Real Estate Magazine: Rent, Buy, Live!

Real Estate Magazine – You are a real estate owner, you want to start investing in real estate or you just find the topic real estate totally interesting? In our real estate magazine you will find everything about real estate. From interesting real estate projects such as the Hamburg luxury new construction project The Crown to an apartment and house guide, so you know exactly what to look for when buying real estate. For the interior design of your property, you can find inspiration in our interior design special.

Real Estate Magazine Issue: Special with Graft Architecture Office

The latest issue of FIV is all about real estate: the successful architecture firm Graft gives us an exclusive interview about their company, interesting projects and their passion for architecture. In our big apartment and house guide we introduce you to different apartment and house types, so you can find exactly the property that suits you perfectly. Have fun browsing!

Real Estate Magazine Issue: “The Crown

The latest issue of FIV is something very special: The eleventh issue of our magazine is all about real estate. We report on The Crown, a luxury new construction project in Hamburg’s HafenCity. We also introduce you to the most popular and exclusive interior brands: From Armani Casa to Robert Cavalli Home , there are great brands to furnish your property stylishly. Matching the presented interior brands we show you in our furniture special what you have to pay attention to when buying tables, armchairs, sofas and co. Have fun browsing and get inspired!


Real Estate Magazine Issue: Buying Real Estate in Germany

The latest issue of our FIV Magazine is a collaboration between FIV Magazine and Lukinski. In the magazine you will learn everything about buying real estate: Where is the best place to buy real estate, what do I need to consider and what about taxes? After reading our magazine you are guaranteed to be a real estate expert. So have fun browsing through it!

Real Estate Magazine Issue: Real Estate in the USA

The latest issue of our FIV Magazine is all about real estate in the USA. Have you always wondered how to best invest in real estate in the USA and how the tax system in America works? Then our magazine is the right place for you, have fun browsing!