Tiffany & Co: Bracelets made of gold, silver & luxury diamonds – the perfect gift

The luxury brand Tiffany & Co. has been making women’s hearts beat faster for over 180 years. With breathtaking engagement rings, sparkling pearls and charming necklaces, the brand enchants its customers every year anew. The brand, which once began modestly on the streets of New York City, is now not to be found anywhere else in the world. Its international success has now also ensured that, in addition to sparkling pieces of jewelry, perfumes and other accessories are now also available. We have collected the latest creations of the brand for you here.

Tiffany & Co – The birth of a unique jewellery company

The history of the luxury label was rather modest. The company was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young. The first store, which was located on Broadway in New York, was originally called ‘The Fancy Store’ and sold stationery. When Charles Lewis Tiffany took over as sole manager in 1853, the name was changed and Tiffany & Co. was born.

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Minimalist bracelets as homage to NYC

“I wanted to create a symbol of modern life and the relentless energy that flows through New York, driving art and culture around the world. This is only the beginning of what I want to achieve,” said Francesca Amfitheatrof, a trained jeweler. For the new Tiffany T collection, the British designer took over the creative direction. With success, as you can see here in the video.

Lukinski Villas

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Stunning brooches and men’s jewellery

The Blue Book Collection from Tiffany & Co. includes 11 brooches, watches, lapel pins and signet rings. The exclusive pieces of jewellery and their designs are inspired by the natural beauty of nature. The highlights of the collection are a dragonfly with cut diamond wings and a jeweled butterfly that sparkles in a race with the other jewellery pieces.

Tiffany & Co – Palomas Melody

Paloma Picasso’s creations are regularly praised for their playful and creative designs. In the latest collection Paloma`s Melody, she expresses her joy of life and passion for jewellery design. The five intertwined rings, stand here for the five personal sensations of life: dreams, beauty, creativity, gratitude and passion.

Five things you did not know about the brand

Whether you’re an eternal Tiffany fan or a general jewellery fan – we’ve summarised the five most interesting facts about the brand for you here:

  1. In the past, Tiffany & Co. focused on the romantic connection between man and woman, today the brand focuses more on the independent nature of women
  2. The value of the company is 11.600.000.000 Us dollars ( May 2017 )
  3. The most expensive diamond ring from Tiffany’s costs a whole 2,100,000 Us dollars
  4. The US-American singer and actress Marilyn Monroe was a big fan of the brand and regularly sang about her diamonds
  5. Tiffany`s has also gone among the app developers and now also distributes an engagement ring finder app

Top videos of Tiffany & Co: The brand, background and cult

The brand always strives for transparency – whether in the conception of the latest campaigns or on the set of a photo shoot. The team behind Tiffany & Co. regularly takes its clients behind the scenes. The Hollywood elite also appreciate this.

Hollywood stars also love Tiffany: Interview with Kendall Jenner

The luxury brand is especially popular with the who-is-who of Hollywood. Especially supermodel Kendall Jenner and her famous sisters are enthusiastic fans and of course couldn’t resist to be present at the launch of the studio. Watch the complete interview and exclusive footage of the event here.

Behind the scenes of Tiffany & Co: A short documentary with Grace Coddington & R.J. Cutler

In this exclusive short documentary you get a look behind the scenes of the luxury label. You will learn how a campaign is created, what creative processes are behind it and what happens on the set of a photo shoot for the brand Tiffany & Co. The film was directed by filmmaker R.J. Cutler.

Cafés, pop-up stores & prominent advertising faces: Tiffany’s recipe for success

Tiffany remains a strong brand with goodwill of $11.6 billion. However, this is no coincidence. With its pop-ups, exciting campaigns and innovative designs, the label enjoys great popularity among the younger generation as well – despite a decline in sales. Find out here which strategies Chief Artistic Officer Reed Krakoff is using to inspire the millenials of today.

Tiffany’s Private Suite in New York City

For its exclusive regular customers, the luxury label also offers a personal shopping experience in a class of its own. For example, customers who prefer a quieter atmosphere can enjoy a visit to the Tiffany & Co. Luxury Suite above the actual store. The suite was originally designed as an apartment, which makes it possible to buy the luxurious jewellery in a personal atmosphere.