Bermuda / BRUD: Scandal, Success, Instagram Star

Is it real? Many people ask this question, but the blonde model is not real. One of the most famous virtual influencers is Bermuda. Through her scandals and earlier negative nature she became successful. Now she is a singer, model and has built a reach on Instagram. Are the digital influencers the replacement for Naomi Campbell or Bella Hadid?

Who is Bermuda, and what has she done?

Bermuda, has been a controversial blonde virtual model from LA since 2016, known for stirring up the digital world of social media. The virtual model is very political and was a trump supporter, but now her view has changed. She also did not believe in climate change. She did some other scandalous actions that helped to get more followers. April 2018 Bermuda hacked the Instagram account of Miquela. In the process she deleted many photos and posted computer generated avatars, including her photos. She wrote in the description:

“Hello folks! This is Bermuda. Sooooo… you have been lied to by the wrong person. Who will buy that literally for a second? Apparently a lot of you. …Sorry, miquela. I tried to text you,I tried to call, but you keep ignoring me. You brought this on yourself,girl ?. Leave me a comment if you care about the truth, k? ? Follow me @bermudaisbae.”

However, this brought Miquela to 1 million followers on Instagram, and was a milestone that opened a lot of doors in the world of influencers, including lucrative brand deals with prominent designers. Miquela didn’t let herself get down and continued to try to prove to people that she was a real person. And that’s exactly what Bermuda didn’t like. She posted pictures on her own Instagram account and continued to threaten Miquela. In the meantime, the two have reconciled and are now very good friends.
No, the whole story was a marketing strategy by the inventors to help attract more followers and attention.

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What does Bermuda do for a living?

Bermuda is now a well-known influencer and has already advertised Chanel, Balenciaga, Tesla, Adam Selman and Starbucks on her Instagram. She also releases her own music, which has earned her 378,735 hits on YouTube. On Instagram, Bermuda now has 274,000 followers and gets about 20-40 thousand likes per picture.

Where can you book digital influencers?

Through the first European provider, Cocain Models, the 3D models can book. Here you can find the lists of all the Digital Models like LilMiquela, Ella Stoller and many mehr.

Love between virtual influencers?

Bermuda and Blawko22 were once a couple. However the relationship ended. They met through Instagram. Blawko discovered them through the argument between her and Miquela. When Bermuda changed companies, where Blawko and Miquela were, they met. Bermuda got a better look and her personality changed. The two met more often and then became a couple. However, the two had different characters. Blawko was always very positive and always wanted the best, whereas Bermuda was very negative. The ways separated because Bermuda wanted to change Blawko and he didn’t like it. However, the three virtual characters are still friends.

Influencer Marketing

That the scandal was a good marketing strategy is no secret. But how exactly does it all work? Well networked influencers can be very valuable for a company, and with influencer marketing, companies wanted to achieve the greatest possible reach. They want to increase awareness and get more likes and comments and sell a product, service or brand as well as possible. Would you like to learn more about it? Then click here: Virtual Influencer/ Models /Avatars: Social Media Marketing Strategy

What are the Digital Models good for?

Is there a difference between influencer and virtual influencer marketing? The 3D avatars bring a big advantage for companies: They are timeless! They can be changed individually and adapt to the brand image. For a social media agent this is of course a catcher. The model can be directly available at a specific location. And doesn’t have to sit in the plane first. The other advantages of a virtual Influencer can be found here: Advantages at a glance