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Alexander McQueen videos: Designer, fashion shows and features

Alexander McQueen – Alexander McQueen is one of the most influential designers of the 21st century. With his innovative designs and impressive fashion shows, he has left a lasting mark on the fashion world. In this article you will find interesting videos from the designer brand Alexander McQueen: examine the designer’s stirring life story, the […]

Bottega Veneta videos: Fashion shows, history & evolution, perfume campaign

Bottega Veneta – Bottega Veneta is an Italian luxury brand that has been synonymous with elegance and craftsmanship since its inception in 1966. The brand has achieved many notable successes over the years, including impressive fashion shows and coveted products such as bags and shoes. In this article you will find interesting videos about the […]

Alexander Wang videos: Fashion shows, Vogue and Youtube channel

Alexander Wang – Alexander Wang is one of the most influential designers in the fashion world and has designed numerous collections that have caused a sensation in the course of his career. In an interview with Vogue, the designer now gave deep insights into his work and his creative process. In addition, Alexander Wang also […]

Abercrombie & Fitch Videos: Store openings and styling tips

Abercrombie & Fitch – Abercrombie & Fitch is a lifestyle brand characterized by casual styles, high-quality materials and its universally known moose logo. The brand is especially known for its screaming events and attractive models. In this article, you’ll get some insights into the unique concept of store openings and learn how to style the […]

Carinapranz in interview: About family, content creation & everyday life

Carinapranz interview – Carina is one of the most popular content creators from Austria. She provides her community on her social media channels with fashion, travel and mom content, because besides her full-time job she is mom to three kids, two cats and a dog. Sounds like a stressful everyday life, right? And it is, […]

Berlin Fashion Week AW23/24: Shows & Runway Highlights

Fashion Week in Berlin: The Shows & Runway Highlights! Twice a year the German capital invites an international audience to see the latest trends of famous German designers at Germany’s biggest fashion event. I’m on the road at Berlin Fashion Week with shows by Marcel Ostertag, Namilia, Killian Kerner, Anja Gockel and many more. Here […]

Julia.kammerer in interview: About tattoos, fashion & Coachella

Julia.kammerer in interview – Fashion, Lifestyle, Food! Julia’s social media channels revolve around these topics. The always cheerful content creator posts fashion hauls, outfit inspirations, recipes and lots of lifestyle content. And she never misses her dog Abbey. She loves to travel and special trips always get a place under her skin. Fashion Inspiration Julia […]

Modelling Success At 19 Years Old With Neva Akdag

Interview with Neva Akdag – How you became a model at 18, how to succeed, how to get your first jobs in fashion and where to do it. All this and more with Neva Akgad, a young model who is triumphing in the international market. Neva Akdag Neva Akdag is a very young model currently […]

Damur: Ruffles, Flowers & Heart Cutouts – Berlin Fashion Week AW23/24

Damur / Berlin Fashion Week – Damur presented the AW23 collection “Reviver” at the Berlin Fashion Week in St. Elisabeth Church. What the choice of models, the location and the collection have in common, you can find out here. Damur: Autumn Winter Looks 23/34 The “Reviver” collection is dedicated to the idea of a second […]

Kilian Kerner: Sequins and colorful suits – Berlin Fashion Week AW23/24

Kilian Kerner / Berlin Fashion Week – In a progressive mix of evening wear and street style, Kilian Kerner presented its fall winter collection 23/24 under the motto “Symphony”. The 52 looks, which the guests were able to marvel at in the Bolle Festsäle in Berlin, were supported by the brilliant live performance of the […]

Marcel Ostertag: Skins and Latex – Berlin Fashion Week AW23/24

Marcel Ostertag / Berlin Fashion Week – Discoteca is this year’s motto of the fall and winter collection 23/24 by Marcel Ostertag. After times of restrictions on public life, Ostertag shows his collection completely according to the motto “We celebrate life”! To the surprise of all guests, he also presented a second, fully executed collection, […]

Litkovska: fringed dresses and masculine suits – Berlin Fashion Week AW23/24

Litkovska / Berlin Fashion Week – The latest collection of LITKOVSKA titled “Vesnianka” is a tribute to traditional Ukrainian spring songs. For this collection, the designer also wanted to combine couture with a bold statement. Several pieces are embellished with an embroidery of a heartbreaking poem called “Prayer of a Ukrainian Patriot”. Litkovska: Autumn Winter […]

Haderlump: Denim, Leather Jackets & Military Uniforms – Berlin Fashion Week AW23/24

Haderlump / Berlin Fashion Week – Berlin-based fashion brand Haderlump presents its sustainable collection titled “Dystopia”. At the same time it is also the label’s first collection ever presented. Haderlump: Autumn Winter Looks 23/34 Haderlump radically opposes fast fashion and for this reason has exclusively reused and deconstructed old materials. All fabrics are either deadstock […]

Bobkova: Upcycling with mini dresses – Berlin Fashion Week AW23/24

Bobkova / Berlin Fashion Week – Ukrainian designer Bobkova’s new collection is titled “Mriya”, which means “dream” in Ukrainian. It is a grounded and refined collection that combines a whole spectrum of emotions. Bobkova: Autumn Winter Looks 23/34 From low-cut, lace-trimmed ’90s maxi briefs and bras to upcycled patchwork A-line mini dresses and skirts styled […]

Dzhus: Change clothes in front of the audience – Berlin Fashion Week AW23/24

Dzhus / Berlin Fashion Week – At the launch of her fall/winter collection, Ukrainian designer Irina Dzhus showed ten innovative pieces that she radically redesigned in front of the audience, turning one look into two. Dzhus: Autumn Winter Looks 23/34 The transformation of the fall/winter looks is a tribute to the drastic changes of Dzhus’ […]

Namilia: Sexy Bikerlooks & Clubwear – Berlin Fashion Week AW23/24

Namilia / Berlin Fashion Week – After three years of absence from the catwalk, Namilia is back at Fashion Week! The comeback was a complete success with the fashion show “Cruising Utopia” in collaboration with Need for Speed. From transgender and curvy models to drag queens, a diversity of models presented Namilia’s highly anticipated collection. […]