Ebay Classifieds: Fashion, Insider Tips, Buy & Sell

On eBay Classifieds you can find cool fashion trends as well as technology, cars, books and much more. How the app actually works and how you buy items, what dangers you should watch out for, and why eBay Classifieds is a real insider tip for clothes, you will learn in this article. The app is suitable for IOS and Android.

Ebay Classifieds App: Buy and Sell

The eBay Classifieds app is becoming more and more popular. This is due on the one hand to the simple and straightforward operation, but above all to the reach of over 30 million users throughout Germany. This makes eBay Kleinanzeigen one of the most popular apps in Germany. The gigantic online flea market, as eBay Kleinanzeigen calls itself, is basically designed in a rather old-fashioned way and differs significantly from the usual second-hand shopping on the Internet. The visual design of the app is very simple and the app is very easy to use both mobile and desktop. The individual categories and filters can be selected. You can also set the radius yourself if you want to pick up the items yourself.

Do I have to pick up the item?

The aim of the developers with the innovation is to enable the purchase and sale not only regionally but also nationwide. Therefore, there is now the new secure payment option, with which you are no longer forced to pay for the item on the spot. So there is nothing standing in the way of a purchase with shipping, as long as the seller agrees. However, as the name suggests, it is only an option that the buyer can freely choose.

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How to buy something ?

As usual, an item is offered with pictures, a description and a price. However, since there is no possibility to purchase an item by buy-it-now, the purchase here proceeds differently. Communication between the customer and the seller is necessary to agree on a payment method and shipping method.

  • First contact the seller via chat or phone number
  • The seller is not forced to offer shipping
  • The seller has free choice about the payment method

Ebay Classifieds also has a recent update that offers buyers a secure payment method and allows them to buy clothes on the self-pickup app.

How do I sell my items?

First of all, register on the app with your email – it’s very quick, just click on Register. Log in with your new account. In the classifieds portal you will find the option “Place ad now”. Upload professional pictures to show your items in a good light. Describe your items accurately and add a category and your price. The duration of your ad is 60 days, but an extension is free.

What do you have to watch out for?

What makes Ebay Classifieds different from other platforms, what can you expect and what dangers should you keep in mind? No matter if on the internet or in person. When selling second-hand clothes, there are always some aspects that you should pay attention to in order to get a good product. Here you will learn everything you need to know and what you have to pay attention to.

What makes Ebay Classifieds different

The community of eBay Classifieds is quite different from others and makes the app a real insider tip:

  • Just call the seller, most users add their phone number to it
  • Almost every user offers shipping
  • Very many users give away their articles
  • Exchange offers are possible

This awaits you on Ebay Classifieds

  • High fashion and even unique pieces of catwalks of that time
  • Fair prices and bargains
  • If you are in a hurry, you can often call the seller directly
  • Purchase is made by necessary communication and there is no immediate purchase
  • However, the biggest advantage is the fact that it is an insider tip and many are still unaware of the range of vintage fashion on this app

Dangers and disadvantages of eBay Classifieds:

It’s important to remember that eBay Classifieds is still an online flea market, where the Fashion & Accessories category is one of hundreds of others.

you’ll miss some things from familiar second-hand apps:

  • No check of eBay for originality
  • Extremely many counterfeits of even normal priced brands
  • Very good forgeries with fake proofs of authenticity
  • Very many scammers

Insider tip for fashion enthusiasts!

What tips are there and how do you find the best bargains? Here you will find the right insider tips for fashion enthusiasts.


eBay Classifieds is unfamiliar to many in the fashion field, so you should always remember the following things when using the app:

  • Communication is the most important thing on eBay Classifieds, always be friendly
  • Pay only with buyer protection
  • Buy branded clothes only with security on originality
  • You can push your articles, just like you know it from other apps

Bargain!: the best offers

To make sure you don’t miss out on the best offers, activate the New First button. Now the newest ads will be displayed first. To make sure you don’t miss anything, activate your notifications. You can also save your search.

  • Activate new first
  • Activate notifications


If you have questions or anything else, you can also contact Ebay Classifieds. You can do this on the app or on the website. To do this, go to Contacts and fill out the form and don’t forget to leave your email.


With second-hand items you only save money, but also contribute to the reuse of clothing. This also allows people to buy bargains as the prices are often lower than the new price. With these tips, you are guaranteed to find your new favorite piece!

You want to sell more: Vinted & Vestiaire

Would you like to learn more about ReBuy and get to know more apps? We would like to introduce you to VInted and Vestiaire Collective. On both portals, you can post used clothing or find new treasures, similar to Ebay.

Vinted: Secondhand easy and fast!

The app Vinted is one of the most popular and largest second-hand apps when it comes to clothing, strollers or interior. Not only can you buy branded or vintage clothing, but you can also sell from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, the second-hand community has recently grown and now counts 37 million members because, Kleiderkreisel and Mamikreisel are now Vinted. You can find the app in almost every app store. Of course, you can also buy and sell items through the website, but the app gives you easy access and a great overview.

Vestiaire Collective

The app is very well known in the second-hand community and is an integral part when it comes to luxury second-hand products. Here you can find brands that are currently trendy and already mostly sold out. Prada shoes, Jean-Paul-Gaultier and Chanel bags – who doesn’t dream of that? It’s also good to know that Vestiaire Collective only sells second-hand clothes, which are sold by private sellers on the platform. At Vestiaire Collective, you shop new trends and sell everything that is no longer worn by you. Vestiaire Collective has over 6 million users and 300,000 items.