Roberto Cavalli Home: furniture, wallpaper and furnishings with animal prints

Roberto Cavalli Home – Since 2012 the famous fashion designer Roberto Cavalli also designs furniture and other interior objects. The objects are manufactured with the help of industry experts, guaranteeing the highest quality paired with exquisite designs. The designer’s furniture is also characterized by the animal patterns and special applications for which the fashion designer is known. Find out everything you need to know about the luxurious, unusual furniture and home products that Cavalli designs to give a home that little bit extra. Editor’s tip: Check out our guide to interior styles: Furnishing Styles XXL.

Roberto Cavalli Home Collections: Extravagant and animalistic

The designer (Roberto Cavalli died 2024) always establishes animal prints and pompous applications in his creations. His home interior collections are in no way inferior to the clothing designs. Here, too, themes from nature can be found. Savannah animals in particular, but also corals and much more have found a place. Unusual decorations also come into play.

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Living room: fancy sofas, furniture and lamps

The selection of Roberto Cavalli interiors is really wide. To bring you closer to the individual products, we will present them per room. Of course, the layout is not binding. Interior design should always be selected according to personal taste to guarantee maximum well-being.

Sofas with capitonée and animal appliqués

The couch is the centerpiece of many living rooms. For this reason, the purchase of this very couch is particularly difficult. You want quality and good looks. But the comfort factor must not come too short. After all, the sofa is often the place where you end a busy day relaxed.

Cavalli offers both single sofas and modular sofas. This selection ensures that the perfect place to relax can be found for every room.

  • Bold_2: Leather sofa with embedded Cavalli logo
  • Empire: velvet sofa with lion heads and feet
  • Montenapo: Corner sofa with a special shape
  • Hamptons: simple modular sofa system
  • Kingston: Mix ‘n’ Match sofa system

Lamps: sturdy floor lamps with elaborate brass feet

Floor lamps have many advantages over ceiling lamps. For example, for their installation only a working socket is necessary and so they can be placed flexibly in the room. In addition, they represent a decisive design element.

  • Brick: Lamp with brass base that reflects the light excitingly
  • Coral: Lamp with brass base inspired by coral reefs
  • Dummy: lamp with a mix of industrial and antique design
  • Sioraf: Lamp with brass base, characterized by natural shapes

Carpet: durable leather carpet

Leather carpets have many advantages over classic woven carpets. Because leather carpets are, depending on the model, particularly durable and easy to clean. Thus, even with constant use, only very few traces of use form on a good leather carpet.

  • Gnou: leather carpet in wild animal look.
  • Mongolia: Fluffy fur rug
  • Zebra: get the savannah animal on your floor
  • Cavallino: leather carpet reminiscent of wooden floorboards

Hand sculpted sculptures from Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli ensures with his sculptures that the room is not only beautifully furnished, but that aesthetics in the form of art also find a place. Because beautiful art objects make the interior design perfect and can be proven to lift the mood of the residents. The offered sculptures have unusual shapes, which can hardly be called geometric. These are natural shapes that leave room for interpretation.

Armchair upholstered with fine fabrics

Whether in velvet or with animal prints: the selection of armchairs from Cavalli Home is huge. We give you a little insight into what you can expect here:

  • Blake: soft armchair with wide armrests
  • Cosmopolitan: Round armchair with base in metal
  • Curaçao: dynamic armchair shape in the style of the fifties
  • Diva: royal looking armchair with metal details

Bedroom: private paradise with Cavalli furniture

The bedroom is a room that plays a particularly important role in our private lives. Here you spend a lot of time, which you want to enjoy relaxed. Cavalli helps you transform your bedroom into your own personal heaven.

Table lamps by the bed: for bedroom, dresser and nightstand

Who doesn’t know it: The discussion who has to get up again to flip the light switch. The best way to avoid such arguments is with light sources that you can operate from the comfort of your bed. Table lamps by Roberto Cavalli Home are such lamps. This is just a small sample of the collection. If you do not like these lamps, one of the many other models is certainly the right one.

  • Abby: Murano glass base
  • Logipi: Brass & Animal Pattern Laser Cut-Outs
  • Lipari: brass with logo & glass details
  • Maya: Foot decorated with leaves

Fabric rugs: Fluffy and comfortable

The selection of fabric carpets from the fashion house offers something for every taste. Some a little more simple and some a little more fancy: The carpets are made of high quality fabric and have the most diverse patterns:

  • Cameron: Zebra pattern
  • Charlize: Palm leaf pattern
  • Geometric: geometric design
  • Dots Camouflage: Camouflage and animal prints

Beds: furniture for luxury in the bedroom

The bed: the heart of the bedroom and the ultimate retreat from everyday stress. Of course, the right choice must be made here, which is why the label’s range includes a variety of different models.

  • Guam: Design in 50s and 60s
  • Key West: Rounded edges in animal print
  • Nilo: Wide headboard
  • Tuxedo: Plain, thick padded headboard

Bookcases with system: shelves with a difference

The variety of shelves of the label is not huge. All the more sophisticated are the different variants. It is possible to fill entire walls with a shelf system of the fashion house and to create space for all necessary items. Especially the Acapulco shelf can be extended as needed and offers many different possibilities to merge with your home.

  • Acapulco: asymmetrical shelves
  • Selfie: mirror elements
  • Wall: mirror effects & Swarovski details

Dining room: tables, lamps & chairs with noble fabrics

With guests or privately with the family: the dining room offers space for interesting conversations and daily exchange. To create a beautiful environment for this, the fashion house offers suitable furniture and decoration for successful meals and their presentation.

Fancy ceiling lights

Eye-catching ceiling lights look particularly good above a dining table. Therefore, we summarize the most beautiful from the Cavalli collections for you:

  • Kivero: Glass lamp series
  • Batten: chandelier with hanging glass elements
  • Planetarium: large metal chandelier
  • Sioraf: Hanging brass frame

Dining tables for relaxed sitting together

The part that allows the dining room to fulfill its function. Although, of course, the way of dining varies depending on the background and personal preferences, a table at which you can sit together fabulously creates a very special flair.

  • Antigua: with metal feet forming sculptures
  • Comore: stone with geometric porcelain borders
  • Lazy: round table with snake detail
  • Soho: glass plate on elongated mirror base

Chairs: Extravagant yet comfortable

Matching chairs to the dining table make the ensemble perfect. Depending on the table model, these should be more unusual or more restrained. Let’s take a look at what Cavalli has to offer in this area together:

  • Grace: upholstered with diamond pattern
  • I Love You: All around dressed up chair
  • Kivu: fancy chair with metal backrest
  • Upholstered wooden chair in the style of the fifties

Plates, glasses, bottles for on the go: 5 affordable pieces

Tableware makes the table perfect. The designer has also thought of this and integrated a few pieces of tableware into his collections without further ado. In addition, he has included refillable bottles in his assortment in the sense of the environment. You can see what you can get here. So if you want to own a piece of Roberto Cavalli porcelain you don’t have to look deep into your pocket. The pieces make a real statement piece and are perfect to enhance a plain table.

  • Drinking bottles: 104 €
  • Cups: from €71
  • Trays: from 54 €
  • Serving platters from 84 €
  • Place plate: from 148 €

Cavalli apartment: Video of the interior design

No matter how much effort we put into writing these articles, nothing compares to seeing the furniture and decoration live in action. That’s why we have for you a little insight into a luxury apartment in London equipped with Cavalli furniture.

Bathroom: towels, bathrobes & carpets

Cavalli has not left out any area of daily life and so you will also find various items for the bathroom among the products offered. From fluffy towels to practical bathrobes, everything is there.

Signature Style Towels

The towels offered by the label are made of 100% cotton and manufactured in Italy. On the one hand you can get a model with zebra print, which was embroidered with the Cavalli logo, on the other hand the towel offer includes a very fine, large towel in classic white with gold embroidery.

Bathrobes and slippers for casual fireside evenings

Nothing is better than slipping into a fluffy bathrobe after a warm shower, putting comfortable slippers on your feet and letting the evening come to a relaxing end. For example, in front of the fireplace with a good book and a relaxing drink. Or in front of the television with your favourite film. To make this evening perfect, the fashion house offers bathrobes with your own logo or a matching wild animal print. Best of all, the robes even have a hood. Of course, there are also matching slippers. So you are definitely prepared for cool winter evenings.

Just Cavalli Club in Milan: Video

Party and exclusivity simply belong to Roberto Cavalli. For this reason, there is a club of the designer in Milan where you can of course see the interior of the fashion house up close, but also party in Cavalli-style and get high-quality drinks and excellent food. You can get an insight into the events and the interior here: