Emporio Armanis – EA7: The sports brand with elegance

EA7 is the fitness brand of the Italian luxury label Armani, in which the brand’s typical elegance is combined with sportiness. High-quality fabrics ensure special comfort during sports – the materials are quick-drying and weatherproof. The classic sporty cuts ensure a skilful appearance. The mostly single-coloured garments are available in a wide range of colours from various shades of blue to red and white. The clothes are suitable for any kind of exercise- be it jogging or endurance sports. Read all about designer Giorgio Armani here.

Giorgio Armani, the EA7 Origin – Frames of Life Campaign 2016

EA7 combines elegance and fitness

The symbol of the brand is a Milanese basketball club, which was bought by Armani in 2008 and has since been named after the brand. The players of the club represent the symbol of the brand with their endurance, strength and robustness.

Facts about EA7

EA7 is the fitness brand of the Italian luxury label Armani, which combines certain elegance and sportiness.

  • High comfort for sports activities
  • Weatherproof materials
  • The fashion pieces are suitable for all types of movement
  • Symbol of the brand is a Milano basketball club