Blawko22: Digital model and sex symbol

Miquela and Bermuda have already made a name for themselves in the digital models world. In addition to the two women, there is now finally a man at the side of the Digital Models. We present: Ronald F. Blawko. Better known as Blawko22, attractive, mysterious, a real sex symbol. Just like a real model he causes sensation and entertainment, for example with his turbulent love life.

How Blawko saw the light of day…

Ronald F. Blawko. The digital model 2016 was created by Brud, founded by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou. Brud’s pen was also used by model lovers Bermuda and Lil Miquela. As a funny detail, Blawko wears the Brud logo on her right thigh. He and his friends are represented by the PR company Huxley.

Sex symbol of a new era

Blawko, who comes from Los Angeles, became famous as a colleague of the famous robot beauty editor Lil Miquela.

In terms of character, Blawko is an incredibly self-convinced, almost narcissistic guy. He is almost fascinated by his looks: He would love to clone himself and then kiss himself on the forehead. His appearance is what he thinks about all day long. If that doesn’t sound like self-conviction, but the young beauty can afford it: With his smooth buzz cut, his airy eyebrow slits and the face tattoos, he is considered a sex symbol.

The Blawko Look

Blawko’s look is reminiscent of the typical fuckboy look: streetwear look, urban, stylish and special. His trademark is the mask he wears to cover his mouth and chin. There is no picture without the face cover. According to his own statement he does this to look mysterious and mysterious. “It is always good to put a little mystery in his gaze”. This makes him exciting and extraordinary in any case. Maybe he will change his mind again and we will be able to admire the complete face of this beauty. Besides his mask, Blawko’s distinctive look is also represented by his tattoos, the most striking ones being the tattoo on his forehead and eyes. The tattoo on his forehead represents his love for Ashley Funicello Spinelli.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Discover Blawko’s sweet sides

His 156,000 followers can find photos of him, gaming videos or memes on Instagram in his feed. Photos of him with a free upper body are also not uncommon. About his Hater the self-confident Blawko only says: “They are damn stupid, I am cute”. Check out Blawko’s cute Instagram page here:

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Blawko’s love and life channel

Like many of today’s stars, the model is also active on YouTube. 4800 subscribers regularly watch the model’s videos. On his channel he publishes videos about his life as a young robot, gives love tips or gives instructions on how to get a great body.

Blawko’s modeling career

Like normal supermodels, digital supermodels also have a full schedule. Blawko has already worked for brands like Off-White, Balenciaga or Supreme. He was on the cover of KingKong magazine and participated in the Absolut campaign at the Sonar Festival. In addition to his skin care, which is very important to him, he also promoted Glossier Skincare.

More than Fuckboy Look?

When it comes to love, the attractive Blawko knows all about it when you look at his You-Tube channel. Loud instructions about how to get women or what to do to make online dating and swiping on Tinder and Co. finally successful. But how does it look with him in the punkto love? Blawko is a guy who likes to go on dates and who should not be short of beautiful women. But what about a steady relationship? Between him and Miquela and Bermuda there is supposedly a bizarre love triangle. How the story ends and whether Blawko will soon show up again as a partner of Bermuda at a fashion show…it remains exciting. A kissing picture without his mask would definitely be…

But even if things don’t go well in the relationship, Blawko knows one thing: How to stay friends with his ex-girlfriend. At least that’s what one of his You-Tube videos promises…

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Trip into the model history

Take a look into the past: review the career of old supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss. Bela Hadid, Taylor Hill and Cara Delevingne were in the supermodels of the last years and collected millions of followers on Instagram. Digital progress is now also coming to the model business: Who knows how many followers Blawko, Bermuda and Zoe will have in the next few years?