FIV Issue #31: Metaverse Inside, VR Avatars, Real Estate & AI

The new FIV Issue #31 is here! On the cover: VR Influencers Yuna, Kyra and Sua. These up-and-coming models from the Metaverse are wowing social media with their exciting content. In the new issue, find out more about how they started their careers as virtual influencers and what their experiences have been so far. What exactly is the Metaverse? In the exclusive article, you’ll learn about the new Internet revolution, what the digital world has to offer, where there are absolutely no limits!

FIV Magazine Issue #31

Dive into the digital world of the metaverse and be inspired by the new possibilities and latest developments of the internet!

VR Models: Stars in the Metaverse

Have you heard about the latest models in the fashion industry? VR models are the new digital stars! They present virtual clothes and accessories in a realistic environment and are thus an important part of the increasingly popular digital marketing of fashion and beauty products. More and more brands are relying on the advantages of the metaverse to present and sell their products in an innovative way.

With VR Models as part of this strategy, customers can experience the products in a virtual world. Are you curious? In our FIV Issue #31 you will find exciting interviews with interesting VR personalities who have already built up a community and have already gained some experience in their work as models or influencers – be curious!

Yuna: VR Model at CM, Reporter at TAFF & Digital World

Yuna is a virtual model represented by CM Models. She has already worked on big projects, such as a reporter at TAFF. In her career as a model, it is important for her to recognize current trends early and to inspire her followers with her creativity and personality.

She enjoys meeting new people to develop inspiring and creative projects with them. Through this she would like to develop her skills as a virtual model and participate in photo and video shoots to strengthen her presence in social media.

Kyra: VR Model, Indian Culture & Content Creation

Kyra is a unique personality in the metaverse and an important representative of Indian culture. As a virtual influencer, she has managed to build a large following by showing her creativity and unique style.

In an interview, she emphasized the main difference between the physical world and the metaverse: the boundlessness of the metaverse. Kyra also emphasized how important it is for her to stay true to her own creative vision and personality while taking into account the preferences of her followers.

Sua: Living in Seoul, VR Model & Musician

Sua is one of the great virtual influencers from the metaverse and is from Seoul. She is known for her unique posts and creative approach. Her motto is “Do what I want” as she always challenges herself to try everything.

Her goal is to gain a broad range of experience in every field. It is especially important to her to maintain a close connection with her community. In the future, Sua would like to build a music career in the Metaverse in addition to modeling.

Look forward to more exciting VR characters

We have prepared several exciting interviews with some of the most well-known personalities from the world of virtual reality for you. Learn more about their visions, their experiences and their perspectives on the future of this fascinating technology. Take a look right now!

Metaverse: Exciting Insides & Facts

Are you ready for a world of limitless possibilities? Then let yourself be carried away by the fascinating concept of the Metaverse! Here you can immerse yourself in a virtual reality that you can design and explore yourself. Just like in a video game, you create your own digital avatar and meet other users with whom you can interact, play games or store virtually.

But that’s not all: You can also participate in exciting virtual events and make social contacts. It’s no wonder that the metaverse is gaining in importance – after all, it offers a completely new way of communication and interaction that has the potential to revolutionize the world!

Real estate & AI: New opportunities

The real estate industry is currently experiencing a digital revolution driven by the use of artificial intelligence (AI). With the ongoing development of technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), potential buyers or tenants of real estate can, for example, explore it virtually.

AI-based analytics can help evaluate properties by taking into account factors such as location, size and market trends. Architects are also using the technology to facilitate the digital design of properties.

Using AI, they can create realistic models of buildings and spaces to visualize and test their designs before they are actually built. The combination of AI and architecture thus has the potential to change the way we design, build and use real estate.

But how exactly does AI work in the real estate industry? What applications already exist and what developments can be expected in the future? Two exciting interviews with Studio71 and Lukinski Immobilien provide interesting insights.

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