she received another invitation to the casting, this time ZDF comes to her home. It was all a very costly process, says Luna. After she also successfully completed this, a third casting came, this time in the ZDF Studios, after she could also convince there, she had the part for sure.

Why has Luna no contact with the girl WG?

A question that many people are very interested in, we finally got the answer. Luna says it started on 27.12.2016, the other girls were planning to meet in Berlin, where Luna was also invited. However, she wanted to spend the Christmas season with her family. For a short time Luna read comments about herself like “Luna didn’t like us” and “Luna didn’t want us”, the other girls probably resented her very much. The reason why Luna kept silent about this topic for so long was simply that she did not want to support this argument. “The girls WG was a great time and I like the girls, so I want to keep it in my memory. I’m not gonna support a fight. I’m not mad at anybody or anything, but it’s about time my side of the story was told.” – Luna.

What’s next?

Arrived in 2018 Luna has not lost sight of her goal. “Someday I want to be on stage with Ariana Grande and sing a hot song live together.” So she works actively on her music, on 19.11.2018 her Christmas song “Du machst Weihnachten perfekt” was released on her Youtube Channel. A Plan B for Luna, if the music doesn’t work? There is no such thing. Plan A works. – Luna. We at FIV thank Luna and look forward to hearing more from her.

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