Knit your own baby slippers: Instructions, size chart and tricks

Knitting baby shoes yourself – What a great moment it is when you hear from your best friend, sister, niece etc. that she is pregnant. You can really rejoice together and start planning all kinds of things. You feel pure happiness and anticipation. Soon the baby party is coming up and one wonders what would be the perfect gift for the baby.  Most just go to the nearest clothing store and buy a cute body or some socks, maybe a cuddly toy. But how about you knit some super cute shoes for the baby yourself? How’s that work? We’ll show you today.

DIY instructions – knitting baby shoes

In the internet you can find a lot of videos and DIY’s explaining how to knit the cute baby shoes or baby socks yourself and it’s not that hard. We’ve put together our favourite videos and instructions for you so that you’ll be well prepared for your next gift. Our tip is always to pay attention to what kind of wool you use for it, because baby skin is very soft and soft and your wool for baby shoes should be the same. We wish you a lot of fun and success knitting yourself and hope that you will get some wonderful and cute baby shoes and that your mum will be very happy about the little one.

Size chart for baby shoe sizes

  • From 9.3 cm for babies aged 0 – 3 months
  • From 10.0 cm for babies aged 3 – 6 months
  • From 10.7 cm for babies aged 6 – 9 months
  • From 11.3 cm for babies aged 9 – 12 months
  • From 12.0 cm for babies aged 12 – 15 months
  • From 12.7 cm for babies aged 15 – 18 months
  • From 13.3 cm for babies aged 18 – 21 months
  • From 14.0 cm for babies aged 21 – 24 months

Tutorials for knitting baby shoes

Here you can find our favourite videos about knitting baby shoes. Here you can find our favourite videos about knitting baby shoes. In this video you can see a very simple instruction, which is also suitable for beginners. You will learn how to start knitting and how to hold the knitting needles. Bit by bit you will be shown the process, so that after a short time you can already see the beginning of the shoes. With the help of this video you can orientate yourself and start knitting your own baby shoes.

Lukinski Villas

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Baby Slippers knit for beginners

Even small slippers for babies are cute to look at and easy to knit yourself. The slippers are especially suitable for beginners of knitting and are easy to imitate with the help of this video. You can choose and combine the colours of the yarn yourself and decide how the final result should look like later. Very slowly and easily you will be told how to start and what you should pay attention to in order to make the slippers as perfect as possible.

Baby socks knit without needle play – simply explained

If you are looking for a more unusual form of knitting, here is a video of how you can learn to knit without any needle play. It explains what you have to plan before you even start knitting. In 30 minutes you will be shown how to proceed, which yarn to choose and how to finish the socks in the curly right pattern.

Baby Chucks easy knit

Baby Ballerinas Tutorial

Buy baby shoes: First running shoes for toddlers

If you have knitted enough baby socks, chucks and ballerinas and you want to buy your baby some real shoes, there are many brands that offer shoes especially for babies. Most of the time the shoes do not serve the purpose of being practical when walking, but protect the feet from cold and injuries and look cute on the baby. Therefore, parents usually choose shoes that match their outfit. From Converse and Adidas to Geox and Elefanten – by now almost every fashion company selling shoes also offers shoes for babies. Most of the time, the classic adult models are simply taken and transformed into miniatures. This means that parents and children can even wear the same shoes and wear the partner look.

What you should pay attention to

But baby shoes should not only be chosen according to the fashion aspect, but are also important for the first steps from a certain age of the baby. Therefore you should still make sure that the little baby shoes fit the foot and have a comfortable footbed.  In addition, the baby foot should be measured to find the right size. The shoes should fit tightly on the foot but still allow enough freedom of movement. The material should be a breathable upper such as leather, cotton or canvas and the sole should be compartmentalized but non-slip and allow flexibility. The fastener should be secure and firm so that it does not open accidentally and the child stumbles. In addition, toddlers’ feet usually grow in relapses, so it is important to ensure that new models are regularly added. Here I have summarized what has to be considered when buying the first running shoes for baby.

  • Baby foot measurement
  • a firm grip on the foot
  • Freedom of movement
  • breathable outer fabric
  • slip-resistant, flat sole
  • tight seal