Circu Magical Furniture: Romantic armchairs, sofas and beds with enchanting designs for big & small

Circu Magical Furniture – “Parents also have dreams”: With this motto, the furniture company not only offers furniture like from a child’s dream world, but also beds, chairs and co. for the grown-ups and the little ones of the family. Nevertheless, the focus of the furniture manufactured in Portugal is on furnishing children’s rooms. Here we present both collections and show you our favourite pieces by Circu, which makes every child’s and parent’s heart beat faster with loving, detailed and enchanting furniture such as an armchair as a hot air balloon. Convince yourself! Are you interested in interior design? Then you’ll find even more inspiration, tips and trends here: Furnishing styles XXL.

Circu Magical Furniture: Children’s furniture with wow factor

The older you get, the harder it is to remember what it was like to be a child, and especially harder to remember childish thought processes. But with one look at the furniture selection from the furniture manufacturer, you suddenly feel an enthusiasm for the pieces that you thought was long forgotten.

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Children’s beds: Cute designs with furniture and beds as bunny, hot air balloon & Co.

Children’s sleep is the best sleep, because when the little ones rest, the big ones finally get the chance to relax. In addition, good sleep contributes to the ability to concentrate and can thus contribute to improved academic performance. A comfortable bed that supports sweet dreams is therefore a win-win situation for everyone involved.

But adults can also enjoy the beds and in some of the wacky beds there is also room for tall people. The Kings & Queens bed, for example, is equipped with a 200 cm x 90 cm mattress. This makes it cramped, but it’s enough to comfortably fulfill the wish of a bedtime story.

Some of the sleeping spaces are also so much more than just that. The Bun Van, for example, offers a mattress and multiple drawers for clothes, pens, books and much more. The all-rounder also houses a screen stand and a mini-fridge.

Lamps collection: lamps and lights for the cosy children’s room

Who can claim to live in a personal cloud realm? With the lamps from Circu you definitely come a small step closer.

For the past few years, tutorials for cloud lamps have been popping up on Pinterest and other social media platforms. Not only are these easy to make with cotton wool and an inexpensive lampshade, but they look pretty darn good too. However, they come with one major drawback: cotton wool is a highly flammable material and is only suitable for lamp construction under certain conditions. So if you prefer to play it safe, you should take a closer look at the lamps from the premium brand.

The Cloud Lamp, for example, is available in two sizes and, in addition to a color-changing function, also offers the option of playing music or relaxing sounds via app. Other lamps from Circu are also:

  • Letter Lamps
  • Diana
  • Atomic
  • Cosmo

Mirror Collection: Who is the fairest of them all?

Really fairytale are the mirrors from the offer Circus. Although Disney’s Snow White already came out in the 50s and even if you take a closer look, some flaws become obvious from a modern point of view, the saying ‘Who is the fairest of them all’ will probably last for a few more decades. This is at least the impression we get when looking at the mirror selection of the luxury furniture label.

  • Cloud
  • Bubblegum
  • The Magic Mirror

Chair Collection: Spaced and animal comfortable

Butterflies, rabbits or rather a rocket? The label offers many different options when it comes to seating. This makes the chairs and sofas particularly suitable for a themed children’s and youth room. There are hardly any limits to creativity and even as an adult it is really hard not to become envious of the cool pieces.

  • Rocky Rocket
  • Dainty Armchair
  • Cloud Sofa
  • Pixie
  • Little Bunny and many more.

Carpet collection: cosmic designs for almost every room

Circu sells three different carpet designs so far, but they all have the motto Earth Atmosphere and Universe. What about a carpet to match the cloud lamp, for example? A soft, comfortable carpet is especially great for small children to play on and gain new experiences.

  • Cloud Rug
  • Moon Rug
  • Sky Rug

Desks: Tables & chairs for homework in heavenly surroundings

The working environment also has a great effect on children. A beautiful desk not only makes children’s eyes sparkle, but also has a positive influence on the child’s productive learning and working environment. Design themes here are the old favourites of Circu, Himmelsreich and Kaugummi:

  • cloud desk
  • Dream Desk
  • Bubblegum Desk

Shelf collection: safely store books, toys and co. in the cupboard

A wide range of toys are extremely beneficial to a child’s development because toys are not just for amusement, but different tasks encourage different skills and areas of a child’s brain. Whether it is fine motor skills, gross motor skills or completely different skills is determined by the toy used.

So when it seems like the little ones have way too many toys, it’s important to remember that each object serves its own purpose. The best thing to do in such moments is to think about how to best store the little plastic and wooden pieces without having to fret over them again and again. This is where the shelves from Circu come into play, which not only offer a lot of space, but also look beautiful.

Inspired by globetrotters, industrial designs and a bit of seventies style, there’s a model for every room:

  • Puzzled
  • Cloud
  • Fantasy Air
  • Bubblegum

Facility for adults: Everyone is allowed to dream!

The furniture collection for all those who count themselves among the grown-ups or the young at heart has the motto

‘Mom and Dad have dreams too’

To meet the dreams of the great, Circu offers furnishings from other major furniture labels on its website. The selected pieces are still exceedingly high quality and something very special, but this time more in the sense of a fully grown person.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration for a complete home, much less just the nursery, check out our other articles on interior brands and luxury brand interiors for more inspiration. Brands offered by Circu include:

  • Boca do Lobo
  • Luxxu
  • Maison Valentina

Magical furniture that enchants – Video

There’s no question about it: Circu’s furnishings are something very special and stand out, especially in the luxury segment. You often see minimalist designs and restrained colours here. The focus in the premium furnishing sector is much more on high-quality materials and timeless, elaborate manufacturing than trendy colours and cute looks that potentially no longer appeal after a while.

For adults this approach makes sense, but children have a mind of their own and would much rather sit in a rocket and don’t place much value on the craftsmanship of an object. Circu makes the furnishing dreams of the very young come true and puts a smile on children’s faces around the globe.