Swarovski: bracelets, rings, watches and swan necklaces – for 125 years

Swarovski – The secret of production has been kept by the family business for 125 years and is revealed only to the closest circle. The jewelry company stands for colorful crystals, which bring a piece of jewelry to light in all kinds of motifs and settings. Despite the low prices, quality is already for the founder Daniel Swarovski, the measure of all things with his products. Noble and yet not expensive – this is how Swarovski made its way into the hearts of many jewelry lovers.

125 Anniversary: Collection and Design 2020

In 1895, Daniel Swarovski brought the Swarovski family empire to life. After 125 years, it is impossible to imagine the jewelry market without the company, and it is now in its 5th generation. A self-developed cutting machine was the key to the fast and cost-effective production of the Swarovski crystals known today. These points together with its innovative design led to success. Swarovski’s jewelry is not aimed at a special target group, they want to produce jewelry for ‘everybody’ and try to get closer to the consumers with their orientation. Because stylish jewelry should not only be a gift from the rich.

In addition to the classic rings, necklaces and bracelets, the brand also offers watches, cell phone cases, pendants and pens. All articles receive the certain Swarovski touch and the very special sparkle through the in-house crystals. At Swarovski, progressive designs with new colors, shapes and facets are available every season. 16,300 types of crystals in 70 colors and 40 effects belong to Swarovski.

On the occasion of its 125th anniversary, Swarovski created a very special line of jewelry. You can get a first insight here:

Necklaces and pendants: The classic

When you think of Swarovski jewelry, most people immediately think of the popular necklaces and pendants: Impressive colliers or classic everyday necklaces, everything is there! In addition to the swan, Swarovski’s logo, Swarovski also offers other unusual pendants, such as a blue eye, a rainbow or a snowflake. If you already own a necklace, you can also just buy pendants to give your necklace a new look. As a gift idea for you we recommend the necklaces with birth stones or signs of the zodiac.

Earrings: Not just a glow in the eyes

From small ear studs to long earrings that already wrap around the shoulders, everything is in the Swarovski range. From unobtrusive but charming to extravagant and loud, everything can be found. The Swarovski crystals either sparkle on long earrings with a crescent moon at the bottom or are available as a pearl watch ring with the famous swan as a distinguishing feature. A highlight in the Swarovski range: the Disney collection. Especially cute are the little Mickie Mouse earrings. A must-have for every Disney fan.

New in the trend

It’s like socks, you find a hundred single ones, but never a whole pair? No problem, because it is trendy right now! Mix and match now also for earrings! Experiment around and find a stylish match! Definitely an eye-catcher.

Wristbands: Blasting with every hand movement

Bracelets were already an issue in school days: back then, it was the famous friendship bracelets that conquered the schoolyard, whether homemade or bought. But this small proof of friendship is not only for the little ones. Adults can also wear a symbol of their solidarity on their arm. Choose from the different motifs and find something that symbolizes your friendship!

Rings: The little sparkle on your finger

Whether with just one large crystal or a whole lot of small crystals, the small accessory should not only decorate the hands of fiancés and married people. How to find the right ring? And what is the best way to combine several rings? Find out what is missing from your ring assortment and what newcomers still belong in your jewelry box:


If you don’t want to buy just one single piece and have fallen particularly in love with a Swarovski motif, you can buy a complete set directly. The set contains two or three pieces of jewelry with the same design, in the two-piece set in most cases, for example, necklaces and earrings. The complete set is not only for jewelry lovers who want to give themselves more pleasure, but also a perfect gift idea for their partner or mother.

Mens collection

Not only the ladies can benefit from the shine of the crystals, but also the men. Swarovski offers both unisex models with simple designs and men’s models. These models are mainly decorated with cufflinks, which, with the help of crystals, are given the unique Swarovski shine. In addition to the cuff links Swarovski offers leather and stainless steel bracelets and necklaces. Not as colorful and gaudy as in the ladies, the jewelry of the men is mostly plain-colored with black stones. Popular motives are crosses or skulls.


Where there is jewelry, watches are not far away. So it is in … and so it is with Swarovski. The family business not only wants to make a name for itself in the world of jewelry, but also wants to sell its own watches. Here too: the typical Swarovski swan. On every Swarovski watch the swan rings the 12th hour. The different models are usually available in two to five different colors.

Rosegold & Gold watches

Rosegold is totally in vogue in the jewelry sector.  No wonder that we now also manufacture our watches according to this trend. Here, the delicate rose is combined with a … colors such as burgundy red, dark blue or fir green. If you think that the shiny rose should be in the foreground, you can also choose a watch in a subtle white tone.

For anyone who likes their gold without the rose shine, there are numerous normal gold watches to choose from. The watches can be purchased, for example, with crystals on the bezel for about 250-300€.

Silver & Metal watches

A silver watch is in no way inferior to the golden ones! Just as noble and shiny, silver is perfect for cool skin types or a beautiful silver-white winter look. Matching the bracelet and bezel, the swan on the dial smiles at you in a matching silver tone.

The watches with metal bracelet and optional black or white dial are available in a price range of 250-400€. Through the different choices for the arrangement of the crystals everyone will find his Perfect Match!

Jewellery design at Swarovski: Video

Jewelry design a la Swarovski. Behind the great pieces of jewelry in the store are designers who care about cut, motif and color or material.

In this video you can see how color selection, design, digitalization and the finished part work:

Interview with Managing Director Nadja Swarovski

Founder Daniel Swarovski has been dead for over 60 years, but the company is still in family hands. Today already in the 5th generation. Since 1995 Nadja Swarovski has stood behind the management of the company and has to assert herself against the cheap competition from China.

In an interview, she takes the audience behind the scenes, shows them her office and tells them what inspires her.