Berlin Fashion Week Summer 2023: Fashion, runways, glamour and trends

Berlin Fashion Week Summer 2023 – Fashion, Glamour and Trends! We are there live when Fashion Week Berlin opens its doors. From the catwalks to the parties and the hottest locations – we bring you the most exciting moments and the latest styles. Get inspired by our coverage and discover the fashion highlights of the season with us. Follow us on Instagram to never miss any updates!

Berlin Fashion Week Summer 2023

32°, summer, Fashion Week Berlin! Berlin Fashion Week 2023 promises to be an exciting and inspiring event for fashion enthusiasts, because this year the schedule is finally full again!

This season we, Jordan and Svenja, are on the road for you.

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Our Berlin Fashion Week Plan 2023!

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Monday: Fashion Week Start

On Monday, July 10, we start with the fashion show by BOBKOVA at Kronprinzenpalais. This show is presented by Berlin Contemporary and promises an insight into the latest developments in Berlin fashion.

This will be followed by the presentation of MELISA MINCA at PLATTE.Berlin, followed by LUCAS MEYER LECLERE at Kühlhaus Berlin. These two shows are also part of Berlin Contemporary and will surely present impressive designs and creations.

In the evening, the show of ODEEH awaits us, the exact venue of which is yet to be announced. This brand is also part of Berlin Contemporary and promises a captivating performance.

Review. Bobkova last fashion show @ Berlin

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  • Bobkova @ Berlin 2023 Winter

Tuesday: Shows, shows, shows!

On Tuesday, July 11, more exciting shows are on the schedule. We start with PODYH at Kronprinzenpalais, followed by Marcel Ostertag at Verti Music Hall. Both shows are part of W.E4.FASHION DAY and are sure to offer innovative designs and exciting fashion. LITKOVSKA will be presented at Kraftwerk Berlin, while REBEKKA RUÉTZ will once again perform at Verti Music Hall. There will also be a special show by the graduate students of the Academy of Fashion & Design and Hanover at the Alte Münze Berlin.

In the afternoon we have the opportunity to visit the shows of MY FASSBENDER and ATELIER CHARDON SAVARD at the Alte Münze Berlin. These two shows are part of NEO.FASHION and showcase the talents of emerging designers. The show continues with KILIAN KERNER BERLIN at Verti Music Hall, followed by RICHERT BEIL at Leibnitzstraße and DANNY REINKE again at Verti Music Hall.

In the evening, there will be a joint show by graduate students from Pforzheim University and HTW Berlin at the Alte Münze Berlin. Also MILK OF LIME presents its collection at the Zeiss Major Planetarium, while RIANNA + NINA can be seen at the Alte Nationalgalerie.

The final shows of the day will be presented by graduate students from Bielefeld, Hamburg and Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences at the Alte Münze Berlin. The evening will close with WILLIAM FAN’s show “In Partnership with Mercedes-Benz”, whose venue is yet to be announced. Finally, there will be the show of SIA ARNIKA at Havel Studios.

Review. William Fan last fashion show @ Berlin

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  • William Fan @ Berlin 2022 Summer

Wednesday: The grand finale (almost)

On Wednesday, July 12, the “GUEST OF NEO.FASHION “3D VIRTUAL FASHION CONTEST” is scheduled at the Alte Münze Berlin. This event offers an innovative and virtual presentation of fashion.

The show continues with ACCEPTANCE LETTER STUDIO at Studio Cherie and Collective Show 1 – Aspiring Designer at Alte Münze Berlin. The brand MARKE presents its collection at Weserstraße, followed by the show of DZHUS at Feuerle Collection and ANJA GOCKEL at Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin.

The Berlin Fashion Week will close with shows by ESTHER PERBANDT at AchtBerlin, Collective Show 2 – Aspiring Designer at Alte Münze Berlin, AVENIR at St. Elisabeth Church and SF1OG at Ludwig Erhard Haus.

Highlights from Wednesday

  • X @ Berlin 2023 Summer

Thursday: boating with DAMUR!

Damur we have already met with our Riccardo Simonetti issue (#27), to the new TV show “Glow Up”, deshlab we are particularly excited about this show! An absolute highlight of Berlin Fashion Week is undoubtedly the presentation of the pre-spring/summer 2024 collection by #DAMUR. This extraordinary event will be accompanied by the ANTI-BASIC BASIC CLUB, a performance art event connecting Berlin with the global community.

Review. Damur last fashion show @ Berlin

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  • Damur @ Berlin 2022 Summer
  • Damur @ Berlin 2023 Winter

Next. Boat tour with Damur! #Awesome

Here visitors can expect an unforgettable experience – says the invitation, celebrating the essence of Basics – authenticity, circulation and immersion in our own abilities. Guests can embark on an inspiring fashion journey along Berlin’s Spree River, gliding on surreal black balloon boats while surrounded by stunning silhouettes, models, dancers, live music and performances. The backdrop of Berlin’s stunning landscapes and creative atmosphere makes this event extra special.

This day and night will undoubtedly be remembered and take visitors into a world of dreams and fantasy. The ANTI-BASIC BASIC CLUB is an absolute must for all fashion enthusiasts and offers a unique opportunity to experience the Berlin Fashion Week in a very special way.

Highlights from Thursday

  • Damur @ Berlin 2023 Summer

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