Furnishing styles XXL: Industrial Look, Skandi Style & Co. – Furnishing styles presented and explained

Furnishing Styles – You’ve moved and your house or apartment still needs to be furnished? Or you are simply tired of your current environment and want to redesign and refurnish your own four walls? There are virtually no limits to your imagination and the possibilities. You can furnish completely individually, or orient yourself to an established furnishing style. However, the choice and variety is huge and it is not easy to keep track of everything. Country style, Skandi style, industrial look or more retro? Maybe even a mix of several styles? Here we present the most popular and trendy interior design styles with features, definitions, tips and pictures! You want to redesign your bedroom or dining room? Then take a look here: Guide – Furnishing a room.

Furnishing styles at a glance: Remodel – Ideas & Tips

If you want to redecorate or remodel your home, you have quite a few options. In addition to a variety of house types and apartment types that dictate the circumstances of the furnishings, there are also many different furnishing styles. From bohemian style to industrial to minimalist or retro, there are no limits to your imagination. Whether you follow the guidelines of a particular interior design style or mix styles is entirely up to you. The only criterion for individual furnishing is that you feel comfortable in the end. We would like to introduce you to some of the most popular and trendy interior design styles to inspire you. Find the ideal interior for you with the help of our guide!

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Boho Chic / Bohemian Style: Hippie Look with Deco & Furniture

Besides summer, sun, sea and party, you also associate the typical boho/hippie style with Ibiza. Crochet tops, lace, wide airy dresses with floral prints in pastel and cream tones. However, you can implement the Boho-Ibiza Style not only with fashion, but also in the interior. Boho chic is one of the hottest interior design styles and is very trendy. Find out here what makes up the Bohemian style and how you can bring Boho Chic into your home in no time at all with individual pieces of furniture and accessories such as cushions and decorations. Tip: This style looks particularly good in an old apartment or even an attic flat!

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Feng Shui: the art of Asian furnishing

The Asian art of furnishing is known worldwide and follows its own rules. If you want to furnish your home (ideally a modern, straightforward loft or apartment) or a room entirely in the spirit of Feng Shui, you have to take many rules and factors into account. But if this is too much for you, orienting yourself to this style of furnishing can already help you and show you the right way to order and balance. What constitutes Feng Shui, and how you can also bring a touch of Far Eastern flair in your home, we would like to show you here!

Industrial Style Furnishings: Furniture, Ideas & Trends

Living like you’re in an old, modern factory. When you think of apartment interiors in New York City, industrial loft style comes to mind. It features a striking look with dark colors and raw materials like red brick walls or untreated concrete. No matter what apartment or type of house you live in, the industrial style of decor is not just for a loft! Learn more about the interior style that is currently so trendy here and find out how you can also design your own four walls in the industrial look! Back to the overview of many styles here: Furnishing styles.

Country house style: Living room & Co. in country house look – tips

Who doesn’t dream of living in a romantic country house and living a happy, idyllic family life in a cozy atmosphere. It may seem unattainable in the city, but you will see that it only takes a few simple steps to make this dream come true in any home. The country style is one of the most popular interior design styles and creates a cozy atmosphere in any home. What exactly constitutes the country style, and how you can bring the country look in every room, we show you here!

Maritime furnishings: North Sea or Mediterranean? Decoration tips

Fancy the sea? Who doesn’t have that right now? To bring that holiday feeling home and avoid wanderlust, decorate your house or apartment in a maritime style. With just a few simple steps you can bring the Mediterranean flair or the atmosphere of a North Sea holiday home into your home. You will quickly notice that the most important thing in maritime style is the use of matching symbols and colours. Decoration, pictures or even the matching furniture, as well as the right wall colors can be decisive. How you can design your home or even just individual rooms in the maritime look, you will learn here – especially apt is this style in the beach house or cottage on the coast!

Minimalism: Renunciation & Structure – Minimalist Furnishings

Who doesn’t know it: personal or rather impersonal belongings pile up at home. There is no more room on the shelves, in the cupboards or on the windowsill and you sit in your own home, look around and ask yourself: do I even need this? This is where the art of minimalism comes in – especially for small living spaces such as apartments or tightly cut attic apartments, this is the right approach. Decorating in the style of minimalism can free your apartment or house, and more importantly, your life, from unnecessary clutter. Find out what minimalist decor is all about, what this style of decor is all about, and most importantly, how you can best implement it in your own four walls here!

Oriental furnishing: Furniture & Co. like from 1001 nights

The oriental interior style has its roots in Morocco and is anything but mainstream or boring. Rich colors and oriental patterns make every room something special. Let your home become a spiritual place with the help of oriental flair. This is especially exotic fabrics and room scents, whether caused by candles or incense sticks. We show you what the oriental style of furnishing is all about and how you can bring a little bit of the Orient into your own four walls. Let us inspire you!

Retro / Vintage furnishings: Style of the 50s, 60s and 70s

Your home could use some real eye-catchers? Then vintage furniture is exactly what you should be looking for. Not only in the current fashion the 80s are reflected, also in the interior design the 80s are back on the rise and more popular than ever. The combination of modern and vintage makes every home something special. Vintage furniture allows each room to tell its own individual story and shine again in new splendor. Find out what there is to know when putting together vintage or retro furniture and what makes up the interior design style here. Let yourself be inspired by the past decades for your home, no matter whether it’s a granny flat, an old apartment or a luxurious penthouse!

  • Retro / Vintage interior

Shabby Chic: Deco, Ideas, DIY Furniture and more

The interior style of Shabby Chic is perfect-imperfect and translated means “shabby chic”. However, Shabby Chic is anything but shabby, but totally on trend. By combining used and new furniture, each Shabby Chic interior is individual and unique. Romantic furniture and decorative items, bright colours and pictures make your home shine in Shabby Chic. Find out here how you can implement this interior style in your own four walls, and what actually constitutes Shabby Chic! Tip: This style looks particularly charming in a country house, half-timbered house or an old apartment!

Skandi style / Scandinavian furnishings: like in a Swedish house

Trend alert! Not only in make-up is more emphasis placed on naturalness again, but also in interior design. On Instagram, the Scandinavian interior style is getting more and more attention. The mixture of coziness and the modern is very appealing to many and radiates homeliness and calmness, and that for every type of apartment. Characteristic is usually a light floor, accompanied by furniture in beige and golden decoration. The modern, clean white is complemented by warm tones through the furniture, creating a harmonious image. What makes up the Skandi style and how you can bring it into your four walls, we tell you here!

  • Skandi style / Scandinavian furnishings