Furnish a child’s room: Ideas for designing with colourful furniture, lamps, pictures, decoration and co.

Furnishing a child’s room – You’re expecting a baby or your child wants a new room. Or your best friend is expecting a child and you want to help her prepare the nursery with advice and support? As a parent and also as a close family member, you naturally want to set up the very best room for your child that you can imagine. Not only so that the offspring feels comfortable, but above all because you yourself will spend a lot of time in the children’s room and can make life a little easier for yourself with a few little tricks. We’ll tell you what they are here. Back to the overview here: Room Decorating. Also have a look at our comprehensive article on furnishing styles!

Furnishing a child’s room: Planning & complete room concept

Especially when you are expecting your first child, but also to make the little ones happy, a nicely decorated room is always a good idea. Whether you want to have the power of determination or, if possible, also involve your child in the room design is entirely up to you. However, before you make your first trip to the furniture store and place your first order online, it’s worth taking a step back and creating a little flowchart. We’ll tell you what you should bear in mind.

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Planning: brainstorming for the perfect interior

Several factors are relevant to the planning of the nursery. First and foremost, of course, is the age of the occupant. Another relevant factor is whether the room should also serve practical purposes. Can the changing table, if needed, be located in the room, or is there already one in the bathroom?

Especially when furnishing a child’s room, it is important to be clear in advance whether the room can exist in the long term with this furnishing, or whether the interior will only last temporarily.

Theme of the children’s room: interior design with background

The easiest way to furnish not only a really nice children’s room, but also additional issues such as color palette and decoration is to choose a theme that determines the interior design. For young children, this is particularly nice and especially nature themes with animals or planets lend themselves to girls and boys alike. Here are a few ideas for room themes:

  • Ocean
  • Forest
  • Universe
  • Savannah
  • Jungle

Furnishing styles: Matching the children’s room to the house

Have you ever taken a closer look at interior design? Then you have certainly come across different interior styles that help to transform your home into a place where you feel completely comfortable. Children’s rooms can also follow these styles and especially very young children do not attach much importance to the interior design, it has to please you first and foremost.

When it comes to older children, it makes sense to include them in the decision-making process. It’s best to pick out a selection you like in advance and then present those options. Your daughter or son can have a say in what the room looks like, and choosing together takes some of the responsibility away from you.

Maritime: Rough and blue, for sea lovers

Nordic coastal air blows around your nose and the sea salt fills your lungs. Fishing boats bob on the ocean and the salty air slowly eats through the wooden jetties. Shells and colourful pebbles adorn the beach path. You can try to create this atmosphere in your home by basing your decor on the aesthetics of these coastal environments, using wood, blue tones and the right decor.

Country style: Rustic and carefree

As the name already suggests, the country style should transform your four walls into a small cottage, cozy, natural and rustic. The interior is characterized by soft colors, earth tones, wood and light upholstery. In itself, this interior style likes to present itself as neutral, although the floral elements derived from the different styles, such as English country house, can make the interior a little more feminine, but can also be counteracted, for example, with darker woods.

Scandinavian furnishings: bright and cosy

During the winter months, much of Scandinavia is in perpetual night. This means that the sun only minimally crosses the horizon. During this time it is particularly cold and frosty there. The Scandinavian interior style therefore combines tasteful minimalism with warm, soft materials such as wood and furs (artificial furs are also welcome). Often there is also a fireplace, which provides extra warmth.

Wall color & color scheme: colorful or neutral? Ideas

Bringing additional order to the decorating chaos can be achieved with a color scheme. Color schemes usually revolve around a core color and its gradations with an additional one or two accent colors. For example, a classic color scheme is light, warm grays with blue as the accent color. Defining the colour scheme in advance helps to select furniture more quickly and, more importantly, to narrow down the choices.

Old pink: discreet and classic

Instead of the pink and bright pink that is so often used, maybe just reach for antique pink. A neutral, cool palette with pink and pastel blue, combines the classic gendered colours and is still child-appropriate and elegant.

Petrol: cool but inviting

Using the color alone can quickly become dark, so it is recommended to combine petrol with lighter colors or white. In addition, light gray tones can mix up the palette. If you like it a little more contrasting, you should play with the idea of combining the petrol with a dark orange or ochre yellow, for example, to loosen up the whole thing a little.

Earth tones: Neutral and aesthetic

Sand, beige and earth tones are ideal for children’s rooms, they are neutral and even have a calming effect! However, they can also quickly become boring. Therefore, it is also worthwhile to set gentle color accents here. What about Tiffany Blue, for example? Small decor elements with this shade visually enhance the room.

Yellow color: Warm and inviting

This colour can also be combined with earth tones, for example, if you opt for a sunflower yellow. Besides, it also pairs wonderfully with a sky blue to combine bright colors in a visually appealing way. Additionally, there is the option of yellow-orange-red combination. This one is warm and definitely adds to the feel-good atmosphere.

Furniture: Everything for children and parents

After the wall color and theme are chosen, it’s time to get down to business and take care of the furniture. A few standards should be purchased here in any case, for example, a bed. But also the right lighting and a little storage space does not hurt. That’s why we present you here the most beautiful furniture for the children’s room.

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Wardrobes: space for rompers and more

Before we introduce you to wardrobes, we would like to say that, as hard as it is, your child will eventually get bigger and older. The more importance you place on the furniture being appropriate in the future, the less often new pieces will have to be purchased.

When buying new cupboards, make sure that it is possible to mount them on the wall. Cabinets that are not wall mounted can tip over, for example if your child tries to climb up the drawers, and that can be dangerous. Also, rounded edges are great with kids because they limit the risk of injury.

Lamps: night lights and decoration

Did you know that in their first weeks, very young children can only perceive outlines and light reflections? This makes it all the more important to equip the room with the necessary light. And light is also very important later on, because many young children don’t like the dark. Suitable night lights help them to get used to dark rooms.

Even teenagers know the value of beautiful lighting and often use lights in the room decoration later to create a relaxed atmosphere. This is also very conducive to learning.

Carpet: Cuddly play mat

To create a suitable floor in the children’s room furnishings to play on, offer carpet. On which not only lie and sit more comfortable, but also protect floors such as parquet. Another option is a blanket, which you spread on the floor.

But rugs have the advantage of helping the room elevate the environment to a new level. Later, the carpet can also be used to protect floors from scratches caused by office chair castors and is a stylish accessory. So you see again: foresight pays off when buying furniture.

Beds: Furnish dreamy children’s rooms

A comfortable mattress is not only relevant for the child, but also helps you spend a few more quiet hours. Of course, even the highest quality bed can not prevent children, especially infants, also demand attention at night. That’s why, by the way, it is also worth setting up a comfortable armchair, especially if you breastfeed the child at night, you can take a seat there relaxed.

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Interior design ideas boys and girls: Tips & Inspiration

Gladly also set up according to the gender of the child. But what does that mean anyway? Does it really mean that I can only use pink or blue? Do boys really prefer to play with dinosaurs and girls with Barbies? How can I take my child’s needs into account when decorating the children’s room without giving too much direction?

First of all, it is important to note that there is no real right or wrong here. Much depends on what you consider appropriate. After all, you are the person with the educational task and not only your child develops, but also you are placed for a previously unknown task.

Boys: Cars and dinos?

Of course, each of us has in mind the stereotypical image of blue furniture and walls, but this can be really boring. It’s much more interesting to choose a theme that boys might be interested in. Of course, areas of interest are not reserved only for boys or girls, so these ideas may also be used for girls, but it is certain that these decoration ideas make a room really cozy:

  • Starry sky with luminous stars
  • Aquarium (also possible without fish)
  • Tree trunk look wardrobe
  • Telescope

Girls: Always just pink?

Who actually said that girls are the opposite of boys? The above suggested decoration ideas are in any case also implementable in a girl’s room. Conversely, you can find everything here for girls of course also accommodate in a boy’s room. These are our ideas for girls:

  • Wall bars with drop mat
  • Playhouse (especially suitable for sloping roofs)
  • Curtain of lights
  • Hammock

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