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Lamps: LED lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and more by Moooi Interior, Roche Bobois and Co.

Lamps – With the right lamps, your home will literally shine in a new light. Whether you live in a chic family home in the country, an old apartment in the city or a loft with 360-degree views, the right choice of lamps will make your home shine. The important thing here is that you […]

Office furnishings: Design ideas and tips for desk, office chair, cabinets and co.

Office furnishings – The office should be a place to feel comfortable and work. The key to success is often a pleasant atmosphere at the workplace. It is important to create a positive working atmosphere so that you can always pursue your work with motivation and achieve success. Starting with the choice of the right […]

Dining Room Furnishings: Chairs, decoration and the right lighting for dining at home

Dining room furnishings – Next to the living room, the dining room is the center of gathering in the apartment and the place where you and your guests spend relaxed evenings in convivial company. But what do you need in your dining room? Furniture, decoration, flooring, lighting? How do you turn your dining room into […]

Furnish a child’s room: Ideas for designing with colourful furniture, lamps, pictures, decoration and co.

Furnishing a child’s room – You’re expecting a baby or your child wants a new room. Or your best friend is expecting a child and you want to help her prepare the nursery with advice and support? As a parent and also as a close family member, you naturally want to set up the very […]

Bedroom Furnishings: Furnishing ideas, design options and tips for furniture and decorative items.

Bedroom furnishings – Dreaming of a bedroom that invites you to dream both at night and during the day? A stylishly designed bedroom with the right ambience can allow you to get your beauty sleep and at the same time act as a retreat and haven of peace during the day. Maybe even invite you […]

Living room furnishings: Modern ideas for decoration and furnishing with furniture such as sofas, tables & co.

Living room furnishings – Interior design is no longer only relevant directly after moving in. A place where you spend as much time as your own home can quickly lose its charm. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to regularly redesign your own four walls and try out new furnishing styles. It is […]

Skandi style: Furnishing in the trendy Scandinavian look or Scandi style, tips & ideas

Skandi style – Not only in make-up is more emphasis placed on naturalness again, but also in interior design. On Instagram, the Scandinavian interior style is getting more and more attention. The mixture of coziness and the modern is very appealing to many and radiates homeliness and tranquility. Characteristic is usually a light floor, which […]

Essential Home Furniture: Mid-Century furniture like chairs, tables and decorative items from Portugal

Essential Home – Have you ever noticed that whenever we talk about interior design, we are very quick to use feeling adjectives to describe our surroundings or our ideal environment? We want it to be cozy, we want it to feel homey, and we don’t want the space to feel too unfriendly. Just like these […]

Luxxu: modern design, elegant lighting, fancy furniture, lamps and co. from Portugal

Luxxu – Modern Design & Living: elegant, timeless and luxurious. These are terms that one associates with the Portuguese interior design brand. Especially the famous Waterfall and Empire Chandeliers are trademarks of the company. But also with the at the same time timeless and modern dining chair “Charla” you can’t go wrong in your own […]

Moooi Interior: luxurious lamps, wallpapers and carpets from the Netherlands

Moooi Interior – Extravagant, Dutch design ensures the success of the premium label. Functionality and fancy unite in the furnishings of the design collective. Moooi is the Dutch word for ‘pretty’. But you can say without a doubt that the brand’s furniture is more than just that. Namely, sophisticated, master class craftsmanship and true eye-catchers. […]

Hermès Interior: exclusive furnishings, furniture, cosy blankets and cushions

Hermès Interior – The birthplace of the Birkin and Kelly Bag has a reputation for the exquisiteness of its designs and the materials it uses. The label’s interior design is no exception. On the contrary, those looking for refined design and unique carpentry will find it at Hermès. In addition, the label offers services for […]

Armani Casa: minimalist furniture, exquisite decoration, furnishings & luxurious lamps

Armani Casa – Girogio Armani: one designer, three dimensions of design. Giorgio Armani knows how to succeed with his design & sales talent. In addition to his fashion and accessories line, he has been shining with the elegant interior line “Armani / Casa” since 2000, and not only in the fashion world. Tradition and innovation […]

Roberto Cavalli Home: furniture, wallpaper and furnishings with animal prints

Roberto Cavalli Home – Since 2012 the famous fashion designer Roberto Cavalli also designs furniture and other interior objects. The objects are manufactured with the help of industry experts, guaranteeing the highest quality paired with exquisite designs. The designer’s furniture is also characterized by the animal patterns and special applications for which the fashion designer […]

Ralph Lauren Home: soft bathrobes, fluffy blankets, glasses, lamps & more homeware

Ralph Lauren Home – Sweaters, hats and coats: everyone knows Ralph Lauren fashion! But what about Ralph Lauren’s interior range? Do you know the designs of the homeware like cushions, dishes or towels? No? Then it’s about time you did! In the Ralph Lauren Home range you will find numerous items, categorised by room. Whether […]

Fendi Casa: modern sofas, colourful fabrics, beds and other furniture

Fendi Casa – If you think Fendi designs fashion and accessories alone, you’re wrong. The journey of the furniture collections of the label already started in 1988, making them an absolute pioneer for luxury fashion labels in the furniture sector, so you can also furnish your living room in the Fendi look! The resulting decades […]