Eyewear Must-Haves 2023: These models immediately catch the eye

Eyeglasses Must-Haves 2023 – Whether classically simple or extravagant: eyeglasses are now so much more than mere visual aids. Properly staged, glasses become an impressive statement piece with recognition value and round off the outfit. You want to combine the useful with the beautiful? Then take a closer look at the hottest eyewear trends of the year!

Glasses with metal frame

Fashion designers have long been aware of the importance of eyeglasses, which are now available in a wide variety of styles. As figures from an eyewear study show, the number of people wearing glasses is growing steadily. More than 41 million adults – 23 million of them permanently – now wear glasses.

Reason enough why the visual aids are now constantly reinventing themselves and are available in many fresh styles. One of the highlights of the year are timeless glasses with filigree frames. Golden or copper-colored glasses with metal frames are particularly trendy. Whether in a circular or angular shape, such women’s glasses are easy to combine due to their discreet look and look good on almost everyone. Another advantage with these everlasting models is the noble accent, which makes a fashion statement with simple looks. While silver-colored glasses suit more reserved spectacle wearers, gold and copper-colored models bring the face more into focus. They attract attention and look good on wearers with warm skin tones.

Retro glasses: 70s and XXL frames

We all still know them: the colorful looks of the past, some of which have fallen into oblivion today. Some “dusty” styles, on the other hand, are experiencing a fashion revival. Vision aids are also getting an extra dose of retro feeling in 2023. Large and extravagant models in 1970s style in particular are seen as trendy. Of course, horn-rimmed glasses or variants with XXL frames are anything but inconspicuous. Therefore, you should coordinate the statement glasses with your outfit.

For example, they look cool with mom jeans, an oversized sweater and retro sneakers. For even more 70s, you can bring out the flared pants, boho dresses or platform shoes from the closet again. All in all, these models radiate maximalism in a dignified way, with which you show stylish attitude.

Glasses with gradients

This trend is especially aimed at extroverted personalities who like to lay on the fashion thick! We’re talking about glasses with frames that feature bright color gradients. The stronger and more colorful the design, the more stylish it is.

However, brown or natural shades inspired by soft natural materials like wood and sand are also allowed. They primarily emphasize our natural side and are therefore suitable as creative, but discreet everyday glasses. Glasses with color gradients are also the perfect companions for monochrome outfits. These glasses look especially advantageous on a face shape with a narrow forehead and wide jaw. Then they act as a harmonizing counterpart and balance the “plump” lower half of the face.

Transparent frames

A super-clean pair of glasses that nevertheless immediately catches the eye is one with a transparent frame. It stands out simply because of its unusual shape. However, the frame can and may still bring a touch of color.

The advantage of these models is their open shape. This automatically makes the look more friendly and fresh. Last but not least, these glasses are real combination wonders that adapt to the complexion and skin color. Thus, they complement both jeans and blazer or the wedding dress.

Aviator glasses: Leather jacket and boots

Not only the stars and starlets are crazy about the so-called aviator glasses. These glasses become unique thanks to their drop-shaped lenses. In the past, these models were mostly something for men, but today, in addition, they are making their way into women’s fashion. Aviators harmonize perfectly with leather jackets and rocking boots. But they can also be worn as a contrast to feminine outfits. These glasses, which are known to take up a lot of space, go particularly well with large-size faces. People with a small or delicate face better reach for a less conspicuous variant.

Sustainable eyewear: Green Fashion

More and more people are consciously opting for more sustainability in everyday life – including “green eyewear”. With green eyewear, the look clearly takes a back seat to the materials and the manufacturing process. Stylish sustainable vision aids can still be and give something back to the environment at the same time. Among the latest trends in these (currently) niche products are sustainably produced models made from bio-plastics. Although fairly produced, these glasses bring the same or higher quality standards than their non-sustainable competitors.

In addition, frames made from renewable raw materials such as wood or cotton are very popular. The “back to nature” models inspire all spectacle wearers who prefer a sustainable and long-term alternative and still want an aesthetically pleasing model.

Which sunglasses are currently considered trendy?

Sunglasses are a category in themselves. Just like, for example, trendy autumn and winter coats, they belong to the seasonal clothing. Wearers prefer to wear these UV-resistant models in the warm summer months. As with “normal” glasses, these casual models are subject to trends.

This year, the so-called shield sunglasses are gaining a place in the fashion world. What is striking about them is the continuous plastic or polycarbonate lens that encloses the eyes. This offers wearers a wide field of vision and good sun protection. On top comes a portion of coolness, so outdoor fans and athletes in particular benefit from these models.

This year, futuristic sunglasses in the “Matrix” style are also an integral part of the trends. The dark tinted lenses with thin metal frames are perfect for the rock look. You wear the narrow models directly on the nose and deliberately do without nose pads. This means that the narrow glasses only offer limited sun protection – but that’s not (usually) what matters to the wearers.

How to choose the right shape of glasses?

Trendsetters should find the right shape of glasses in addition to the aesthetic aspect. It is not at all difficult to find out which model of glasses suits one’s own face shape. For example, eyewear experts recommend round or oval frames for an angular face shape, which balance out the prominent face. Round face shapes, in turn, give angular models more contour. Oval and round vision aids are suitable for heart-shaped face shapes. This is because they soften the silhouette like a soft focus. Almost all shapes of glasses fit an oval face shape.

Checklist: The right glasses for 2023

Here again all model at a glance for you:

trend Model
Glasses with metal frame Timeless glasses with filigree metal frame, especially gold or copper models, which have a subtle look and go with many outfits.
Retro glasses Large and extravagant 1970s-style glasses, such as horn-rimmed glasses or variants with XXL frames, which create an eye-catching and maximalist look.
Glasses with gradients Glasses with gaudy gradients or natural brown and natural tones that add a stylish accent to extroverted personalities and monochrome outfits.
Transparent frames Glasses with transparent frames that stand out for their unusual shape and suit different complexions and outfits.
Aviator glasses Teardrop-shaped glasses, which used to be worn mainly by men, but are now making their way into women’s fashion and go well with leather jackets and rocking boots.
Sustainable glasses Eyewear made from sustainable materials such as bio-plastics or renewable raw materials such as wood or cotton, which are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
Sunglasses Shield sunglasses with continuous plastic or polycarbonate lenses for a wide field of vision and good sun protection, as well as futuristic “Matrix” style sunglasses.

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