Genesi Collection by Gismondi 1754: Genesi wears pink!

Gismondi 1754 – Are you looking for new inspiration for your jewelry collection? Maybe the new collection of the Italian brand Gismondi is the right one for you. The family-owned company has been making jewelry for 270 years. The Genesi collection, inspired by the sea and the nautilus shell, is all about Italian grace. Italian fashion has always stood for elegance, and this is also evident at Gismondi.

Genesis of the Genesi collection

Gismondi 1754 is a renowned Italian jewelry house known for its creativity. The Genesi collection combines the beauty of nature with timeless elegance. Currently, Gismondi 1754 proudly presents the latest addition to this collection – Genesi with pink sapphires.

The inspiration for the Genesi collection came during a visit to the Natural History Museum in Genoa. Massimo Gismondi, the creative director behind Gismondi 1754, was inspired together with his son. At the museum, they admired the shape of the nautilus shell that Massimo encountered in his childhood. This unusual find served as inspiration for a new jewelry collection.

Before we go into too much detail, here’s more about Genes quickly:

7 facts about the new Genesi collection

7 facts about the new Genesi collection, if you don’t know them yet!

  1. Genesi collection by Gismondi 1754: Combines nature with elegance
  2. Inspired by the fascinating shape of the nautilus shell
  3. Golden spiral as mathematical pattern of the collection
  4. Handmade jewelry with harmonious aesthetics
  5. New addition with delicate pink sapphires
  6. Subtle and contemporary elegance of the pieces
  7. Genesi collection combines nature and beauty in a unique way

What makes the new collection stand out?

Nautilus shell and the golden section

The nautilus shell revealed an exciting geometric pattern – the Golden Spiral. This mathematical sequence was already explored in the 13th century by Leonardo Fibonacci, an eminent mathematician. The perfect proportion and recurring nature of this design greatly inspired Massimo Gismoni. He decided to pick up this pattern in his new collection.

Bild: Gismondi

Bild: Gismondi

Genesi Collection

The jewelry pieces of the Genesi collection are characterized by their high quality and attractive design. They are the result of meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece of jewelry is designed by Massimo Gismondi himself and visualized in 3D using the latest technology. After fine-tuning, a prototype is created, which is finally made of precious gold.

Supplement with pink sapphires

The latest addition to the Genesi collection features delicate pink sapphires that add a soft touch to the collection. The pieces in the collection, such as rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, are designed with contemporary elegance. They subtly complement the existing variants in rose gold with emeralds and white ceramic, and in white gold with diamonds.

A new chapter in jewelry design

The Genesi collection presents jewelry with pink sapphires, which takes the beauty of the nautilus shell and combines it with jewelry. The creations cleverly combine different elements into an appealing design. Genesi shows that nature can always inspire us with its patterns.

Interview with Creative Director Gismondi

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