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Buy Garnet: Price, Color, Occurrence & Value – Investment Gemstone

Buy Garnet – The garnet, the birthstone of January, is especially in demand because of its extraordinary color. Due to the high light refraction and the good hardness of the gemstone garnet, it is made for sparkling gemstone jewelry. The purity of the garnet gemstone is very important. The purer the stone, the more valuable […]

Buy Citrine: Value, Price, Origin & Jewellery – Investment Gemstone

Buy Citrine – Citrine is the yellow to red-orange variety of crystalline quartz. Clever marketing and the rise of the “earth tone” fad have made this durable and readily available gemstone a popular jewelry stone in recent years. Citrine got its name because of its color. This is derived from the Latin word “citrus” and […]

Buying Zircon: Price, Color, Origin & Value – Investment Gemstone

Buy Zircon – Zircon is a popular gemstone that comes in almost every color and is often used as a diamond substitute. The color of zircon can be changed by heat, and you can usually find the gemstone as a round or oval faceted cut. The gemstone is used as a jewelry stone, but also […]

Breitling Watches: Most expensive models from Bentley to Navitimer to Limited Editions

Most expensive Breitling watch – Breitling, who does not know the renowned and traditional watch manufacturer. Next to Rolex and Patek Philippe, Breitling is one of the most famous and successful watch brands in the luxury segment. Although Breitling watches often tend to be in the lower to mid-price range compared to their high-priced competitors, […]

Breitling Aviator 8: Pilot’s watches in noble red gold, titanium or stainless steel

Breitling Aviator 8 – Behind this name is a sporty pilot’s watch that has made a place for itself in the luxury watch segment. Striking, but stylish: that’s what makes an Aviator 8. The watch was inspired The design of the watch is characterized by large stainless steel cases and different colored dials in blue, […]

Breitling Navitimer: Pilot’s watch with a special dial for men and women

Breitling Navitimer – The Breitling Navitimer is an icon in the watch world. Since 1952, it has topped the charts of the most popular pilot’s watches. With its characteristic slide rule bezel, which all Navitimer models now have again, and the contrast counters, it is one of the most sought-after pilot’s watches of all. We […]

Patek Philippe Ellipse d’Or: Price lists, waiting times & models

Patek Philippe watches are world famous for their tradition, exclusivity and record prices. In the list of the most expensive watches ever made in the world, Patek Philippe occupies the top 20 position almost without a gap. We present you the two models of the collection ”Ellipse d’Or”, give you all the important details about […]

Breitling Avenger: Prices of the luxury stainless steel pilot watch

Like the other Breitling models, the Breitling Avenger is also in the luxury watch segment. The luxurious men’s watch made of titanium with its rotating bezel and fine sapphire crystal are a real eye-catcher! About a limited edition to the Seawolf models and upcoming models to pre-order. Everything up to about the Breitling Avenger’s design, […]

Tiffany und Co., Ring

Tiffany & Co.: ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings to perfume – Brand & Story

Tiffany & Co. – who does not know the label? One of the most famous and popular jewelry brands in the world is about to adorn the body of every woman in the world. Tiffany’s story is a dream come true. With the famous engagement ring and the distinctive blue-turquoise color, the label is one […]

Bequeath Pieces of Jewelry: Ring, Watch, Bracelet & Co. – You Should Know

Very few people want to think about the subject of death. Nevertheless, already during your lifetime you should think about what you would like to do with your most valuable pieces of jewelry. If you want to bequeath them to your grandchildren or children, you are well advised to inform yourself in advance about inheritance […]

Cartier: The most expensive jewellery – necklace, bracelet, watch & co.

Cartier- stands for luxury. Some of his masterpieces are immeasurable in value. That’s exactly why we want to give you an insight into the world of Cartier today. Highest royal celebrities like Kate Middleton wear Cartier as well as the super rich on this planet. Accordingly, the price of jewelry from the jewelers is high. […]

Top Videos from Louis Vuitton – Fabulous Fashion Shows & Futuristic Collections

Top Louis Vuitton videos – Experimental. Progressive. Sophisticated. That’s how you could describe the catwalks of the French fashion label. Whether statement accessories or expressive dresses – the fashion label never disappoints. Even when it comes to the location of their fashion shows, the Louis Vuitton team spares no effort and no distance. For their […]

The most expensive jewellery in the world: diamonds, gold & platinum – Top10

The most expensive jewelry in the world: diamonds, rubies, gold, platinum made by the best jewelers in the world. Graff, in particular, plays a huge role in the ranking of the most valuable jewelry. Diamonds are by far the most popular and well-known gemstone for lovers, jewelry lovers but also collectors. Diamonds are the hardest […]

Men’s watches for outdoor use: fashionable & functional

Men have significantly fewer opportunities than women to set accents in their outfits. Here the watches come into play as eye-catchers on the man’s wrist. Everything you need to know about the Watch Trends 2019, FIV has summarized here for you. Which are the most rugged outdoor watches? Anyone who likes to be outdoors or […]

Daniel Wellington – Simple Elegance

“Less is more!” This is the motto of many when it comes to styling, make-up and outfits. It doesn’t always have to be the most conspicuous of the conspicuous. The simple elegance is usually convincing. The watches of Daniel Wellington are made for this motto. They’re simple, but very noble. Not only do they adorn […]

Michael Kors Leather Bracelet MKJ3648710

The famous link chains by Michael Kors have become an indispensable part of fashionistas’ jewellery boxes. However, many people don’t know that even more unusual pieces have sprung from the designer pen of Michael Kors. The New York designer is already known for setting new standards, playing with innovative materials and experimenting with unusual designs. […]